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10-01-05, 19:09
I am looking for Jacob and Henric Slottes descendant

Fact about these two brothers which moved to USA:
Henric was born at 6 May 1849 in Kronoby Finland.
Jacob was born at 25 April 1851 in Kronoby Finland. In parish registration Jacob moved at 29 March 1879.
Their fathers name was Johan-Henric Johansson Slotte.

My grandfather Karl Snåre (Snore in his registration certificate in US) visits at least one of his uncles in 1903 in Oregon or Minnesota/Michigan. Karl worked near the Seattle.

We have one photo of a family with two kids. Text on the photo is “Lawson” “Muskegon Mich”. We have another photo with triplet (babies are about one month old). Grandfather told its Jacobs or Henrics babies.

10-01-05, 20:46
Some information about Karl Snåre can be found in K-j Olins book about Oregon. Seems like Astoria is one place to look for the Slotte people.

Snåre, Karl, 1910 bosatt i Marshfield, tar emot kusinen Victor från Kronoby. (Ellis Island). I januari 1910 biljett till Astoria. (Migrationsinstitutet). 1908 aktiv inom ,"Hoppets Stjärna" i Astoria. (Myhrman 1972). Vaktmästare i "Hoppets Stjärna" i Astoria. (FA 19.8.1903). Rest till Mount Vernon för att besöka släktingar, tänker resa hem till Finland. (FA 1.3.1906). Framfört bygdemålshistoria vid "Hoppets Stjärnas" nyårsfest. (ÖP 19.2.1904).

10-01-05, 21:29
Tack för svaret Hasse.

I am not looking for my grandfather, he come back to Finland at 1919. Of course I am pleased for all information what he did “over there”.

11-01-05, 03:45
Welcome to Finlander Maja
At Ellis Island I found
Name: Karl Snore
Ethnicity: Finland
Last Place of Residence: Kronoby, Finland
Date of Arrival: February 04, 1910
Age at Arrival: 29 Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Mauretania
Date and Port of Departure: Jan 29th 1910 Liverpool
Final destination: Astoria. OREGON
Previous Trip: 1903-1906 Astoria
Also from Kronoby: Teodor Rudnas age 23
Next of kin wife Lydia Rudnas
Both were going to: Friend Jim? Niemela ?308 30th St, Astoria, OR
Manifest Line Number: 0017

Name: Victor Snare
Ethnicity: Finland, Finnish
Last Place of Residence: Kronoby, Finland
Date of Arrival: September 02, 1910 (Stamp on manifest dated 1 Sept 1910 )
Age at Arrival: 24y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Lusitania
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England August 27th 1910
Next of Kin: Matts Eriksson, Sideby ? Kronoby
Going to : Cousin(scribbled over) Karl Snare & Uncle Alfred Hill, Marshfield OREGON
Also going to Marshfield, OR From Kronoby:
Karl Holmback 21 father Karl Saari Kangas going to brother in law and sister Lennart V?jorklund.
Vilhelm Merijarvi 20 (f) Viljam Merijarvi going to cousin Alfred Hill
From GamlaKarleby:Herman Gustafson 21 (f) Gustaf Eriksson going to cousin and Friends “
Manifest Line Number:Victor Snare 0004

It appears that the 1903 visit was to Astoria, OR.

On the 1880 census I located a Henry Johnson age 31 b. Fin in Calumet, MI married to Johanna age 26 b. Fin with 3 children
John 5, Hilma 4, Henry 1 all born in MI. Probably not your Henric.

Finns in Clatsop County death index list 3 Slottes but they are the wife and daughter of Herman Slotte and son of John Slotte.

I wasn't able to locate the 1903 trip by your grandfather to find
who he was going to stay with.

Hope names mentioned are of some help.


11-01-05, 11:06
Thank you for the information.

The first time Karl Snåre was to US (1903) he travel with Leander Finnholm, Alfred Finnholm and Lennart Rydbäck. All of them born in Kronoby. They start the trip from Sweden. (Hearsay.)

