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19-01-05, 21:02
Does anybody have experience in finding living relatives in USA.
I have problem finding my relatives in New York as you cant get much information on internet about living people.I know the names and approximated birth year for my 7 Anderson relatives from 1930 census but i think most of them are already dead but their children would interest me.I cant phone any Anderson in NY and ask if we are related.So what to do?Suggestions are welcome


Gunnar Damström
19-01-05, 22:42
You have come to the right place. You need to give us more specific information about your relatives, full name, date of birth, when emigrated, where last heard of, marital status and so forth.

Gunnar i Bellevue

20-01-05, 19:06
Hi Gunnar

This is what i have about my relatives i US.

My grgrandmother Alina Elisabeth Back from Iskmo, Korsholm
born 27.4.1888 emigrated to Amerika 1905 arrived at Ellis Island
March 25 1905 on SS Baltic from Liverpool at age of 17 years.I found her in 1910 census as Mrs Raynault Anderson in Waterford Saratoga New York with their son Waldemar.Census ays that she married at age of 19 which means ab. 1907.Raynault ( i guess it means Reinhold) Anderson was from Finland, age 27arrived in 1906.Next time i found them was in 1920 census living on Lennox Ave.in Manhattan with children Waldemar 11years,Edward 9 years, Charles 6 years, Harold 4 years, Agnes 2 years old.Raynaults name was spelled Renbold Anderson. In 1930 census i found Alina Anderson living as a widow on St Anne´s ave. in Bronx with children Wallace 22 years,Edward 19years,Charlie 17years,Harold 14 years,Agnes 12 years,Ellen 9 years and Rudolph 6 years.This means that her husband Reinhold Anderson died between 1923 and 1930 either in Manhattan or in Bronx. Son Wallace was working on New Haven Railroad and son Edward was working on railroad too.I have checked SSDI for Anderson people with these names found of course none of Reinhold and Alina but there is a lot of these other names, need to have their birthday. some of them might even still be alive but dont know where to start looking so any help would be appreciated. christer

Karen Douglas
21-01-05, 00:16
Hej, Christer,

I wonder if there may be a connection here.

My grandmother's name was Lovisa Back. She was born 28 Jun 1872 in Korsholm. She emigrated to the U. S. in 1890 and married my grandfather, Edvard Isaksson Berg, (also from Korsholm) in 1895.

Lovisa's parents were Israel Israelsson Back and Anna Brita Eriksdotter.'

Karen Douglas

21-01-05, 09:09
Hi Karen

Did not find your ancestors names in my family tree but my tree on the Back side is not complete yet so there might be some connections,will try to check it out.


23-01-05, 15:20
Hi again Karen and welcome to the family.

This is from Korsholm churchbook:
Lovisa Back b.28.6.1872 in Stafversby ,Korsholm married 12.8.1895 in Amerika to Edward Isaksson Berg b.1.1.1873 in Helsingby, Korsholm .
Parents of Lovisa: Father: Israel Israelsson Back b.22.5.1840 in Jungsund,Korsholm.
Mother: Anna Brita Eriksdotter Galt b.29.12.1834 in Stafversby,Korsholm ( Anna Britas 2 marriage first marriage to Gustaf Johansson Finne,Stafversby)

Parents of Israel Israelsson Back:Father Israel Michelsson Kuni, b.8.2.1806 in Qvevlax
Mother: Johanna Michelsdotter Ståhl b.20.6.1805 in Jungsund,Korsholm
Parents of Johanna Michelsdotter Ståhl: Father Michel Eriksson Ståhl(Beijar) b.20.9.1769 in Petsmo,Qvevlax d.1.10.1843.
Mother: Margareta Johansdotter Granskog b.5.9.1773 in Petalax
d.21.2.148 in Petsmo
Parents of Michel Eriksson Ståhl Beijar: Father: Erik Andersson Beijar b.26.3.138 in Petsmo d.9.3.1772 in Petsmo
Mother: Maria Andersdotter b.1737 d.8.4.1777 in Petsmo

Parents of Edward Isaksson Berg: Father: Isak Isaksson Berg b.29.111.1837 in Toby, Korsholm
Mother: Katharina Lovisa Johansdotter Rönn b.18.8.1837

Your grandmother Lovisa had 3 sisters and 1 brother and 1 sister and 1 brother from her mothers 1 marriage. One of her sisters Johanna b.1.8.1866 was married to Edward Isaksson Berg´s brother Johannes Isaksson Berg b.13.5.1870.
Did you get it?

