View Full Version : Finding Living Relatives

07-01-05, 21:28
What is the best way to find living rlatives in Finland when your grandparents emegrated to the US in about 1900 and you have no records in the US as to their siblings whereabouts?

June Pelo
07-01-05, 21:54
A number of years ago when I tried to find living relatives of my mother's mother's family in Pedersöre, someone suggested that I write to a genealogist there and give all the information I had. A few weeks later I had a letter from Irene Kass giving me the names and addresses of children of my grandmother's youngest brother. I then wrote to one of them and received a reply stating that they knew there were relatives in the US but they had no idea who they were nor where they lived. In fact, Elsa wrote that when she received my letter she started to shake so badly that she couldn't open the letter. It had been 40 years since her family had heard from anyone in the US - after her father died they lost contact with relatives in the US.