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Leo Furu
15-09-03, 22:49
I was born in Terjärv, Småbönders and now living in Vasa.
I'm working at a software company as a system specialist.

Hasse N gave me a tip about this forum and thanks to June I've got a huge material to study;)
I have also found many interesting Ahnentafels here on this Website so here are more relatives than I first expected.
The big problem is how to get time for the job and family and all hobbies, running, skiing in the winter, horses and sports on TV,.
My ancestors came from Terjärv, Veteli, Esse, Evijärvi, Kaustinen, Perho etc.
I' have collect materials for about ten years but I started to put together a database first this summer, thanks to Hasse!


June Pelo
15-09-03, 23:10
While working on Leo's ahnentafel, I can see that he is also related to other Finlander members. I'll be able to tell him more when I finish - he has a lot of ancestors!