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14-01-05, 22:06
Dalin emigrants in Duluth

From the next generation of the family that has just been found in Astoria I want to go on looking for my relatives in America. This time I know that they moved to Duluth, but I have only a little information of them. Could anybody help me and find them and their descendants?

Their father & mother in Finland where:

-Gustaf Henrik Gustafsson Dalin (Tarvonen), b. 19th of Nov. 1842 from Pedersöre, Kållby, Dalabäck and his wife
-Caisa Greta Andersdtr Timonen, b. 22nd Aug 1838

and their children who emigrated to Duluth (date unknown) and which I am searching are:

*Axel Gustafsson Dalin (Tarvonen), b. 16th Dec 1872 in Pedersöre, Kållby, Dalabäck, married 22nd March 1898 with
*Anna Lena Gustafsdtr Rönnqvist, b. 28th Feb 1874 in Purmo, Langräfsbacka

*Ida Johanna Gustafsdtr Dalin (Tarvonen), b. 19th March 1877 in Pedersöre, Kållby, Dalabäck. In America she married
*Gustaf Gustafsson Rönnqvist from Purmo, Langräfsbacka (brother of Anna Lena Gustafsdtr).
They have some American born children:
*Two unknown girls (?)
*Ingrid, married Verner Granroth from Pedersöre, Karby. The couple have at least two children:
*Earl Granroth, married with Barb, living in Florida
*Ed Granroth, married with Ruth, living in Saint Louis Missouri.

Hope someone can help me find the rest of the family.

Christian Dahlin

15-01-05, 02:10
Minnesota has some excellent sites to help your search.

http://people.mnhs.org/dci/ MN Death Index & briths 1900-1907

http://www.rootsweb.com/~mnstloui/slcmndin.htm St Louis D I

http://www.rootsweb.com/~mnstloui/ St Louis Genealogy

http://www.ironrangeresearchcenter.org/ MN naturalizations

The bad news is I did a search for Ron* names in the 1910 census. The only result for MN was a 56 yr old Swedish born Ronnqvist in Pine county.
Gustafson would have to be one of the most popular names in MN. Here is a list of the Finnish born Gus Gustafson names. I found 1 in Duluth in 1910 which has been highlighted.Hopefully this is your family.


15-01-05, 17:28
For starters, here is Ingrid and her family as found in the 1930 census. She's with husband Werner and son Edward.

This was in Lakeside Town, Douglas County, Wisconsin.

16-01-05, 18:13
I checked the Gust Gustafson in Duluth in 1910 that Jeanette found but I don't think he's the correct one. He was listed with wife Ina but no children were listed.

I've checked 1900-1930 in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin for either Axel or Gust and nothing shows up in the indexes as the correct family.

Since Ingrid was listed as born in Wisconsin, I focused on that state but came up empty. I don't know how they're listed in the census but they're hiding well.

Maybe you can contact one of those living children of Ingrid's and see if they have any additional info.

Sorry I couldn't come through on this one.

16-01-05, 20:40
Hi Kevin

Thank you for your help. Sometimes it seems more difficult to find people though they emigrated later than the previous family. I am going to use other ways in finding them now. If they are still alive I think I can get the address to the children listed.

I think that I found another sister of this Ronnqvist in a database, so I have this information too.


June Pelo
17-01-05, 00:16
I found a Gustaf Gustafsson Qvarnabba-Gustafsson, b. 15 Oct 1851, Karleby, d. 19 Jan 1915, ?? - to America 1891.

He was married 1876 in Karleby to Maria Sofia Andersdotter Broända, 1847-1884. I have no further info. on what happened to them. But his wife died before he went to America.

I also have a Johanna Gustafsdotter Rönnqvist, b. 27 Jul 1871, Purmo, married in America to Johan Johansson Sundquist, b. 6 Jan 1875, Purmo. Both went to America, don't know when or where, and have no further data on them.

