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Karen Mattson
10-01-05, 23:38
It's me again. All of you have been so kind and helpful and so I am writing again with another question for you experts. My great grandmother was Sanna Loviisa Pernaa born in Lapua in 1848. I am unable to find her parents in any of the online records. She is listed as Liisa's daughter so am I right in thinking that her father is unknown? I can't find her mother listed either though. Any suggestions? Another note: It has been said that my great grandparents were leaders in the Pietist religious movement in the Nurmo-Lapua area. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks again. Karen Mattson

Jaska Sarell
11-01-05, 00:43
She's there all right on 10 March 1848, mother's name written as Lisa Mattsdr Perna. See link (http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski/?en+0282+kastetut+15615).
I've got no further knowledge though.

:) Jaska

11-01-05, 05:29
You can search Finlander for previous discussions of that movement, for example with the name of the preacher: Laestadius, or of the membership: Laestadianer. In English they call their church the Apostolic Lutheran church of America.

11-01-05, 06:51

Hi Syrene,

I don't believe Laestadian Lutherans in America describe themselves to be Apostolic Lutherans.
The church with the url above are members of the Laestadian Lutheran Church, not Apostolic.

This is the main Apostolic Luteran website


11-01-05, 14:53
The pietist movement is not the same as the Laestadian. The pietists are followers of Paavo Ruotsalainen from Nilsisä. The movement is strong even today.

They are kalled körttiläiset (in Finnish) and skörtare (in Swedish) because the men wore long black coats.

The women covered theis heads and wore black dresses. The pietist movment is somewhat more "liberal" than the Laestadian.


11-01-05, 18:10
There is a Lisa Walborg, born 25.8.1827, to Michel Johansson Perna, and, Caisa Mattsdotter. She was the 8th child born to them, their first was born in 1811, and, the last was born 1831. You can find them in Hiski, in Lapua parish.

11-01-05, 18:13
You've helped me understand the two terms better.