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June Pelo
27-01-05, 21:56
I have a request for help finding data on parents of Evald Berg, b. 1902 married to Sally Lillbroända, b. 1900 - they had a daughter Dorothy, b. 1934, married to Johannes Hansén in Nedervetil. I don't have any other info. about Evald and Sally except that they left Finland in the mid 1920s and lived in Detroit for a while, returning to Finland in the 1930s. It's possible that Evald and Sally married in the US.


Karen Norwillo
27-01-05, 23:30
June, On the 1930 census for Detroit, Wayne, MI, I found
lines 53-56, on 1274 Ashland Ave, in the home of Victor and Sandra ?Elna...Berg, Evald, age 27, married age 25, Finn, Swedish, 1926 to US, moulder, body plant, listed as nephew of head. Berg, Sally, age 30, married age 28, Finn, Swedish, US 1926, niece of head. Looks like they were married in US. The ?Elna's were also Finn-Swedes, to US in 1907. Karen

June Pelo
28-01-05, 01:41

Wow - good work! Looks like some good clues there . Now we know there was a Viktor Berg, who had a nephew Evald living with him along with Evald's wife in 1930.



Karen Norwillo
28-01-05, 17:47
June, Victor and Sandra's last name was listed as ?Elna. I will go back and scan it and send an attachment. I'll check the 1920 census and maybe the last name is clearer.

Karen Norwillo
28-01-05, 18:16
June, Here's the scan. I couldn't find the Elna's on the 1920 census.

28-01-05, 18:23
June -

Have you looked at this family (Talko). They have a son that could fit in.

1 Alexander Andersson Riippa b. 20 JUL 1852
+ Helena Maria Mattsdr Kaino b. 2 DEC 1851
2 Viktor Alexandersson Berg Riippa b. 9 AUG 1877
+ Maria Rebecka Jakobsdr Palm b. 10 NOV 1880
3 Viktor Evald Viktorsson Berg b. 20 MAR 1902
3 Runar Alexander Viktorsson Berg b. 28 AUG 1904
3 Tyko Georg Viktorsson Berg b. 23 DEC 1905

28-01-05, 19:43
I guess this Sally will fit in...

Birth 28 OCT 1900 Övrebråtö
Father Viktor Michelsson Lillbroända, b. 10 JUL 1876, Övrebråtö
Mother Ida Maria Johans.dr. Lillkåla, b. 9 SEP 1875, Kaustar

June Pelo
28-01-05, 21:45
Thanks, Karen and Hasse. Yes, those are the names that fit in with what I've been putting together. I haven't found the parents of Lillbroända and Lillkåla yet. But have put the Berg/Riippa family together. If (Viktor) Evald Berg and wife Sally stayed with his uncle Viktor and wife Sandra, I haven't been able to find any Viktor married to Sandra. Evald's father was Viktor Berg and I don't find another Viktor Berg or a Sandra ?Elna. But I'll probably figure that out later. Right now I have another urgent project to work on before Sunday, so will have to put this one aside...

Thanks to all for your help.


28-01-05, 21:58
Originally posted by June Pelo
...I haven't found the parents of Lillbroända and Lillkåla yet...

What about the pedigree from Börje Vestö's material? Maybe that should be checked?

The link to the pedigree (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/pedigree.php?personID=I107645&tree=cronobybas) in Talko. (password required)

June Pelo
28-01-05, 23:42
Thanks, Hasse. You're one jump ahead of me - I had to stop to work on something else. Too many requests coming in and I have to ration my time.:rolleyes:


29-01-05, 00:58
Could this be the census details for Victor Elna in 1910?


June Pelo
29-01-05, 01:32
Jeanette, I don't remember ever seeing the name Kelna, but I guess anything is possible. I'll save the date to see if I can make a connection.



29-01-05, 16:56
The name is transcribed as "Elm" on the Ancestry.com - and "Victor Elm" gets some hits in older census as well.

"Elm" starts to sound quite near "Palm"...

29-01-05, 17:36
...if the niece/nephew marking should point us to the right direction regarding who the Victor and Sandra are... In the genealogies in Talko I can't find anything else than perhaps

Alexandra Irene Jakobs.dr. Palm
Title Emigrant
Birth 5 MAY 1889 Överby

Could this be the Sandra? (Talko (http://finlander.eget.net/angraf/search.php?tree=-x--all--x-&lnqualify=contains&mylastname=Palm&fnqualify=contains&myfirstname=Alexandra+Irene+Jakobs&nnqualify=contains&mynickname=&tqualify=contains&mytitle=&sfqualify=contains&mysuffix=&bpqualify=contains&mybirthplace=&byqualify=equals&mybirthyear=&dpqualify=contains&mydeathplace=&dyqualify=equals&mydeathyear=&mybool=AND) )

June Pelo
29-01-05, 19:15

I checked my Nedervetil book and found that Alexandra belongs to Jakob Henriksson Palm's family. He had 12 children and 5 went to America. While looking at the names, I found that Johan Uno Jakobsson, b. 1893, was the John Palm we knew who lived in Detroit and later in Florida. In fact John and his wife Senny visited me here before they moved to CA. Sadly, they are both dead, so I can't ask any questions. The family name was Skog and from 1875 the home became Palm.

It's possible Alexandra was Sandra, but I didn't find anything more about her except she went to America 1914. What's confusing is that she probably was married to a Viktor Berg. And Alexandra's sister Maria Rebecka was also married to a Viktor Berg and they had a son Viktor Evald Berg, who married Sally Lillbroända - whew - too many Viktors to keep track of. I can find any other Viktor Berg names anywhere, so I'll give up on Sandra's husband.

Thanks to everyone for their help. I have now put together an entire family line because I had most of the data in my database, but just needed to fill in the blanks.


30-01-05, 01:31
Hasse I had wondered about Elm so searched at Ellis Island where I located 114 Elm travellers, a Sally A Elm 20 not Sandra as I had hoped from Gothenburg on The Umbria in 1903 but no Victor Elm listings.
I researched the 1910 for *i*t*r to cover all variations of Victor but without an age and without really grasping why Palm sounds like Elm I was grasping at straws. Here are my best finds
In Wayne County from all Scandinavians
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State
From Michigan Finnish born

There were 452 Finnish born Victors alone and 689 Scandinavian born Victors in MI in 1910.:(

I still like Kelna the best.:)

June Pelo
30-01-05, 19:46
I believe the Victor Palm, age 35, in Jeanette's listing was my father's relative Gustav Victor who went to Ludington, MI. He was a shoemaker there.