Your grandma Lovisas´s grandma Johanna Michelsdotter Ståhl Beijar had a brother Fredrik Gustav Michelsson Ståhl Beijar b.31.8.1811 that is my grgrgrgranpa.
Will that make us 5 cousins or something like that?


Karen Douglas
23-01-05, 21:59
Dear "Cousin" Christer,

I have just read your posting and was so happy to receive the extensive information you sent from the Korsholm church book.

But, I was especially excited to know that we are related!

If you are interested in any information/stories about the descendants of Lovisa and Edward, I will be happy to share that with you.

All of their children are gone now, but you have many cousins in the U.S. - and even some in Sweden.


Gunnar Damström
23-01-05, 22:18
Dear Karen, dear Christer. I'm so glad you "found" each other. Karen, how about sharing information/stories about Edvard and Lovisa in an article in the Quarterly?


23-01-05, 22:52
Hi Karen

A forgot to tell you Karen that the funny thing about our crossing lines was that it doesn´t come from the" Back" line of my tree, my mothers side, its from my fathers side, the Westergård line. thats why i didnt recognize your ancestors names at first. Its a small world we live in I sure want to know what you have about Lovisa and Edward and their children.It seems like we missed a lot of my relatives on our trip to US last summer, i think i have to do another trip as soon as possible, i just have to find my Anderson relatives first.

Karen Douglas
24-01-05, 22:17
Hi Christer! Hi Gunnar!

Just a quick note to both of you...

Christer: I will be glad to share some information with you about Lovisa and Edvard. Just give me a week or so, the reasons being: 1) I have only had my new computer for about a month, and am just now updating my Reunion genealogy software; 2) I'm in the middle of a historical writing project for our local hospital; and 3) I have a book review to complete on the "Karelian Exodus" for the Finnish American Reporter. But, I will be in touch with you within a week.

Gunnar: Thanks for your kind words. I would be glad to do a short piece for the Quarterly, but again, will need a little time before I get to it. I assume you want a narrative of sorts, as opposed to mere statistics?

Best to you both!
Karen :)

Gunnar Damström
24-01-05, 23:17
Yes- narrative of sorts, please. Take your time. A good story often takes 2-3 months to create.

25-01-05, 17:08
Hi Karen
You dont have to hurry with this thing,these people are already dead so they wont go anyway.I can do some more researching about your ancestors mean while, i wonder how they got their surname Back?


27-01-05, 19:01
Hi again Karen
I did some more researching on your Back line and found this in Kvevlax churchbook.

Parents of Israel Michelsson Kuni. 8.2.1806:Father: Michel Jonasson Örn b.10.9.1765 in Wassor d.25.5.1816 in Wassor.
Mother: Brita Ericsdotter Kuni b.21.10.1765 in Wassor

Parents of Michel Jonasson Örn b.10.9.1765: Father: Jonas Ericsson Örn b. in Wassor
Mother:Maria Thomasdotter b.1731

Parents of Brita Ericsdotter b.21.10.1765: Father Erich Mattson b.in Wassor
Mother: Maria Mårtensdotter

The interesting thing i found out is how they got their surname Back. Israel Michelsson Kuni and Johanna Michelsdotter Stål Beijar moved to Back farm no 1 in Norra Jungsund ab 1830 where her brother Johan Erik Stål Beijar b.8.8.1801 was married to Fredrica Back b.18.10.1802 and changed their surname into Back. Back no 1 is the farm where my grgrgrgranpa from my mothers side "the Back line" Fredric Johansson Nääs married Brita Stina Back b.8.10.1802 and changed his name into Back. Brita Stina was a sister to Fredrica Back b.18.10.1802 Johannas sister in law so i think we became relatives in some way through that line too . Enough for this time.

20-01-06, 21:12
Hi Karen,

I am just wondering because I also have these names in my family tree as well if there could be any connection.