Is this some help? Hasse write: Karl travel to Mount Vernon to visit relatives and think of going back to Finland (Finska Amerikanaren Brooklyn 1.3.1906)

11-01-05, 20:26
In Astoria, Oregon's Peace Lutheran Church members book.

I had found these people for Hasse Antbacka so he's got the fotocopy for you to see.
This church film is often illegible. I did not see named Slotte/Snore/ or similar at Muskegon's Samuel Lutheran Church or at Calumet's Faith Lutheran Church.


12-01-05, 21:10
Have Jacob and Henric change last name?
One of them had triple, three children born at same time.
Father remembers: that one of the brothers maybe had a wife from Åland Finland.

When Karl and his friends moved at 1903 they hadn’t any passport. I hear that the Swedish government helps the young Finnish men to run away from Finland.

12-01-05, 23:23
I didn't have much to go on so decided to report because of the unusual surname and link to Kronoby.

From member page 52 (weak ink!)

Slotte, Herman, born Kronoby, no bdate
wife Ellen born Washington state, no bdate
dau ? Irene born Astoria, no bdate
dau Alta Loraine, born Astoria, 12-2-1918
son ? Truman, born Astoria 12-8-1919
son Gordon Herman, born Astoria 7-3-1921

Slotte, Johannes, born Kronoby 7-30-1879
wife Edla Sofia, born Kronoby 5-22-1877
dau Ruth?, born Astoria 5-13-1904
dau Viola Birgitta Johanna, born Astoria 8-21-1912
son John Norman, born Astoria 12-14-1916

These families are probably not yours but I put the info up in case one should be yours.
This is all that I could locate.

Hasse Andtbacka
13-01-05, 09:19
Thank you once again Chuck!

I added Herman's and Johannes' children to my database.

Ufortunately I can't help with Jacob and Henric Slotte.

Hasse Andtbacka

13-01-05, 18:44
Hello Hasse,
That was a difficult page to read and I am sure there are many Finnish born ppl whose information is lost because of poor ink.
At least you added to your dbase so a good outcome even though these Slotte ppl didn't fit the thread.

June Pelo
13-01-05, 22:41
I have this family in my database:
Johannes Johansson Slotte, b. 30 Jul 1879, Kronoby. To Astoria, OR 29 Jul 1902. Married 22 Jun 1902 Edla Sofia Mattsdotter Byskata, b. 22 May 1877. They had children:
- Edith Ragnhild, b. 12 May 1904, Astoria, d. 28 Feb 1934.
- Elva Linea, b. 15 Jun 1906, Astoria, d. ca 1996.
- Viola Birget Johanna, b. 21 Aug 1912, Astoria.
- John Norman, b. 14 Dec 1916, Astoria, d. early 1990s.

I have no other info. about them. This Slotte family have lived in Kronoby since the 1600s.


13-01-05, 23:10
I checked at Swenson 235 = Houghton County, Calumet, Faith Lutheran to see if I could find John, Hilma, and/or Henry Johnson in baptismal and/or confirmational records.

I did not find them.
Baptismal records began with baptisms performed in 1892 but I checked for births in the late 1870s thru year 1915 - I did not find either of them.
Confirmation records began July 1893 so again, I checked for births of the late 1870s and I found nobyd.

The parents were not members but perhaps they had them baptized earlier. These records unfortunately do not go back to the times we would want to see them.
Sorry but this is a dead end.

14-01-05, 04:39
Hi Maja & welcome to Finlander Forum!

Well, I have good news and bad news. Good news is I found Jacob Slotte in Muskegon but he changed his name to Johnson. The bad news is I can't find Henry. I have one possibility for Henry but it is a longshot. I'll mention that one separately.

First, here is the 1900 census with the family. Jacob's wife's name is Hilda. He has 2 children listed in the census age 11 and one child age 1. What is interesting is you'll notice on the far right of the image a "4 3". The 4 means the mother had 4 children total, the 3 means only 3 lived. Could this be the 3rd triplet who died? Immigration year is 1880. Jacob's occupation is listed as a Foreman in a factory.

