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Kim McIsaac
28-01-05, 18:37
Hello from Duluth,Minnesota! My name is Kim McIsaac and I'm a recent member who was referred to this site by June Pelo, who has been so helpful. I have lived in the Duluth area all my life and am currently working as a real estate appraiser. I lived nearby in Esko where there is lots of Finns and Swede-Finns. The father of my former wife and grandfather of my 2 sons was a Swede-Finn,Elmer Tast. His family originated in Nedervetili and the name "Tast" from the farm by that name. His mother was from the Siiyypi or Sideby area. I am also assisting a friend in searching ancestors from the Jeppo area (Fredrickson,Gustafson).I am excited to make new finds and new friends through this wonderful forum. I look forward to working with all!

28-01-05, 18:47
I'm also interested in expanding the information available on Fredrickson. Have recently met a woman whose maiden name was Fredrickson. That family was living in Portland, Oregon.
Would you please send me any info you have? I've encouraged her to join Finlander.

29-01-05, 00:00

Hi and welcome to sfhs!

I caught the name Tast and thought to inform you that I found one person of that name which is posted at the url above -
Mattson, Hilda Gunnilla f. Tast Oct 16 1884 Nedervetil Apr 20 1906 em 1904 -
plus there are many more who all appear tto come from the Åland Islands.

Hmm, friends in Canada have always considered Duluth to be a winter destination to get away from the cold:)


Kim McIsaac
29-01-05, 06:22
Thanks for your reply Serene. I will send you what I have on the Fredrickson family from Jeppo when I can figure out how to attach files to these messages. Bear with me as I am new to the forum and am just getting acquainted. Kim McIsaac, Duluth,Mn

Kim McIsaac
29-01-05, 06:35
Thanks Chuck! I will check out the URL on Tast. Hilda is in my ancestry and is a sister of a g-g grandfather. I have a birth date of 26 Sept 1884 tho. I don't have marriage date or husband's name. She died here in Duluth on 9 Apr 1950.
Your friends in Canada have probably "considered" coming here for relief from the cold but tell them to come in July or August:)

31-01-05, 05:07
Hi Kim,
Welcome to Finlander. You are very fortunate as Minnesota has some excellent Genealogy sites and you will be able to fill in much of the missing data from the internet.:)
The following urls should prove helpful.
http://www.rootsweb.com/~mnstloui/ St Louis County genealogy
http://www.rootsweb.com/~mnstloui/slcmndin.htm St Louis County Death Index January 1, 1870 through Dec. 31, 2000
http://www.rootsweb.com/~mnstloui/slcmnbin.htm St Louis County birth index June 6, 1859 through December 31, 1900.
http://people.mnhs.org/dci/ MN Death Index 1906 to 1996.
This Index currently covers the years 1900-1907.

St. Louis County MN Death Index
Last Name First Name Middle Date of Death Cert.# Comments/Location
FABINI FRANK R 11/26/1983 1308
FABINI JOSEPH J 5/22/1988 611
MN Death Index
1982-MN-026733, ELLEN, KATHERINE, ISAACSON, , 08/01/1913, 10/08/1982, MINNESOTA, ST. LOUIS, UNKNOWN,
1988-MN-008761, CARL, ADOLPH, ISAACSON, , 01/17/1900, 03/22/1988, MINNESOTA, ST. LOUIS, ,
1950-MN-014879, CHARLES, N, FRERICKSON, , , 12/14/1950, , ST. LOUIS, ,
1969-MN-015841, CARL, , FREDERICKSON, , 08/01/1913, 06/08/1969, MINNESOTA, HENNEPIN, TIKKANEN,
1917-MN-013001, PHILIY, NICHOLSON, FREDRICKSON, , , 09/20/1917, , ST. LOUIS, ,
1983-MN-030505, FRANK, R., FABINI, , 03/03/1916, 11/26/1983, MINNESOTA, ST. LOUIS, FREDRICKSON,
1988-MN-014518, JOSEPH, J., FABINI, , 01/11/1892, 05/22/1988, OUT OF STATE, ST. LOUIS, UNKNOWN,

Carl Adolph Isaacson's date of birth is listed as Jan 17, 1900
both of the following Carls were born on that day in MN
Jelesed, Carl A.Date of Birth: 01/17/1900County of Birth: Jackson
certid# 1900-09859 Mother Maiden Name: Karen
Culp, Carl Date of Birth: 01/17/1900County of Birth: Le Sueur
certid# 1900-11440 Mother Maiden Name: Fish

