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14-01-05, 05:00
Looking for descendants of Johan Jacob Hagbom dob 8/7/1792 and Anna Maja Titusson/Lindqvuist dob 28/12/1792 from Tammisaari Ekenas Finland
Lovisa Carolina dob 16/4/1826
Anders Johan dob 1829
Carl Jacob dob 14/11/1831
Eva Gustava dob 24/12/1834
Edvard dob 18/3/1839

Edvard came to Victoria Australia in 1869 and we would like to know more about his Finnish family
Johan Jacob Hagbom parents were Mathias Hagbom and Elisabeth Strom

15-01-05, 06:07
Hello and welcome to Finlander

I can only add a little to the information you have from the HisKi database for Tammisaari - Ekenäs as it has only
Christened (1724-1849)
Buried (1663-1713, 1722-1733)
This appears to be 2 children for the eldest daughter
Tammisaari - Ekenäs - christened

Born Christened Father Mother Child
5.12.1847 11.12.1847 Sjöm: Alexander Gustafsson h:u Lovisa Carol: Hagbom 21 Anna Carolina
24.6.1849 24.6.1849 Sjöm: Alex: Gustafsson h:u Lovisa Carol: Hagbom 23 Johan Reinhold

The following sites may be helpful to learn more about the area.
http://enksf.fi/ekenasforsamling/ Parish Church in Swedish however has an address should you want to write or you could try to email.
This site has a map showing the location in relation to Helsinki.
The following site has a little about the church with photos.

Best wishes

15-01-05, 07:44
Hi Glory,
Unfortunately I'm not replying to assist in your research but rather to ask if you're from Perth.

I traveled to Australia 2 different times. The first trip we took the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth. I didn't get to see Monkey Mia, the Bungles(or was it Bungle Bungle??), the Pinnacles or the Wave Rock, but I did enjoy Perth very much. It is one of my favorite cities in the world! We got to see the black swans and a sunset on the Indian Ocean. It's always had a special place in my memories and I'm so glad we have someone from your neck of the woods.

Besides Jeanette, I think there's another member from Australia, Ruth Jericho, who doesn't post much but if I recall, she's from the Gold Coast area. It has always intrigued me how some Finnish immigrants ended up in Australia. It just seems SO far away.

I hope you'll find the Forum a valuable resource in your pursuit of ancestors. Please feel free to introduce yourself!


Kaj Granlund
23-01-05, 13:35
You will have to remember that the sea never devides but unifies. With all the sailing ships from Finland going on the wheat-trade Australia - Europe that isn't at all amasing. Just sit at the beach, check the sea and think of what you might find behind the horisonte ;) That makes you curious.