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15-01-05, 22:25
Help me!

I am searching for Hilda Sofia Dahl,born 29/8 1887 in Sundom Finland.Married to Erik Ehnstrom or Erstrom.
They have a son.His name is Harald.
I know that they went to USA,but I don't know when it happened


June Pelo
17-01-05, 00:28
One of my cousins in Finland is married to Linda Lawast, b. 1933 in Vasa, whose mother was Hilda Maria Ehnström married to Paul Lawast. I don't have any dates or places for them.


18-01-05, 21:29
Thank yuo June,but my fahers aunt's name is

Hilda "Sofia".
I've heard that she lived in USA or in Canada.


Kaj Granlund
23-01-05, 09:05
I think you ought to try to limit the years of emigration from Finland.
1) try to check the churchrecords, Probably you won't find an exact date but you can usually limit the gap to 10 years as the records were rewritten every 10 years. In some parishes there is also a post book for "expiderade ämbetsbetyg" where they marked the day for giving the sertificate for the passport application. The marks in the churchrecords will be to the very right and not written with ink.
2) as this is made, you could find some information from the very good records at the county archive in Vasa, where most the forms for the passport applications are kept.
3) another possibility is the check the online passengerrecords att the migrationinstitute in Åbo. But to get full information you have to register.