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R Simu
19-01-05, 10:22
Besides my Hildens I´m also looking for some Jauhola and Nacku.
They are relatives to Hilden and all the information I have about them are also from churchbooks in Kemi, Finland.

This is the Jauhola´s:

Laina Elisa Jauhola b. 1879-08-07 d. 1951-05-07
She died somewhere in the USA the churchbook say. It also say she married someone with the surename Pukema.

Ida Lovisa Jauhola b. 1869-08-01
Hilda Wilhelmina Jauhola b. 1870-11-19
Olga Josefina Jauhola b. 1872-04-04
Axel Jauhola b. 1873-09-02
Emil Jauhola b. 1877-08-18

And the Nacku´s:

Hanna Elina Mathilda Ulrikantytär Nacku b. 1875-07-03
Karl Adolf Mathilda Ulrikanpoika Nacku b. 1879-10-01
Anders Felix Mathilda Ulrikanpoika Nacku b. 1883-11-30

(There mother wasn´t married and her name was Mathilda Ulrika Nacku b. 1839-09-20. Her mothers surename was Hildén.))

I´ll be greatful for all help.

Best wishes, Rose-Marie Simu, Sweden

23-01-05, 03:09
Hi Rose-Marie,
On the SSDeath Index http://ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.com/
the surname Pukema has only 5 results. In Michigan - Houghton and 2 in Oakland with 2 in Superior, Douglas Co,Wisconsin although this family seem to have come from Minnesota. On the Minnesota Death Index I found one Pukema Death in 1918 the mothers maiden name is listed as Suther.

Edited to remove Hilden information to correct posting.

23-01-05, 10:20
There are 22 Jauhola entries at SSDI with a number in Minnesota.
As well as the Minnesota Death Index and the St Louis County Genweb, another site which is good for searching in Minnesota is the Iron Range Research Centre http://www.ironrangeresearchcenter.org/
Jauhola has 8 hits in the Obit/Death Record Section.
I have pasted one as an example of the information available just through a search.
Although born later than the names you listed I notice that Albert
is buried in Wuori Twp cemetery, St Louis County, MN where the Peter August Hilden family went.
Albert Jauhola
Maiden Name:
M/F: Male
Birth Date: 4/13/1913
Birth Place: Sandy Twp., MN
Date of Death: 7/6/1998
State: Minnesota
Age at Death: 85
Book No:
Reg No:
Page No: RGS 105
Obit on File:
Cemetery: Florenton - Wuori Twp., MN
Volume: 20