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25-01-05, 17:23
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Researching surnames : Erholm
Researching places/parishes : Aland Islands - Lemland, Lumparland

Ingemar Ekman
29-10-05, 23:26
Hi Lizzy,
A family Erholm was recorded in the Finnish Seamen’s church in New York:
Anders Georg Erholm from Lemland (born in Lumparland) and his wife Albertina Willhelmina
Their children:
Georg Herbert born 23 Jan 1897
Minny (Alinny) Mildred born 25 Sep 1893 in Astoria

A new book ”Families and farms in Lemland” by Håkan Skogsjö will be published prior Christmas.
The book will have about 1500 pages and showing information of about 2700 families or 14000 individuals.

An earlier book ( from 1995) by Håkan is about the families in Lumparland where Anders Georg, his siblings and parents are recorded. The grandfather was born in Lemland 1809 (Johan Andersson Lemgren)

// Ingemar

30-10-05, 00:28
Go to the delphi collection link in the top frame, click on it and when you get there, click on search, there type in Ålanders and you will get to lists I made of Åland born ppl I found in Swedish church films that are housed at Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center in Rock Island.


After you have finished with that group of lists, return to the search engine and type in granskare which will lead you to Chuck Maki's Michigan lists where you can check each county for Äland emigrants.

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