Here is what I have in the same area

Johanna Israeldotter Back
F, b. 20 August 1833, d. 6 May 1892
Pop-up Pedigree

Father: Israel Michelsson Back b. 8 February 1806, d. 29 January 1863
Mother: Johanna Michaelsdotter Stahl b. 20 June 1805, d. 18 May 1862

Charts: Pedigree for John Lillrose
Descendant Chart for Innysubgen Matts Mattsson Lillrusk

Birth*: Johanna was born on 20 August 1833 at Korsholm, Finland.1
She was the daughter of Israel Michelsson Back and Johanna Michaelsdotter Stahl.
Marriage*: She married Johan Mattsson Lillros on 26 May 1861 at Finland.1
Married Name: As of 26 May 1861,her married name was Lillros.1
Death*: Johanna died on 6 May 1892 at Finland, at age 58.1

Johanna would be my gr gr grandmother. My great grandfather emmigrated in 1882 to US. He married Anne (Redlig) Anderson.

If you see that this is part of the same Back family will you let me know.

20-01-06, 21:40
Chister & Karen,

I believe I would have to be related as well, my gr gr grandmother is Johanna the same person and date that is on your record.

Johanna Israeldotter Back
F, b. 20 August 1833, d. 6 May 1892
Pop-up Pedigree

Father: Israel Michelsson Back b. 8 February 1806, d. 29 January 1863
Mother: Johanna Michaelsdotter Stahl b. 20 June 1805, d. 18 May 1862
Can you confirm this as well.

If this is true Karen you have a ton of relative in Haslett Michigan right in your back yard. That is were my dad's family was raised, they are all Lillrose's.

21-01-06, 00:01

This next one is what I really wanted:


21-01-06, 16:44
Hi Karen L and welcome to the family.You are right about the Back /Lillrose connection.We are 5 cousins i think and you are 4 cousin to Karen Douglas i think
Johanna Israelsdotter Back b.20.8.1833 was a sister of Israel Israelsson Back b.22.5.1840 which is ancestor of Karen Douglas.
I went to the archive today and checked a little about Back/Lillros
and found out that Johanna and Johan Lillros lived at the same farm Galt no 3 in Stafversby as her brother Israel Back and his wife Anna Brita nee Galt.Johan Lillros changed his surname from Lillrusk into Lillros in about 1860. His father Matts Mattsson Lillrusk b.12.8.1803 died 7.12.1854 and mother Maja Lisa Mattsdotter b.24.4.1798 died 2.11.1875 lived also on Galt farm.Churchrecord says that Johan was born 5.2.1837 in Jurva,a sister Anna Lisa born 16.2.1833 in Jurva ,sister Maria born 8.12.1840 in Stafversby.Matts Mattsson Lillrusk was born in Korsnäs, no notes about mother Maja Lisas maiden name or birthplace.
Johan Mattsson Lillros remarried 26.11.1893 to Maria Karlsdotter Lassas from Stafversby b.4.5.1851 in Kvevlax.
I qvick check on Hiski shows that father of Matts Mattson Lillrusk b.12.8.1803 is Matts Mattsson Rusk( Hiski shows birthday as 19.8 but as he is christened 14.8. it must be incorrect)I can check more about Rusk in Korsnäs if you like Karen.

Are you sure about John Lillrose b.9.3.1864 d.1.11.1910?

The only listed in churchrecord are:
Johan b.8.9.1861 died 8.9.1861
Johannes b.22.3.1863
Maria b.3.6.1868 died 10.8.1868
Johanna b.9.6.1869 moved to Umeå ,Sweden 26.8.1882
Maria b.6.5.1873 moved to Lillkyro 7.12.1895
Edla Mathilda b.30.9.1875 to America 1895


21-01-06, 19:10
Hi Chister,

This is so exciting, I can double check with the date onthe birthday of my Gr grandfather with my father. I am certain of the death, he was killed in a mine explosion in Butte montana. They all settled in Bessmer so if you need help in that area finding others I will see what I can do. My Uncle lives close to there and would check it out as well. I will send you the link to our family charts. I have relatives in Vassa. Do you know if I can find out what happened to Johan Lillros sisters. We have not found any part of the family on that side. Thanks for looking up the Lillrusk we always wondered how the name was changed and where it came from.