14-01-05, 04:42
Again in Muskegon (that little detail made this family rather easy to find!)

Jacob is now a Packer in a Office Furniture Warehouse (sp?).
Hilda is working doing laundry for a private family.
Karl is working as a machinist in a Motor Works company
No record of August (maybe he also died young?)

I was not able to find this family in the 1920 or 1930 census. There was one possibility for the child Karl but the data didn't match up.

Edit: By the way, the immigration year is listed as 1887.

14-01-05, 04:48
This is the one that I am not 100% certain is the correct person. This Henry was also found in Muskegon but the country of birth is listed as Holland. It lists that for both husband and wife.

There are some errors on this particular census record made by the enumerator. This family is also surrounded by a number of other Dutch people. Did the enumerator erroneously just write Dutch? The age is right, and the immigration year matches the 1st one for Jacob (1880). The other error on the wife was under language. The enumerator simply put "Holland". ?? He seemed to be prone to errors. ;)

Maybe it's him, but maybe not. Here's the record anyway. I couldn't find any other alternatives for Henry, even in other states.

14-01-05, 09:33
Father: Johan Mikaelsson Slotte b. 21 jan 1850 d. 3 okt 1910
Grandfather: Michel Johansson Slotte b. 25 aug 1812 d. 18 jan 1880
Great-grandfather: Johan Michelsson Slotte b. 26 dec 1786 d.30 jun 1838

Jacob and Henric:
Father: Johan-Henric Johansson Slotte b. 30 jan 1810 d. 20 mar 1876
Grandfather: Johan Michelsson Slotte b. 26 dec 1786 d. 30 jun 1838

14-01-05, 11:29
I have not word for how happy I am.

I go to check this information with Dad, if he remember more when he se names.

In the photography of the family, are two children, one boy and one girl. They are about 4 years old. The woman is younger than the man. Maybe 15 years.

I was checking microfilms again, for when Jacob and Henric move.
I found for Henric a difficult reading text “borta sedan 71 ti. Amerika” = “gone since 1871 to America”.
And for Jacob “fb 29.3.79” = “move certificate 29 mar 1879”.

What mean “7 m Swedish” for Jacob in census 1910?

14-01-05, 14:54
Originally posted by Maja
What mean “7 m Swedish” for Jacob in census 1910?

Hi Maja,
That column is for the place of birth. What you're seeing is bad handwriting for "Finland - Swedish". It means that he was born in Finland (Fin) but spoke Swedish. The 7 is actually an "F".

I'll go back later tonight and look at those other Henry Johnsons to see if any of them list 1871 as an immigration year.

14-01-05, 23:57
Whoever found the Johnson name is a hero :)

I found Jacob Johnson's family except for Johan Alfred Johnson, born 26-6-1888. I searched funeral records from 1888 thru 1967 without success. The images will give the entire picture so I won't repeat that text here but to give you additional findings. I also checked confirmation lists and of course baptismal lists which you will see in the posting following this one.

Hilda Maria Johnson, born 26-6-1888 is shown on the member page as departing 1909 - it looked like a 1907 at first but I find in 1909 the following person who might just be your Hilda:
Dismissal Dec 3, 1909
Hilda Johnson-Olson with no destination info.
I found this Henry Johnson as a sponsor to the baptism of the triplets! Swenson has no films for Nashville or a town reasonably close by.

15-01-05, 00:03
Ah, triplets ! so you won't object if I list them here:

Carl Alarick Johnson, born 24 June 1888 at Muskegon, MI
Johan Alfred Johnson, born 24 June 1888 at Muskegon, MI
Hilda Maria Johnson, born 24 June 1888 at Muskegon, MI

finally younger brother:
August Herbert Johnson, born 9 Feb 1899 at Muskegon, MI

That's a long span of time between births but hey, tripletts :)


15-01-05, 05:36

This site has a substantial cemeteries section which might yield something about Johan Alfred Johnson, the triplet who we cannot find so far.
If his father Jacob Johnson is found, it could be the cemetery where Johan Alfred is buried, if he is buried within the county.


