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22-01-05, 04:17
I posted some of this information previously but was prodded into the fact that I didn't include all the information I could have (thanks Chuck) - it's been suggested that I repost with the information I shared with him via email and that I may get some more help that way. So, here goes.

I've come across a picture that I know is either Anna Kaisa Antintytär or Helena Känsäkangas but am unable to find a death for either to see who it may be. Anna is the mother of Benjamin Kiviniemi born 14.2.1859 and Helena is the mother of Lisa Greta Känsäkangas.

I'm beginning to think that it's possible that more family came to America than I originally thought. Helena's husband died in 1868 in Finland but there is no death record for her. I don't have any death record for Anna or her husband. I've also been told that it doesn't appear that Lisa Greta and her husband Jonas had any children beyond Hilma and Anna who I know came to America sometime prior to 1900. I've been in contact (thru June) with a great granddaughter of Lisa Greta's sister Maria who died at Winona, Houghton Co MI in 1919 so I know that some of Lisa Greta's family came to America and it would make sense that perhaps Lisa Greta left Finland with her sister Maria and their families, including their mother?

The info I have about Maria is:

Maria was born 4/22/1849 and died in 1919 at Winona, Houghton Co MI. She married Matts Bondes Alaspaa (I've seen it Kiviaho and also Aho),don't have any info about Matts. They had a daughter Anna Josephina Kiviaho who married a Lepisto and had a daughter Esther Maria Lepisto who married a Franti.

I also find that Maria and Lisa Greta's brother Anders b. 22.6.1846 must have come over as I show an immigration record at Ancestry.com for him. This strengthens my belief that a large group came to America at once. I cancelled my Ancestry subscription due to money issues so I can't delve into census or immigration records as much as I like.

The only family that I know for sure was in America prior to Emil and Hilma Burke is Emil's mysterious uncle Charley Bjork who died in White Cloud. I received a tiny bit of information regarding him from June but he doesn't tie into the information I've gotten regarding Emil's father's family (Emil's father had 3 known siblings so if he's an uncle it must be from Emil's mother's family. Emil's parents: Anders Gustaf Andersson Hällis Björndahl, b. 26-09-1852 in i Karleby, d. 26-01-1884 in Hällis, occupation bonde på Hällis. Married 11-06-1871 in Karleby, Greta Sofia Johansdr Hällis Björk b. 06-06-1849, d. 09-07-1887.

To make a long story short (now that everyone is thoroughly confused) - I'm looking for immigration and census records to tell when Emil and Hilma and whatever family they came with got here to America and who was with them and where they went. I know Hilma's sister Anna and her husband Erik Newman stayed in Ashland. I know Emil and Hilma married in Ashland in 1899 and had their 1st 3 children there before moving to White Cloud MI and having their 1st child there in 1905. Their last child and deaths occurred in Muskegon MI so they were there by 1921. I'm convinced that Hilma's parents or grandparents were here in America, somewhere, with an aunt or uncle of hers.

I hope this makes some sense to everyone......any questions, you know where to find me!

22-01-05, 05:30
This is pretty self explanatory.

22-01-05, 05:40
1. I did not find Burke, Bjork or Newman/Nyman listed as members nor did I find Stone and Kiviniemi

2. I found the marriage line for Emil and Hilma. Married Dec 5, 1899. Witnessed by Fred Johnson and Anna Stone.

3. In baptismal lists, I found:
Ellen Ereni, b. 24 Jun 1900, parents Emil & Hilma Bjork sponsored by Axel & Bertha Pelo
Jennie Johannah, b. 14 Jan 1902 sponsored by Erik Newman & wife Hanna.
Hjalmar Evald, b. 27 Jul 1903 sponsored by Gust & Hanna Johnson.

4. I also found, thanks to seeing Emil & Hilma as sponsors the baptismal notation for John Edwin Nyman, parents, Erik & Anna Nyman. It was the sponsorship that drew me to this name. I did not local Eskil and Ellen in the baptismal lists.

Swenson has no church films for Newago County so nothing to be found there. Only hope is Emil & Hilma having their children baptized at the closest Swedish church. I struck out at the Muskegon church.

22-01-05, 05:42
This uncle Charley has given us another of the Bjork family, Herman and wife Sophia.

22-01-05, 06:21
Emil had a brother Johan Herman (referred to in the census image) born 28.12.1881 and died at White Cloud in 1937 of TB (which also took Emil's sons Elmer and Arthur). Thru this forum I discovered Emil's sister Edla had lived in White Cloud for awhile, born 30.6.1871 and died in Finland 10.3.1949. She was married to Karl Karlsson Forsbacka who died in White Cloud? 8.2.1900 which is when she took the kids and moved back to Finland.

