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June Pelo
26-01-05, 20:46
I've been supplying information to a historian in Rhyolite about my father's cousins who were gold and silver miners there in the early 1900s. She just sent me an e-mail asking for recipes for a Rhyolite cookbook to be "filled with the decendants favorite recipies. Old and new. Sections for each with a little family in Rhyolite
history, a little Rhyolite History facts and falacies. Something in the order of fun, functional, and interesting. If you are interested, let me know and dig out the old recipies locked away. If you know of any other descendants out there, let me know. I am on a search!!" "Suzy McCoy" <suzymccoy%40sbcglobal.net>

So if anyone had relatives who were miners in Rhyolite, Nevada, contact Suzy McCoy at the above address. I have sent her some pictures of my relatives and their mine, as well as some written records they kept. When she saw the picture of them at their mine, she recognized the mountain in the background and said the area looks the same today. She was happy to get the pictures and other materials for their archive.