Carl Frdericksons death in 1969 lists his mothers maiden name as
Tikkanen. I wasn't able to locate a death listing for John Fredrickson in Jan 1972 on either index. However, I found a listing for a John Fredrickson with the correct date of birth
1976-MN-001360, JOHN, EMIL, FREDRICKSON, , 08/10/1899, 01/02/1976, OUT OF STATE, ST. LOUIS, NORBAKKA,
but the mothers maiden name is different.
At the Iron Range research centre at Chisolm
I located an obituary index for a John Emil Fredrickson which seems to indicate this man could be your John Fredrickson.
Obit/Death Record
First Name Last Name Middle Name
John Fredrickson Emil
M/F: Male
Birth Date:
Birth Place: Finland
Date of Death: 1/2/1976
State: Minnesota
Age at Death: 76
Book No:
Reg No:
Page No: RGS 43
Obit on File:
Cemetery: Maple HIll - Hibbing, MN
Volume: 5

Searching for Fredrickson St Louis County returns 30 obituary indexes many for the people listed in your family group sheet.
Hope this helps you.


Kim McIsaac
31-01-05, 06:33
Hello Jeanette "Down Under" from "Up North" in Minnesota! Wow, I am really impressed by your knowledge of our Minnesota genealogical sites. I have visited most of these sites also and use them quite regularly. They're great resources. I am so impressed with the finlander forum and the wonderful assistance the contributors and consultants have given. My USA data for Fredricksons is pretty complete and I am just getting started with the Jeppo data. I have births for Karl (Charles) Nicolaus Frederickson and wife Anna Katharina Gustafson, but need marriage in Jeppo around 1895 and parents. I believe Anna's parents were Gustav Johanson and Anna Davidson with Karl''s parents possibly Frederik Thomasen and Maria ?. I have sent Soren Arhino who has Fredrickson relatives in Jeppo a message and hope he can help there. Thanks again Jeanette. Kim

Jim Bailey
31-01-05, 20:35
Hej, Kim ---

First of all, welcome to the List. It's a great bunch of people, and I've had splendid luck through the help I've received in finding "lost" ancestors.

You mention TAST, and I notice you're in Duluth, not far from Ashland, WI. Any chance you're related to any TASTS in Ashland?

My mother, born in Ashland in 1908, used to refer to the Tasts as "shirt-tail" relatives... but I never knew HOW they were related. I believe there was an Annie Tast (probably born about 1885), and I recall meeting an Alice Josephson (Jacobsson??) nee Tast ... probably born about 1912.

Best of luck on your family searches.

Sören Ahinko
31-01-05, 20:56
I´ll will give you all the help I can. I have a lot on Karl Fredrickson and his family in Finland. Exept for thoose who went to USA. But maybe you have something?

I have already sent a message to you, and I´ll come back to you later.

I´m sure you are gone like this people in this forum. Everyone is great.

Kim McIsaac
31-01-05, 22:08
Hi Jim- Thanks for your reply. The Ashland Tasts are mostly all related. Your Anna Jacobson was married to Karl Johan Eriksson Tast on 5 Apr 1902 in Ashland and she died on 31 Jul 1950 in Duluth,Mn. Karl died on 16 Oct 1948 in Ashland. Karl was the brother of my ancestor Otto Erik Leander Tast b. 21 Sept 1879 in Nedervetil There was another brother in Ashland Hugo Alexander Tast who married Anna Johnson on 11 Apr 1908 in Ashland. I haven't expanded on these families yet, but I do remember talking with a Josephsen sibling some years ago from Ashland. By the way, one of Otto Tast's daughters (Elna 1921-1989) married a Vernon Bailey b.1895 Rochester,Mn. Any connection to you? Let me know if you would like any info on the Tasts. Good to hear from you. Kim McIsaac, Duluth (near Ashland) MN.

Kim McIsaac
31-01-05, 22:51
Hi Soren

Here is the family group sheet for Karl Niklas Fredrickson.


June Pelo
31-01-05, 22:57
Alice Josephson was a former member of SFHS and I had corresponded with her many years ago about her Saukko-Tast line. She wasn't forthcoming with information, so I wasn't able to help her much. But I think she was the daughter of Karl Johan who married Anna Sofia Jacobson from Esse. I don't think she is still living. She lived on MacArthur Ave. in Ashland.


Jim Bailey
01-02-05, 02:46
Hej, June and Kim ---

Yes, June, I remember about a year or so ago you and I corresponded on the Tasts of Ashland. You had said that Alice Josephson didn't seem very interested in the family history. Shame. I remember meeting her about the mid-1950s when my mother and I went to visit. At that time, she was about 40-something, and I think she had several sons. I think she lived on about 16th-17th Avenue West at the time, but may have moved to McArthur Avenue later.

