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09-01-05, 09:20
I have had contact to the Kankkonen in Karleby and they gave me the information that this Charles Wilhelmsson Kankkonen-Wilson really is from their family and this fact is well known in their family.

This Wilson had some business in fishing.

In the book "Egen lyckas smed" by K-G Olin (from Finland) is a lot of information about these Finnish emigrants in Astoria and their business. I haven't read it myself but I will do it as soon as possible.

Perhaps it helps me too to find the rest of my family tree in Astoria.


09-01-05, 09:38
More information....

I checked up this information a little more and found that Karl Wilhelmsson Kankkonen changed his name to Charles Wilson. He also had two more brothers who emigrated at the same time: Frans Kankkonen and Fritjof (Fritz) Kankkonen.

They started a company called "Union Fishermans Cooperative and Packing Comp."

These brothers also built the "Peace Lutheran Church" in Astoria and Fritz also was a preacher in that church.

They have many Kankkonen-descendants even nowadays in Astoria.

Charles moved back to Karleby later.

These brothers had a fourth brother "Matts Kankkonen" who is famous from the battle of Halkokari, a sea battle outside of Gamlakarleby.


09-01-05, 10:53
First of all I must make a correction to my last thread. Charles Wilson did not move back to Finland. His father did.

But it seems that we have several Charles Wilson here in Astoria at the same time.

The Charles Wilson that married Maria (Niinimäki) was 54 years old in 1910, so he must have been born in 1856 and moved to America in 1876.

The Charles Wilson (Karl Wilhelmsson Kankkonen) from Karleby was born 7th of March 1861 and he married a Susanna Beata Niemelä.

The show is going on...


June Pelo
09-01-05, 17:59

There were two men named Matts Kankkonen. The one who fought in the Battle of Halkokari in 1854, was named Matts Gustafsson Kankkonen, b. 1815. The Matts Kankkonen you mentioned was Matts Frithiof Wilhelmsson Kankkonen, b. 1879, brother of Charles (Carl Wilhelm Kankkonen) Wilson, b. 1861. The Lars Friis book has a picture of Matts who fought at Halkokari. The Czar bestowed an award on him and commissioned a painting which is in the president's palace in Helsingfors. His ggggrandaughter is Linda Coleman who lives in the US. She's related to him through his son Fredrik Fredlund.

I am related to him as a third cousin once removed, plus 15 other links. I have many Kankkonen names in my database.


09-01-05, 18:52
Hi June,
I have Elisabeth Johansdr Kankkonen b.January 24, 1757 at Rödso, Karleby, Finland. Is she from this same family of Kankkonens?

My Kankkonens end with her as she married Fordell.

Just curious....

June Pelo
09-01-05, 19:13

Elisabet Johansdotter Kankkonen is your 4th ggmother. Her father was Grels Grelsson Kankkonen, b 1668 - your 6th ggfather as well as mine! You are also related to Matts Kankkonen, b. 1815, as a 4C2R, and to Wilhelm Konstantin as a 4C3R.

Do you have any of the Kankkonen data? I can send you something - let me know what you need.


09-01-05, 19:40
I see that I have your data from Grels down to you. I don't have any details other than childrens' names/dates for his other children. If you have nothing better to do, you can send me a few generations of descendants of Grels.

It's always interesting to see how we "fit in" to each other. :)

06-03-07, 19:02
My Great Grandfather (Matti Tolonen) worked for Mr. Wilson and my Grandmother (Kaisa/Kate) and her sister (Hilma) were classmates and playmates of the Wilson children.

My Grandmother thought the Wilson's had the finest house in Astoria (circa 1910).