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09-01-05, 00:07
Attention Gunnar Damström.

Hi Gunnar,

In your very readable article "The Emigrant Route Hangö-Copenhagen-Hull"


it reads:

..."Sensing the growing demand for passenger transportation to the New World, the FSC placed orders for two steam
ships, which were combined freight- and passenger ships. The Wigham Richardson & Co shipyard in
Newcastle-on-Tyne built s.s. Astrea and s.s Urania, delivered in 1891. The ships had accommodation for 22
passengers in first class; 34 in second class and 186 passengers in third class. This did not prevent to company from
accepting 509 emigrants on the Urania on at least one trip to Hull in the spring of 1893."...

Is it possible to conclude on account of possible original sources on which date this trip in spring 1893 with 509 emigrants onboard took place?

When trying to find all departures of the S/S Urania and counting the passengers in the passenger records in the database of the Institute of Migration I end up with the following outline.

Passengers on the S/S Urania in in the spring of 1893:

04.04.1893 139 passengers

17.04.1893 95 passengers

01.05.1893 26 passengers

13.05.1893 47 passengers
14.05.1893 17 passengers
15.05.1893 20 passengers
(I have strong reasons to believe that the contingent of 20 passengers listed on 15.05.1896 in the database due to a transcription error should be listed on 15.05.1893 (or 13.05.1893 or 14.05.1893))
13.05-15.05.1893 84 passengers

27.05.1893 65 passengers