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24-01-05, 18:17
I have a lady in a state of confusion. She was told that her family was from Kivijärvi in Vaasa. I looked at Hiski and I place it in central Finland. Is there two towns with the same name but one in Vaasa?

Jaska Sarell
24-01-05, 19:44
When I looked at an old encyclopedia from 50's, it says that Kivijärvi municipality (and parish) belonged to Northern Häme/Tavastland region (maakunta / landskap) and Vaasa province (Vaasan lääni / Vasa län).
HisKi division is based on regions that follow more or less old historical provinces, but subdivided. The Central Finland is a later invention (1960), and today Kivijärvi belongs to West Finland province after 1997 renewal.

Summa summarum: Though very confusing, there's only one Kivijärvi parish, the one listed also in HisKi.
In general you hardly need to know in which lääni/län a parish belonged at any time.

:) Jaska

24-01-05, 19:54
Thank you Jaska! Now I can relate this to her.

24-01-05, 22:25
Well - of course there is a Kivijärvi also in several other municipalities... My mother is born in Kivijärvi - but in the parish of Kronoby in Vasa län. Several by the name of Kivijärvi even left for America

June Pelo
25-01-05, 19:08
Yes, I also have Kivijärvi from Kronoby parish. A few years ago I received some data which indicated the family was from Kivijärvi and I asked if it was from Kronoby parish and they said there was only one Kivijärvi, but it wasn't in Kronoby. So one has to be careful and get the correct parish.


25-01-05, 19:41
Thanks for the input on the parish question. I urged the women who posted to join the list.