View Full Version : Dalkar -- location and history

19-01-05, 14:12
I am looking for a little information about Dalkar -- location and history. Thanks.

June Pelo
19-01-05, 21:31
There was a Dalkarl family in Munsala in the mid 1800s, per Släkten Räf.


21-01-05, 02:53
In August 2004 while I was in Vörå, I visited with a family by the name of Dalkarl. The head of the household is deceased, but I did spend time with his wife and son while I was there. The elder Dalkarl did quite a lot of genealogy for the area, and his family lives in the heart of Vörå (I have wonderful photos of the summertime flooding there).

So, when I get back to my travel journal tonight or tomorrow, I would be happy to pass on information pertaining to the Dalkarl family if you think it is relative.


30-01-05, 16:16
As a coincidence I can tell you that some of the Dalkarl family are using the name Dahlin nowadays. They are not from my family tree anyway.

Christian Dahlin, Pedersöre