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June Pelo
12-01-05, 22:03
The following query appeared in Norden, Jan 6, 2005:

Folke Krohn of Korsholm, FI is searching for relatives in Seattle area. They are descendants of Herman and Ester Morney who emigrated to the US ca 1915-1920, and died ca 1980. They had at least two daughters: Ethel and Jeanette, b. ca 1920s.

Contact: Folke Krohn


Karen Norwillo
14-01-05, 03:53
June, I found the Morneys in the 1920 and 1930 census in Riverton, King, WA. Herman was a floor finisher. In 1920, he was 35, Esther was 25. Ethel was just over 2. In 1930, he was still a floor finisher, age 45, Esther was 35, Ethel was 12 and Jeanette was 8. Ethel born abt 1918, Jeanette abt 1922. I found both Herman and Esther in the SSDI and the Washington Death Index. He, born 31 Aug 1884 and died 1 Jan 1978 in Seattle, King, WA. She, born 10 Oct 1894 and died 20 Oct 1987 in Seattle. They were both 93. Nothing more on the girls. With marriage and name changes, hard to go further.

Karen Norwillo
14-01-05, 04:13
June, Found another link to the Morney name. Erik Wilhelm Marander, born 3 Apr 1879 in Finland and died 3 Nov 1940 in Seattle of prostate cancer. Husband of Edla, son of Herman Marander and Breta Morney in Finland. He was a fisherman.

June Pelo
15-01-05, 00:12

Thank you for your work. I'm sure Mr. Krohn will appreciate your help and I hope it gives him something on which to base his search.


23-01-05, 17:29
There is one more Morney name in 1930 Washington

1930 United States Federal Census
Viewing records 1-3 of 3 matches for:
Otto Morney
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Name Family Members Home in 1930
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Otto Morney Dina Morney Tulalip, Snohomish, WA abt 1887 Finland Head
Dina Morney Otto Morney Tulalip, Snohomish, WA abt 1881 Wife
Sadie Morney Otto Morney,
Dina Morney Tulalip, Snohomish, WA abt 1917 Daughter


June Pelo
23-01-05, 19:20
Thanks, Alicia. I'll forward the information to Mr. Krohn.


25-01-05, 09:04
Hi June,
While I was digging around in Snohomish County Death Index I came across this entry. As Alicia had already mentioned Snohomish I thought it might be relevent.
Death Certificates of Finns in Snohomish County, Washington, 1907-1947
MORNEY, AGNES -- Born January 22, 1914, Snohomish County, Wash. Died Feb. 6, 1914, Marysville, Wash. Cause of death: exhaustion; heart failure; compression of cord during birth, requiring 30 minutes artificial respiration. Father: Gust Morney (b. Finland). Mother: Dina Svarvar (b. Finland). Burial Feb. 7, 1914, Marysville, Wash.

In the 1930 census Otto was listed, in this 1914 entry Gust is the father yet the name Dina appears in both. Perhaps Otto is Gust' son and Gust is related to Herman?

The 1910 census has only 2 listings for Morney.
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State

Not pertinent to the original enquiry but worth adding, I hope.


June Pelo
25-01-05, 18:12
Thanks, Jeanette. I forward every bit of info to Mr. Krohn and now I'm trying to get him to join Finlander so he can post his own queries.


June Pelo
26-01-05, 21:34
Mr. Krohn in Finland is very pleased with the results of his queries and thanks everyone. He asked if it was possible to find anything about his mother's mother's sister Ester Östergård Morney and her daughter Ethel, married to Matchett (sp). He didn't supply any other info.