Here is the link: http://home.comcast.net/~geoff.swarts/Lillrose/master_index.htm

21-01-06, 21:45
Hi Karen
Will go to the archive tomorrow and check Lillrusk, will also see what i can find about Johan Lillros sisters.
Bessemer is the place where im looking for my greatgrandpa.
This is what im looking for:
Kristian Edward Klo or Kloo b.April 19 1873 married to Maria Isaksdotter b.February 26 1870.Their daughter Ida Vilhelmina was born in June 14 1896 in Bessemer.They arrived in New York 1893 and i dont know exacly when they moved to Bessemer.Maria and Ida Vilhelmina moved back to Finland in 1898 and Maria died in January 1899.Her husband Kristian came to Finland for her funeral and stayed until 1903 when he moved back to USA and what we think back to Bessemer.He remarried in USA and the last time someone heard of him in Finland was in 1908.Chuck Maki has already checked for Kloo family in Swenson archive but did not find births in Bessemer for 1896.Dont know if there is other places to look in but if you have any good ideas i would be very happy.
I was not able to open the attached file from you for some reasonPerhaps you could try sending it again or try my private email cesterg*netikka.fi
What is the name of your relatives in Vasa, i know a lot of people in Vasa and Korsholm, perhaps i know these people.Please use my private email for that. christer

21-01-06, 23:01

The email was returned.

You can try mine klillrose*msn.com

I will check into the Bessemer area and ask my uncle to do the same. My grandma was born there along with my great uncles.


Dolores Luczak
21-01-06, 23:25
I know the Lillroose name, there are Lilliroose in marquette, Michigan.
Might look in cenus for Marquette,City or County.

I know one just passed away this fall.

I also have Lilliroos in my family in finland, told by a aunt Josaphina Villamina Lilliroos was my GGGgrandmother, but I know nothing of that side of my family, I know the Salminen name is also there. My GGrandmother name was Hilja Maria Salminen Elomaa. Born March 14 1887, I thought Tampere or surrounding area. Her childrens names were Kertu Lemmity Elomaa and Onnie Tovio Elomaa.

If you see any of these names I would like info on them..



22-01-06, 22:25
Hi Dolores
Sorry but no other Lillros was found in churchrecord or in HIski.
I think that Lilliroos might have been spelled Liljeroos in Finland.Its a pretty common name and i found Liljeroos on Hiski for Tampere area but Hiski does usually have records only until
middle of 1800 so i guess you will not find them there.
Try emigrantinstitute and Ellis Island for Liljeroos at first.

regards Christer

23-01-06, 01:26
found at Swenson S 22 = Michigan, Gogebic Co, Bessemer, Saron Lutheran

19h John Lilleros Mar 22 1863 Mustasaari Korsholm 1882 S 22

74w Anna Sofia Lilleros Apr 13 1869 Koefdahl f. 1882 S 22

19h=husband, page 19
74w=wife, page 74
the full date is birthdate and year is emigration year. S 22 = Saron, aka Sharon Lutheran in Bessemer

I have yet to complete the recheck of Grace Lutheran in Ironwood but must report many errorrs were found and omissions. Until I got into Iron County and became acquainted with Rev Hoikka, I didn't realize confirmation lists would show place of birth.

So if there are more names to check in Gogebic County churches except Grace in Ironwood, give me an email and I can do that for you from my hd here.
duh - email = granskare (at symbol) netexpress.net


23-01-06, 11:53
Try this:
Kristian Edward Kloo ( or whatewer name he used)
born April 19 1873 Mustasaari or Korsholm


28-01-06, 07:00
I have this name which had not appeared in the first verisionof the Dollar Bay dbase of Finnish born so here they are and they are not on the dbase yet:

Dollar Bay, lst Lutheran, Swenson 231

c118h Edward Isakson Berg b. June or Jan 1, 1873 at Mustasaari, emigrated 1893

c118w Lovisa Israelsdtr Berg, b. June 23 1872 also at Mustasaari, emigrated 1890.

I don't know if American born kids are there. This dbase is only of Finnish born.


28-01-06, 19:20
Hi Chuck and thanks for researching
These Berg´s are ancestors of Karen Douglas