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13-01-05, 17:11
To Kevin, June & all the others...

I took a look in K-G Olin's book "Egen lyckas smed" about the emigrants of Astoria. I found some useful information immediately. Together with the information that you have given me is seems that there is a good chance to find descendants to these people. Maybe the youngest people in your last post are still alive.

The only person not found is Johanna. She might have got married in America and therefore changed her name. She may even moved to another place than her sisters and brothers. If I can get contact to some of their descendants in Astoria today I think that this questionmark will be straightened too.

Because some of them were members of the Peace Lutheran Church of Astoria I think that there is a good chance to find some of their descendants there. The same church also exists in Pedersöre under the name "Laestadianer" and I have some good friends in that church who might help me to establish a contact to Astoria.

Many thanks for your great work so far. I could never believe that there were so many helpful people in Finlander Forum! I will stay in contact to this website in the future and see what useful information I can find. Perhaps I can help someone else in the future.

I have more people too in my tree who moved to unknown places in America, but this is a second question!

Christian Dahlin