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Dave Mooney
18-01-05, 22:48
Looking for info on my great-grandfather Matti Haglund, b. 29 APR 1861, Himanka, Finland, d. 9 APR 1939, East Tawas, Michigan. Married Susana Josefina Siermala, b. abt. 1862, Finland. They had nine children: Matthew, John, Olga, Rose, Saima, Edward, Enio, Hilda and Nina.

Any help appreciated. Dave

June Pelo
19-01-05, 00:25
Hi Dave,

Welcome to Finlander. I saw the Siermala name listed 22 times in the Talko database. Göran Byskata has a listing for the family you referred to, but doesn't have any parents for Matti Haglund.


19-01-05, 07:22
Hi Dave,


Have you seen the index at The Genealogical Society of Finland,
Abigail Evangelical Lutheran Church, East Tawas, Iosco County, Michigan ? http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/indexe.htm

In the left hand column select Emigration then United States then Indexes. In the right hand column scroll down to Michigan where you should see the abovementioned title. Quite a number of Haglund children were baptized in East Tawas you may find the dates to some of the children you mentioned.

On the Heritage Quest cd 'Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census' the only Hagl* person in East Tawas is a Matt Hagland whose place of birth is listed as Sweden but he is about the right age. Details are:
The cd only lists heads of household or those at the address with a different surname.

Hope this helps.


21-01-05, 23:58
Grace Lutheran church records:

Church baptismal records were limited so I only could find 3 of the kids:
Edward Rudolph Haglund, b. 4-17-1896 (sponsored by John Siermala and his wife Sofia so this must be Josefina's parents living in America)
Eino Johannes b. 11-30-1897 - Jeanette has found my typo- sorry - :(
Hilda Josefina b. 5-15-1900
Then the records dated from 1925 and went on a couple of years and that's it for the microfilm.

For the record, Some other Haglund ppl that I found were:
Mrs Siama Sofia (f. Olli) Haglund, born 1891 in Michigan
Otto Alexander Haglund, born 1878 in Gamlakarleby
John Emanuel Haglund with no data except received 6-15-1941 and departing 11-9-1941 to Oscoda, with his family.
I don't know if they are yours but here they are.

June Pelo
22-01-05, 01:23
Otto Haglund and John Emanuel Haglund were part of my mother's family through marriage - and I didn't find any link between them and Dave's family.


22-01-05, 01:35
I just emailed you with the Pelo names but now I can also post them here.

Axel and Bertha Pelo, for everybody's benefit, were sponsors at the baptism of the first child of Emil and Hilma Bjork Emil and Hilma's family were the subject of the search at Swenson but when I see the Pelo name, it must be noted:)


June Pelo
22-01-05, 01:50
Yes, Axel was my father's uncle, living for a short time in Ashland. Axel drowned and Brita and the children returned to Finland. He was rowing across the bay to visit his sister in Washburn, WI when a storm came and overturned the boat. Axel's half brother Erik Eriksson also lived in Ashland at that time. They had the same mother but different fathers. Erik died of meningitis. I'm sorry I never had a chance to meet them - they were both handsome men.


22-01-05, 01:58
At SSDI http://ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.com/
I found an Eino Haglund death date as Jul 1972. The birth date isn't an exact match showing 01 Nov 1897 but given that the month and year are correct and he was still living in East Tawas
at that time I feel this could be Matts son. There were quite a few
other Haglund also listed with East Tawas as their last residence.
Perhaps with the data from the 1910, 1920 and 1930 census' you can piece together which of Matts children stayed on in East Tawas and who their children were with the help of the SSDI data.

Chuck mentioned Siama Haglund
Some other Haglund ppl that I found were: Mrs Siama Sofia (f. Olli) Haglund b. 1891 MI
SAIME HAGLUND b.21 Jun 1891 d. Dec 1986 Last Residence 48730 (East Tawas, Iosco, MI)(none specified) 364-54-7831 Issued Michigan

Could she have been married to Eino?


Dave Mooney
22-01-05, 13:11
Thanks for everyone's help,

Actually, I believe that John & Sofi Siermala may be Josefina's brother & sister-inlaw.

The Siame Sofia Haglund, Jeanette mentions, is actually the wife of Matthew Herman Haglund. Her Maiden name Larson. Eino's wife was Elizabeth Luedtke.

Matti Haglund out- lived 3 sons & a daughter, Hilda Josefina, who died as an infant shortly after birth. Matti & Josefina had 9 children.

Again, thanks to everyone,


P.S. June, I will never mention this web-site on that other web-site again. ;)

Dave Mooney
28-02-05, 11:40
An udate from a "Haglund" cousin: Matthew Jacobson Haglund, b. 29 Apr 1861, original family name, "Harmala". Changed to Haglund when he emmigrated 1879. Fathers name Jacob. Jacob, as well as his father, were tailors in Finland, Matti recounts traveling about with his father in the spring and fall, and living with the customers while making their clothes for each season in Finland.
Matti left for US with several friends in 1879, possibly to "escape" the occupation and conscription into the Russian Army?
Would like any info on Matti and family, or that period of Finnish History.

Thanks, David W Mooney