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09-01-05, 20:20
I thought it might be fun to share some old-time portraits of our Finnish ancestors. Photography has always been a hobby of mine but soon I hope to make it a profession, hence my interest in this thread.

I have attached a wedding portrait of my grandparents: William Toivo Maijala b.1895, parents from Liminka and Helmie Elizabeth Karhoja b.1897, parents from Kälviä. They were married in Heinola, Leaf Lake Township, Otter Tail County, Minnesota in 1914. This photo has always been my all time favorite of the ones my mother had.

Please share yours! :)

09-01-05, 20:33
That's how they are listed in the 1920 census where my mother's age is given as 11/12 :)

This image is one I had made from a metal oval shaped picture that I saw when I was young. It was handcolored but I have no idea who in the family has possession of it.

She came from somewhere near Alahärmä, born Huhtala said my mother and he is a bit of a mystery.

His immigration fi info showed a passport issued in Kristiinakaup. - he is listed as Karl and on the passenger list, he is Karl J. Kujansuu, born in 1877. A friend checked the church record down at Kristinestad and could not find him so he was just living down there when he got his passport in 1901.


09-01-05, 21:17
How about these guys?
Does anybody happen to know them?
I guess 21 means 1921.
Probably Vancouver Island.

09-01-05, 21:33
Hope that tree didn't fall!! :)

(I resized your image to keep it to a size that Hasse prefers, ~600 pixels wide.)

10-01-05, 00:02
Hello Kevin and all

Nice thread you have started here and I want to send a piccie of my grandfather Matts Sundberg and his then fiancee Mary Louisa Spence to this thread. I have it saved on my "desktop" but, excuse ignorance, where do I go from here?? Cannot see any "attach" buttons, so need help!!!

:o :eek:

10-01-05, 00:06
Hi Gwenda,
When you hit "post reply" and the new screen appears, after you type your message in the large box, look to towards the bottom, just above the "Submit Reply" button. There, you'll see a "Browse" button in the "Attach file" section. Click the browse button and navigate to where the file is located on your computer.

Please double check to make sure the size isn't too overwhelming. As a general rule, a landscape oriented pic fits well at ~600 pixels wide. Portrait oriented ~600 high.


10-01-05, 00:15
Hopefully, this reasonably computer literate, but not completely so, member will now be able to attach the photograph of my grandfather and grandmother as mentioned a couple of messages ago.

Fingers crossed.

10-01-05, 00:18
Sorry Gwenda. It didn't seem to work. I checked the pending attachments page and it wasn't there.

One thing I've noticed in the past, though I only had it happen once, is if you preview your message with an attachment, the picture won't show. I just boldly attach then submit. ;)

10-01-05, 00:32
Thanks for the tips Kevin. I tried them all and didn`t do a "preview" but guess my grandpa and grandma just don`t want to be shown. Sorry.:(

10-01-05, 00:34
Send it to me and I'll post it for you.

10-01-05, 01:16
from original post, Gwenda wrote: Nice thread you have started here and I want to send a piccie of my grandfather Matts Sundberg and his then fiancee Mary Louisa Spence to this thread.

Karen Norwillo
10-01-05, 01:49
Hopefully this will work. Attaching a photo of my grandparents taken in 1904. Gabriel Mikonpoika Sulasalmi holding my aunt, Inga, and Anna Lovisa Andersdotter Långsjö and my aunt Cecilia, standing. This was taken in Michigan.

Karen Norwillo
10-01-05, 01:52
I'm feeling giddy with success. Attached is a much later photo of my Sulasalmi grandparents. Karen

10-01-05, 03:44
This is a portrait of my father's father (Henrik Sanfred Josephsson Paavola b.September 25, 1883 in Kaustinen), mother (Silla Maria Karlsdr Wiitala b. September 18, 1881 in Lohtaja) and my father's oldest sister, Sylvia b.1906 who is still living. This was taken in Iron Belt shortly after they arrived in the US. They came from Kokkola where my grandfather was a policeman.

10-01-05, 10:10
Picture of my great aunt Alina Anderson and her son Rudolph.
Text on backside of the picture :1934 Alina and Rudolph 10 years,
picture was sent to my grandpa in 1934.Picture probably taken in New York because they lived there.


10-01-05, 12:22
Originally posted by kpaavola
...size that Hasse prefers, ~600 pixels wide...)

The reason why I would like to see max sizes of 600 pixels (height and width!) is that then most users can see the pictures ok, ie. without scrolling too much. It isn't my intention to modify the pictures unnecessarily or force you into doing it in a certain way, but there is a certain logic in keeping the picture sizes as small as reasonable.

One rule of thumb is that you shouldn't scan your pictures with too great a resolution for the web. A picture with max 600 pixels in width or height is quite ok in most cases. All picture programs have functions where you can resize the pictures. One good trick to see if the picture turned up too big is to see what size the picturefile has got on tha hard drive. Most of the pictures in this thread are in the range of 20-100 k efter squeezing them to 72dpi/max 600 height/max 600 width and applying a suitable jpeg compression.

13-01-05, 20:09
Here are pictures of my grandfather Gustav Portin (1878-1945) and my grandmother Rosa Charlotta (Lotta) Nyström (1872-1958).

The photos are taken in Jakobstad probably at the time they were married i.e. 1902.


13-01-05, 20:12
O.K. it seems not possible to attach only one picture per post. Here is granddad.

People say that there is a clear family resemblance between him and me.

How about the Portins over there?