15-01-05, 07:53
Originally posted by granskare
That's a long span of time between births but hey, tripletts :)

After having triplets, I can't imagine even wanting another child! :D

I went to Mapquest to look up Nashville. I had never heard of it before. Turns out it is almost half way between Muskegon and Detroit in Barry County.

It's late now but tomorrow I'll see if I can find Henry there for you, Maja.

Oh, and great work Chuck!

15-01-05, 16:19
I found in HISKI Hildas birthdates:

Hilda Antonia b. 17 feb 1865 in Saltvik, Ödkarby, Åland, Finland
Father: Bonden (eng: farmer) Carl Joh Österlund
Mother: Anna Mathilda Carlsdr 22 (eng: daughter of Carl, and 22 years old at that point)

My father said, on of the wife was from Åland!

Isn’t this family of Jacob Johnson?

What mean “Remarried Hilda Meyers” Is she Jacobs second vife?

15-01-05, 16:37
Originally posted by Maja
What mean “Remarried Hilda Meyers” Is she Jacobs second vife?

Hi Maja,
Actually it's just the opposite. It means that Jacob must have died before Hilda. After his death, Hilda married someone name Myers. If you look also at that handwritten note, it gives her residence (res.) which is the address where she lived.

15-01-05, 16:50
Hi Maja,
I found Hilda in the 1930 census. By now she is already married to Fredrick Meyers. Just like the church record shows, she was living on West Forest Avenue. It lists her immigration year as 1885.

15-01-05, 21:57
Kevin seems to have the guys name and I didn't try to find him in the church book. The church book had written to the left of her name, "Mrs Myers" -misspelled in the church book but close enough.

Hmm,we have not found the missing triplet yet, Johan Alfred Johnson. And of course we have not checked to see if the Hilda Johnson-Olson on the 1909 dismissal pages list is our Hilda.

OK everybody, lots of work to do. And hey, where was the Jacob Johnson family before 1891? At least we have it that Henry Johnson emigrated in 1872. I wonder if they departed Finland as the brothers Slotte or were they already Johnson.

I was certain that Jeanette and Kev would have those 2 mysteries solved by now

17-01-05, 11:35
Is this my Henrys family, from Samuel Lu Church? Is Anna Sofia born 1855 or 65?

I have searched if Jacob and Henric used Johnson when they leave Finland. I have not found anything yet. I am surprised how many used the middle name (swe: patronymikon) when the leave Finland.

Dad remembers that my grandfather Karl Snåre (Snore) used Gustafson or Gustavson as surname, because Snore is not so nice name in English.

17-01-05, 17:33
That is, if the church book is correct.


30-01-05, 02:36
Hi Maja,
The Åland Islands have an Emigration Institute http://home.aland.net/m03605/starte.htm
which has a message board similar to this one. Perhaps they will be able to help you a little more.


30-01-05, 21:21
This was a new site for me.
I am still looking for more information of Henrys wife Anna Sofia in Finland.

What mean “Received” between Married and No of Certificate in Census?


31-01-05, 00:19
Received in this instance represents the date of acceptance by the church as members and certificate number is the number of the letter from the previous church - census is not a part of the church register. Newer church registers have reordered the columns but the information remains the same.


01-02-05, 20:36
Oops, now I understand better what I reed.
Church record and census is different thing, of course.

Bad day if I not learning something new.

02-02-05, 20:20
I found at Oakwood Cemetery with same description as Jacob, Carl and Meyers Hilda.
Is this daughter Hilda Maria and her husband?

In church record for Hilda Maria I can read (gift 9/3-08). In Swedish “gift” is married.