And, Kim, I'd be very appreciative if you could check your records to see if there are any Tast connections with the Sandstroms (Edward or Verner) or the Nylunds/Neilunds (Matts) of Ashland. As I said, we're supposedly related, but so far I have no Tasts in my family line.

By the way, my mother did her nurses' training at St. Lukes Hospital in Duluth about 1926-28. The last I heard, St. Lukes had closed its nursing program, or maybe it was the ENTIRE hospital that had closed ... I don't recall the details. I was in Duluth in 1985, but I understand they have REALLY improved the waterfront area since then.

01-02-05, 03:06
Hi Jim,
When researching one of the SFHS exhibits, I went into the photo collection at Duluth campus, U of Minn. They have a TON of photos on line from St. Luke's, a lot of them photos of the nursing classes, both official events, and fun events. Maybe you'll find something of your mother?

Kim McIsaac
01-02-05, 06:08
Hi Jim- Will check out the Ashland Tasts to see if there is any connection to your people. Sounds like it has been a long time since you have been to our beautiful city on the shores of gitchi gummi:) There has been major improvements to the bayfront that includes the Bayfront Park where the annual outdoor Bayfront Bluesfest is held as well as other events. A skating rink and warming house was added recently and the city put up a very extensive christmas lighting display there this xmas. Next to the park is the Great Lakes Aquarium building, a very modern looking structure, multi-colored and has exhibits of various freshwater fish. The other major improvement is the Lakewalk, a 6 mile long walkway of blacktop and wood that runs adjacent to the lakeshore beginning at the Aerial Lift Bridge and extends north passed Leif Erickson Park , the Rose Garden and ends about 20th Avenue East. The Lakewalk is wonderful and has become THE place for walks, jogging, roller-blading and bicycling. It has made the lake much much more accessible to everyone within the city and to visitors. I'm sending you a few photos of the Bayfront Park area and Lakewalk that I have taken. Enjoy.

Kim McIsaac
01-02-05, 19:07
I recalled corresponding with Alice Josephson some years ago when I had begun my Tast research and dug back into my files and found some sheets of Tast info that she was willing to send me. I am going to attach the 3 sheets pertaining to the Hugo Tast and the Charles J. Tast families in Ashland. The sheets are hand-typed with some handwritten notes added. The notes may be unreadable. At some future time I will inquire into the Ashland descendants. Alice indicated her address as 401 MacArthur Ave and listed her children and their addresses. I never followed up on these people back then. Perhaps at a later date when I have more time as I want to stay on the hunt for direct line ancestors.

June Pelo
01-02-05, 20:03
Hope it's a clear day when you cross the bridge from Superior. The last time we crossed it was in pea soup fog so thick we could barely see the front end of our car and could hardly see the hill to climb up into Duluth.


June Pelo
01-02-05, 21:02

Your data shows Karl Johan Tast born 8 Nov 1873 - one of my Nedervetil books show his birthdate as 15 Feb 1875 in Nedervetil, while another record has 8 Nov 1875.

I was looking at your notes and I couldn't figure out who these children belonged to:
Elvira, b. 1905; Lydia, b. 1907; Runar, b. 1914.

Also noticed Edwin Tast lived in Washburn. My father had an aunt Edla Westlund living on a farm in Washburn, and her daughter Gertrude Peterson lived in Washburn. I remember visiting there as a child.


Sören Ahinko
01-02-05, 21:23
here is some info about Fredrick Thomasson Lillas.

And to others who are interested.

June Pelo
01-02-05, 21:36

Just noticed a typo in my last message. The two birthdates for him are: 8 Nov 1873 and 15 Feb 1875.


Kim McIsaac
01-02-05, 23:29
Re: Karl Johan Tast
I have the 15 Feb 1875 birth date in my chart. I believe that is the correct date.

Re: Children Lydia,Elvir,Runar
These are children of Charles J.Tast and Anna Jacobsen of Ashland. There are 7 children listed on the sheets I received from Alice Josephson and are on a separate page after the listing of the other children Edwin,H.Alice,Carl W.,and Arthur W. Matts Mattson and Hilda G. Tast also had a son Runar b.6 Dec 1909.

Hasse and Others

Just thought I would include this quote I stumbled on a while back that touched me somewhat. It's about this business of family history and why we do it entitle "The Story Tellers....) Enjoy.

24-03-05, 01:05
Hi Kim If you go to the LDS Family History Center in Duluth, say hello to June Lynch for me. She is my second cousin and the founder of the Center in Duluth.

Marty Neva