I also have a Maria Johanna Johansdotter Rönnqvist, b. 4 Sep 1884, Munsala, d. 26 Dec 1919, America, who married in America to August Andersson. They had 4 children. He returned to Finland before 1912 and she stayed in America.


17-01-05, 23:08
Hi June!

The first "Gustaf Gustafsson Qvarnabba-Gustafsson" and his wife "Maria Sofia Andersdotter Broända" don't fit my tree. Their birth places and names are strange to our family.

The other woman "Johanna Gustafsdotter Rönnqvist" could possibly be another sister of Gustaf and Anna Lena Rönnqvist. Her birth date and birth place match very well to that. I already found her yesterday when I was looking in your database.

The "Maria Rönnqvist" from Munsala is another woman.

One piece at a time.


Kim McIsaac
03-02-05, 03:08
I checked the 1910 Census for Lakewood Twp, Douglas Co, Wi and found several of your family there on Page 97a. It lists Axel and Anna Dahlin with brother Anton along with Gustav and Ida Runquist, children Ingrid and Albert and father Gunter age 65.
Furthur down the page is a Matt Runquist age 27, single.

Kim McIsaac
06-02-05, 08:36
Hi Christian
Axel and Anna Dahlin are buried in the Lakeside Cemetary, Hwy 13, Lakeside, Wisconsin in Douglas County just east of the City of Superior. The Runquists are there also.

Axel Dahlin 1872-1947
Anna Dahlin 1874-1949

Gust G. Runquist 1879-1947
Ida J. Runquist 1877-1940
Albert Runquist 1905-1967
May R. Runquist 1907-1970

Matt Runquist 1882-1957


Kim McIsaac
06-02-05, 08:54
Hello again Christian!- Looks like Lakeside is the right place to hunt the Dahlins and Runquists!:) I found an article about the Lakeside Baptist Church that includes the Dahlins and Runquists. Looks like Axel started the sunday school there in 1905 and acted as a minister of sorts.


06-02-05, 09:49
Hi Kim!

You have done a great work! Especially the article about Lakeside Baptist Church, Wentworth is a great gift to our family tree.
It's good that you found the death year of some of our relatives. This Matt Runquist must have been a brother of Gustaf Gustafsson Runquist and Anna Lena Gustafsdotter Runquist-Dahlin. I also found their father Gustaf Runquist (b. 1845) in the 1910 census. In other databases I found more people that could have been children of this old Gustaf Runquist.

But there is one name I do not understand. May R. Runquist doesn't appear in any census you have sent me. Neither do anyone here in Finland recognize this name. Who was she? Was she the wife of Albert Runquist? Did they have any children? Who was her father and mother?

Originally posted by Kim McIsaac
Hi Christian
Axel and Anna Dahlin are buried in the Lakeside Cemetary, Hwy 13, Lakeside, Wisconsin in Douglas County just east of the City of Superior. The Runquists are there also.

Axel Dahlin 1872-1947
Anna Dahlin 1874-1949

Gust G. Runquist 1879-1947
Ida J. Runquist 1877-1940
Albert Runquist 1905-1967
May R. Runquist 1907-1970

Matt Runquist 1882-1957


06-02-05, 23:51


This is the name of a baptist church in Douglas County for which Swenson has a film. Could this be Lakeside Baptist?


Kim McIsaac
07-02-05, 00:04
Lakeside township is east of the City of Superior and along the "south shore" whereas Lake Nebagoman community is due south of the city and approximately 10 miles away. Lakeside also goes by the Wentworth postal district, I believe. I'm not familiar with churches in the area there, but Lake Nebagamon probably has it's own church in that area. The area is a popular vacationing spot in the summer. I use to frequent the area when in college (decades ago:) ) It had a large dance hall that was packed on friday nites with lots of coeds!:D I don't think the baptists approved, though.:mad:

07-02-05, 02:58
I guess Lakeside was next to Lake Superior and not Lake Nebagoman so nothing to check at Swenson.
Thanks Kim,