Meyer or Meyers Hilda Annetta (6-26-10) 09.23.1945
Johnson Carl A. (6-26-10) 07.24.1910
Johnson Jacob (6-26-10) 12.02.1912
Olsen or Olson Arthur L. (6-26-10) 11.08.1911
Olsen or Olson Hilda (6-26-10) 02.20.1920

08-02-05, 06:04
Hej "Maja"
I found your farfar with the family of Alfred Hill, his cousin?
In the 1910 Coos County Oregon census, North Marshfield. Marshfield was the old name for the town of Coos Bay now. There is also Theodore Rudnas who came with him on the 1910 trip to america, living with his brother's family. Also on the page are Leonard Bjorklund and Otto Bjorkquist also from the Kronoby Gamlakarleby area.
din kusin Kalle

June Pelo
08-02-05, 22:55
I have Alfred Hill and his family in my database - they would be "shirttail" relatives to me.


09-02-05, 11:51
Welcome Kalle to Finlander Forum.

I am grateful for all help. For a mount ago I have one question, now I have hundred. :D

Farfar Karl and Alfred Hill was second cousin:

Farfar Karl: Karl Viktor Gustafsson Snåre 16 jan 1881 – 18 jan 1952
Mother: Greta Nilsdotter Snåre 9 feb 1852 – 24 dec 1941
Grandmother: Anna Greta Johansdotter Snåre 26 aug 1825
Great-grandmother: Brita Jackobsdotter Snåre 28 apr 1795
Great-grandfather: Johannes Johansson Holm-Nervilä-Snåre 12 jul 1794 – 8 dec 1850

Alfred Hill born Jacob Alfred Jacobsson Snåre 10 mar 1875 – 27 apr 1875
Mother: Jacob Jacobsson Snåre 21 jul 1840 – 7 feb 1902
Grandmother: Brita Johansdotter Snåre 26 apr 1817 – 30 aug 1845 kicked to death by her husband
Great-grandmother: Brita Jackobsdotter Snåre 28 apr 1795

Björklund Lennart was brother to Salome Hill. Lennart, Salome and her child Rufus and Rudolf comes together to US in sep 1909. Salome use then last name Snare.

In K-G Olin’s last book he write about Alfred and Salome Hill, very interesting article.

Ann Rousseau
22-07-10, 06:46
I didn't have much to go on so decided to report because of the unusual surname and link to Kronoby.

From member page 52 (weak ink!)

Slotte, Herman, born Kronoby, no bdate
wife Ellen born Washington state, no bdate
dau ? Irene born Astoria, no bdate
dau Alta Loraine, born Astoria, 12-2-1918
son ? Truman, born Astoria 12-8-1919
son Gordon Herman, born Astoria 7-3-1921

Slotte, Johannes, born Kronoby 7-30-1879
wife Edla Sofia, born Kronoby 5-22-1877
dau Ruth?, born Astoria 5-13-1904
dau Viola Birgitta Johanna, born Astoria 8-21-1912
son John Norman, born Astoria 12-14-1916

These families are probably not yours but I put the info up in case one should be yours.
This is all that I could locate.
Viola Slottee is my Mother and still living at age 98 in Tacoma Washington. There are several children of John Slottee living in Portland, OR and also the children of Ruth Slottee living in Oregon and California. There was one other daughter, Elva who has a daughter in Portland, OR. We are all cousins of the children of John and Edla Slottee. Ann Clark Rousseau

22-07-10, 11:58
Herman and Johannes Slotte are not my relatives.


Kay Voth
22-07-10, 19:16
[QUOTE=Maja;7146]I am looking for Jacob and Henric Slottes descendant

I was in Finland in '06 and my friend here in Coos bay, oregon told me to look up Vilheim and Dorothy Slottte in Kokkala, and I did.... I loved meeting them.
Their relative was a Nyman........she has since passed away....(here in Coos Bay).... She had a lot of papers on her family......

Hasse Andtbacka
22-07-10, 22:16
FYI, Vilhelm Sotte passed away June 6th this year.