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Paivi T
14-01-05, 12:50
With the attached photo I'm proudly announcing the arrival of our third child...!

Our baby boy was born on 28 December. The picture shows him at the age of two or three minutes, saying hello to his ecstatically happy mom. His strategic measurements were 51 cm and 3,650 kg -- now he weighs in at about 4,350 kg.

"Vesseli" is a healthy, content, calm boy, a sound sleeper with a very, very sound appetite. Big sisters Aliisa and Sini are thrilled to have him in the family, and love taking care of him, surprisingly gently.

Sorry if this message is way, way off-topic -- just wanted to share our happy news with you.

Happy New Year 2005!

Päivi T

Hasse Andtbacka
14-01-05, 13:03
Congratulations Päivi and family,

remember when our youngest was born, I had the honor to be present, one of the biggest days in my life.

Hasse Andtbacka

14-01-05, 13:58
Congratulations Päivi on your new arrival. What a joy to have a new baby.

When my youngest was born, the older child got to cut the umbilical cord. It was exciting for her.

Enjoy your new bundle of joy! :)

14-01-05, 15:21
Originally posted by Paivi T
...Sorry if this message is way, way off-topic -- just wanted to share our happy news with you.

Congratulations to the happy occation. Don't worry about if it is "off topic" or not. This kind of a message fits very nicely in. A small reminder that we shouldn't only think about dead ancestors...

Onnea uuden tulokkaan johdosta!


14-01-05, 17:41
Congratulations and best of health to the whole family! I have a best friend, born in Norway, whose nickname which we all use is Vesla. It meant weasel, cause she was so quick as a little tyke. What does Vesseli mean?

14-01-05, 18:45
He`s absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations from me also. I am pleased you shared the good news with us.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Paivi T
14-01-05, 19:04
Thank you for your kind messages!

How best to translate "vesseli"... a tough question. In this case, not "weasel", anyway. :-D

"Vesseli" is a nickname used uniquely of a little boy, by itself, or in combination: "pojanvesseli". The closest English equivalents would be something like "imp", or "scamp" -- a little boy who is
mischievous in a playful, endearing way.

We started calling the baby Vesseli as soon as the ultrasound scans started giving extremely convincing proof of his being a boy, around pregnancy week 18. He was bouncing around so quickly that the scanner operator had a tough time getting any measurements at all. So, Vesseli seemed to fit as his "project name" :-D

Päivi T

Jaska Sarell
14-01-05, 22:26
That's the way, Päivi :D

If you can't find an ancestor, add a descendant instead into your genealogy file :p


:) Jaska