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24-01-05, 19:17
Looking for relatives to Lovsund (Lövsund) Leander. Born in Kronoby around 1900 and emegrated to Canada, Vancover . Married to Karin and at least one child, Reuben.

Karen Norwillo
24-01-05, 22:36
I hope you meant that Lövsund is the surname you are searching. On Ancestry.com, I found in the British Columbia Death Index
Karen Sofia Lovsund, age 56, died 30 Nov 1967 in Port Alberni, BC Reg#1967-09-015242 BCA #B13286 GSU2033930
Leo Rubin Sigfrid Lovsund, age 62, died 28 Feb 1972 in Victoria, BC Reg#1972-09-004065 BCA #B13316 GSU2034299
I hope this helps. Karen

Karen Norwillo
25-01-05, 02:29
I found a listing for a Ruben Lovsund online at my Telus.com. Iwill send it to you at private message. Karen