Emil's sister Anna Irene never left Finland, dying there in 1907. She had a daughter Gerda who married 1927 to Axel Haga. They had 3 children: Bo, Boris, and Gerda Marita (all 3 still alive in Finland - in touch with Boris and his daughter Sonja).

Nobody I've spoken to knows who Charley was other than Herman's grandchildren Robert (who still lives in White Cloud) and Richard (who lives in California). There father was Herman's son Andrew. They remember "Uncle Charley" being mentioned but that's it.

22-01-05, 13:29
The Heritage Quest cd 'Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census has three Finnish born Burk listings for Wilcox Twp, MI.
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State

You mentioned Anna Josephina Kiviaho married a Lepisto. These are the listings for Houghton.

Could any of these be yours?
NESTOR LEPISTO 12 Jan 1882 Mar 1971 93705 (Fresno, Fresno, CA) (none specified) 378-32-8913 Michigan (SSDI)
LEPISTO NESTOR 01/12/1882 M FRESNO 03/24/1971 378-32-8913 89 yrs (CA Death Index)
Esther Maria (nee Lepisto) Franti ??
MARY E FRANTI 08 Nov 1915 12 Jun 1988 49931 (Houghton, Houghton, MI) (none specified) 378-30-4180 Michigan
ARTHUR FRANTI 18 Feb 1905 Nov 1971 49931 (Houghton, Houghton, MI) (none specified) 367-16-1245 Michigan
ALBERT FRANTI 13 Sep 1910 Jan 1987 49931 (Houghton, Houghton, MI) (none specified) 367-16-4767 Michigan
ANNA S BJORK 15 Apr 1885 15 Aug 1966 (V) 54806 (Ashland, Ashland, WI) (none specified) 396-44-3101 Wisconsin


22-01-05, 18:43
Edla? Hmm, I think I might have seen an Edla as a member so next week I will check that out. I was also doing some Haglund searching on the same day so maybe it wasn't your Edla but I must check it out :)

Probably not your Edla if I saw her as Bjork


23-01-05, 10:02

Let me paste this info about Edla, Emil, other siblings and their parents here. As you can see, Edla's mother was a Björk. Perhaps some of this might help you as you assist Chris...

GRETA SOFIA JOHANSDR HÄLLIS BJÖRK was born June 06, 1849, and died July 09, 1887. She married ANDERS GUSTAF ANDERSSON HÄLLIS-BJÖRNDAHL June 11, 1871 in Karleby, son of ANDERS BJÖRNDAHL and ANNA BJÖRNDAL. He was born September 26, 1852 in i Karleby, and died January 26, 1884 in på Hällis.

i. EDLA SOFIA ANDERSDR FORSBACKA3 HÄLLIS, b. June 30, 1871, i Karleby på Björndahl; d. March 10, 1949.
ii. ANDERS EMIL ANDERSSON HÄLLIS, b. August 14, 1872, på Björndahl i Karleby1; m. HILMA JOHANNA BENJAMSDR HÄLLIS KIVINIEMI, USA1; b. June 21, 1879.
iii. ESTER ELIN ANDERSDR HÄLLIS, b. May 16, 1878, på Hällis i Karleby; d. February 03, 1894.
iv. LEANDER HERMAN ANDERSSON HÄLLIS, b. February 28, 1880, på Hällis i Karleby; d. April 18, 1881, i feber.
v. JOHAN HERMAN ANDERSSON HÄLLIS, b. December 28, 1881, på Hällis i Karleby; d. August 18, 1939, dödförklarad.
vi. ANNA IRENE ANDERSDR HÄLLIS, b. May 06, 1883, på Hällis i Karleby; d. March 08, 1908, i lungsot.

Hopefully, something herein will assist you. All of the siblings are listed with birth and death dates, plus other details.

I know little about this side, other than Edla having been the second wife of my great-grandfather. You may want to contact Joelle Steele (joelle%40joellesteele.com) for information she might have on the Forsbacka connection.


June Pelo
23-01-05, 20:05
I have this family in my database that Debbie mentioned. Greta Sofia and her husband Anders Gustaf Andersson Björndahl had a daughter Edla Sofia, b. 1871 in Karleby who went to the US and married there in 1892 to Karl Karlsson Forsbacka-Forström, 1861-1900, but they returned to Finland and she died there in 1949 (Terjärv). After her husband's death she remarried twice in Finland. Edla and Karl had 4 children:
-Karl Nestor, b. 1893
-Anders Edvin, b. 1895
-Ingrid Sofia, b. 1896
-Elias Mattias, b. 1891

According to my data, the family used the name Forström and Forsbacka.

