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June Pelo
27-01-05, 21:03
A local man has written a book about the life of his parents in northern Michigan between 1906-1950. His name is Rex Southwell and he wanted to write about the end of the virgin timber in northern Michigan - the cutting away of the gigantic trees that had been there since the glaziers melted. He felt that it's important that people know how people struggled to make a living and raising a family. The book is "Tall Trees Tall People: A Family's Struggle to Stand while Virgin Timber Falls".



Dolores Luczak
06-02-05, 23:48
I am currently taking a HS class in Finnish Immigrants of America

Here are a few books.

The History of the Finns in Michigan ByArmas K.E. Holmio

Under the North Star by Vaino Linna

Connecting Souls By Varpu Lindstrom and Borje Vanhamaki
collection of poetry and stories form Finn Fest 2000

Autobiography of Finnish Immigrant Isacc Polvi