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29-01-05, 05:19
I know that soldiers were often given new names when enlisted. This ancestor, Pehr Larsson Gyll(en), was a soldier and lived in Liminka. I'm curious what Gyll or Gyllen would translate to in English. Early records list him as Gyll, later records show him as Gylle or Gyllen.

29-01-05, 17:35
It can mean Golden or Gilded. Newly recruited soldiers standing in a long line of Anderssons and Larssons were renamed by their immediate officer. Some days it was Pine, Spruce, Fir, others Sword, Pistol, Knife, then maybe Salmon, Trout, Pike, and perhaps even Courage, Tall, or Gilded. Maybe his hair was bright blonde?

29-01-05, 17:47
Thank you for the translation. I knew that the soldiers were given new names and was curious what this name represented. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see a photo of these ancestors we research? This guy was born ~1688 so I'll never know, but it certainly is fun to imagine.

In the sea of names and dates of researching ancestors, there are an occasional few that for some reason or another seem to stick in one's mind. That's the case with this ancestor.

Maybe because I was always intrigued by the way the name assignment worked. I found Pehr in the Liminka rippikirjat while he was still alive and then located his "replacement" after he had died. It was rather interesting. It seems almost like "No 88 Gyll" was a slot and after Pehr died, it became "occupied" by someone named Johan.