Greta Sofia Johansdotter Björk had a brother Karl Johansson Björk, b. 27 Jul 1859, Karleby, who went to America 1881 - could he be the Charley referred to? There was also a sibling Fredrika, b. 1863, who went to America in 1882 and died in Alaska in 1887.


23-01-05, 20:45
The birthdate for Karl Johansson Björk lines up with the ages in the census and the age that he was when he died - I'm betting that is him.

The Frederika item has me intrigued - anyone know anything else about her? Looks like she slipped in between census periods :(

24-01-05, 01:57
June, does your database show any other siblings for her aside from Fredrika and Karl? Between Greta Sofia and Karl there is a 10 year gap......

June Pelo
24-01-05, 02:15
Yes, there were several other children:

- Lovisa, b. 28 Oct 1851, d. 13 Jun 1875

- Fredricka, b. 9 Mar 1854, d. 4 Jan 1856

- Alexander, b. 20 Aug 1856, d. 10 Apr 1860

Their father was previously married and had 6 children.


24-01-05, 05:24
I have the father previously married to Anna Eriksdotter Kallis - is this correct? 4.11.1813-3.9.1846, married in 1834? I don't have any information regarding them having any children.

Johan is another that I suspect a picture may exist of since he lived until 1888 - I suspect that it's the descendants of his first wife who may have it though since I know the only one of his children with his second wife to have children was Greta Sophia and I've exhausted my leads on that line.

June Pelo
24-01-05, 22:08
Yes, he was first married to Anna Eriksdotter Kallis who died 1846, 6 months after the birth of her 6th child. I show they had a son Leander Johansson Björk, b. 19 Jan 1839, d. 11 Dec 1884 in America - no other info on him.


24-01-05, 23:46
Another that came to America.....I'm gonna have to get my Ancestry.com membership back so I can use the census records!

26-01-05, 02:47
Here's Emil and his really big family:) and I was lucky today because the maint guy was out from Cedar Rapids to fix the machines so a nice clear copy.
I think that Edja I saw was not a Bjork and I just got mixed up, again:)


26-01-05, 04:57
Thanks Chuck! I only had 2 of the middle names for the children - didn't have the first name of Ruth's first husband, and didn't have a death date for Elmer - - this filled in a ton of blanks! :D

14-02-05, 02:57
I have received photocopies of pages from this book and have found Helena Johansdotter Hotakainen (the one that I suspect is the woman in the unidentified picture) - at the end of the entry (person 2209) it says "Helena till Rasmus I Saka"

What does that mean?

14-02-05, 05:14
Helena till Rasmus I Saka

till = to

i = in

Because I overnited in Sweden once and several times that in Swedish areas of Finland, I have become an expert but am puzzled because I have not heard from the state department requesting my services.


14-02-05, 08:55
I'll write the State Dept for you :p

Helena to Rasmus in Saka? Still makes no sense to me.....thanks for the translation though!

14-02-05, 21:43
I think it could be similar to the census bits where they say that they are going to brother Jonas in Boston


15-02-05, 06:37
I think Saka is Såka perhaps, a small community sort of north of Oravais and south of Jakobstad. Then could the note be meant to be sent to Rasmus? Or that she moved there? But Rasmus should be a given name. Does someone in Såka know if there's a gård named Rasmus? That could also be logical.

Hasse Andtbacka
15-02-05, 07:22
My mother's mother was born on Rasmus farm in Såka village, Karleby parish. The northern end of the runway of Kronoby airfield almost ends in Såka.

Hasse Andtbacka

16-02-05, 07:44
What census records are you referring to? My suspicion is that Helena emigrated to the United States although I'm not finding a record of that. From the Caino-Torp book she didn't have a brother Jonas so that part of it wouldn't make sense.

If they are talking about the Rasmus farm is it possible they just pointed out where she went to live when her husband died?

16-02-05, 18:16
I misspoke myself and should have referred to shipping manifests where the emigrant said he was going to his brother's place in Duluth. Sorry about the misleading remark about census


17-02-05, 02:17
Hey, no problem - I just got excited for a second thinking that perhaps you had found a record of her coming to the US!

17-02-05, 05:19
Now if it actually turns out that a brother Jonas exists in Boston, I will begin concentrating on the lotto numbers for next week and see how I do with that