View Full Version : Ten worst natural disasters in recorded history

June Pelo
12-01-05, 22:23
Norden newspaper of Jan 6, 2005, lists these ten disasters:
1931-China: More than 3 million deaths from flooding of Yangtze River.

1201-Mediterranean: Deadliest earthquake in history kills ca 1.1 million people in Egypt and Syria.

1887-China: Ca 900,000 people died when Yellow River flooded.

1556-China: A quake hit province of Shansi, killing 830,000 people.

1976-China: Deadly quake of 8.0 strikes Tianjin, causing 255,000 deaths.

1991-Bangladesh: More than 130,000 people died from cyclone-induced flooding.

2004-South Asia: Quake-caused tsunamis hit Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand and other South Asian nations; death toll increasing from 150,000. This surpasses the 1896 tsunami that killed 27,000 people in Japan.

1988-Armenia: A quake measuring 6.9 killed over 100,000 people in Armenia.