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25-01-05, 17:28
Biography : I am a Finn living overseas and interested in my roots in Österbotten/Pohjanmaa
Location : Raanana, Israel
Interests : Purpose of Life, Wines, History & Genealogy, Fishing & Hunting
Occupation : Marketing mgr
Researching surnames : I'll write this later
Researching places/parishes : Karleby, Öja, Larsmo, Kronoby, Pedersöre, Munsala, Kälviå, Ullava, Kaustby, Nedervetil
Gedcom :

25-01-05, 23:01
I'm kind of anxious to see your list of families from Kälviä, Kaustby, Karleby and Nedervetil. I have ancestors from these parishes as well.

June Pelo
26-01-05, 02:32
I am also interested in any names from these parishes because most of my ancestors came from there and much of my data includes these parishes.


29-01-05, 12:36
Hi Kevin & June,

Sorry I noticed your mail only now when Kevin noted me :)
This is only 6 generations behind me, because I happen to have them in a chart in front of me now. Vetil is a bit older generations though, since I remember them by heart.

Brief list of surnames (in the order of new -> older):

Kälviä (Kälviå):
Rauhala, Telin (Thelin), Harabacka, Pajala, Jokela, Harakkala, Riihimäki, Rimpilä, Miekkoja, Siirilä, Nurila

Uusi-Vähälä, Wähälä, Jääskä, Korpi, Haapala

Kaustinen (Kaustby):
Hautakoski, Köyhäjoki, Timonen, Hanhikoski, Järvilä, Pesola, Junka, Forsnabba, Harjukoski, Luomala, Viitala, Virkkala

Veteli (Vetil):

Westerlund, Läsp, Hannila, Lång, Finnilä, Kankaanranta, Mäkisalo, Salo

Ala-Veteli (Nedervetil):
Heikkilä, Kaino, Haavisto


Teerijärvi (Terijärv):

I have to prepare a better list a bit later when i have time to collect all my notes, but this is like I said the list roughly from 1750 up today.

Warmest regards,

29-01-05, 16:11
Hi Sami,
Glad you saw my message. I guess I was just anxious and wanted to see your surnames. :) I checked my files against your list and found many common names. Many are direct ancestors and some are from collateral lines. Here are some of my direct ancestors from your list:

Ullava-Jääskä (also in Kälviä)
Kaustinen-Harjukoski, Luomala, Virkkala
Veteli-Läsp, Hannila, Lång, Finnilä
Nedervetil-Haavisto (came from Kangasniemi)
Terjärv-Gistö (Döfnäs-Kieurkall)

I'm sure June will recognize many of your names as well.

Be sure to submit your GEDCOM to Hasse so he can enter into Talko. Then you can access the other files that are there and find additional connections.

June Pelo
29-01-05, 17:49
Yes, I recognize many of the names and probably have data on them, too. I'll be waiting for Sami's GedCom to appear.


30-01-05, 12:22
Hi Kevin and June,

First of all, please note that I asked Hasse to change my user name to "Sami" instead of the earlier one. Makes more sense ;)

About the names and Gedcom files, at this stage all my data is on paper notes and Word documents. So I can not promise a full Gedcom file in very near future, because the amount of data is already now quite huge.
(Amazing how much information could be gathered in half a year with these electronic tools from such a narrow and specific subject!)

Related to this, could you perhaps recommend me some good genealogy software?
I have been planning to buy one, but really have not had time to evaluate the multitude of them available.

My requirement is that the software should be able to spit out a document, that could be edited with MS Word, and the document should have a good numbering system (preferably ahnentafel).
I am thinking of making some kind of book in the coming years, with photos, house histories, owner's marks etc.

Meanwhile I can send you later some details about those family names that we have in common.

I am currently quite occupied with my real work, so this will proceed a bit slowly. Practically my only time to concentrate to this subject, are the nights, after everyone else is sleeping.
-> It would be so nice if one could dedicate say e.g. half a year full time for this such an interesting hobby, but the reality of life puts some limitations at the moment. Maybe later :)


30-01-05, 15:34
Hi Sami,

Check out this thread in the First Aid-Help forum:
It has lots of information on the various programs.

Currently, I have/use Family Tree Maker as my primary program. It does all you ask for and more. RootsMagic is also good (http://www.rootsmagic.com/). I like things about both programs, but haven't decided to stick with just one so I still use both.

I think Ancestry.com has some type of free program also. These are all the ones I'm familiar with.

I agree with you about wanting more time to work on our genealogy. I'd love to travel back to Finland and spend weeks pouring over the old books. I think it would be fun. :)

30-01-05, 17:09
Thanks Kevin,

Since you have been using both FTM and RM, do they both support scandinavian characters (ÅÄÖåäö)?

Anyway most of the information I would write into the fields would be in Swedish and Finnish.


30-01-05, 17:19
Yes, they seem to do just fine. I've never encountered a problem with either program using Scandinavian characters.