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30-01-05, 17:12
I did I lookup in the 1910 census for Peter Anderson for a lady.
I found him here, it states he was SwedeFinn. He was a widow
with children Gerda/Yarda 17 born Finland, Henry 12 and Linus?6 born Mich.The lady answered me and said her Andersons were from Sweden not Finland and that I made a mistake. In the 1920 census he states he is from Sweden. Confusing . Does anyone have info on the Andersons from Ontonagon county so i can clear this up? It would not be the first time that I have come across this.

Name: Peter Anderson
Age in 1910: 44
Estimated birth year: 1865
Home in 1910: ROCKLAND TWP, Ontonagon, Michigan
Race: White
Gender: Male
Series: T624
Roll: 667
Part: 2
Page: 274A
Year: 1910


30-01-05, 17:42
I checked on Oracle using the search, and there are a LOT of Andersons, including Peters.

30-01-05, 17:47
Hi Syrene
What is Oracle , I am not familar with it.

30-01-05, 18:23
Hi Alicia,
I've heard many stories of descendants believing their ancestors were from Sweden when in fact they were actualy Swede-Finns. I guess all we can do when helping others is to provide the information and let them decide for themselves. ;)

31-01-05, 16:55
Hi Kevin
You are right. I have had a few people who have told me that they thought their ancestors were born in Sweden because that is what they spoke. :)
The same person asked me to find a photo of her ancestor from the early 1900's. :D That is stretching a request.

31-01-05, 17:09
http://sfhs.eget.net/wikiarticlecollection.html should get you to the collection of articles and lists Hasse has established. It's an interactive webpage, where you can search in the usual way by hitting FIND, then putting in a word or phrase. Or you can open a title and read the articles there. Or you can add the information you have about any word which has (?) after it. I'm looking forward to it becoming an encyclopedia of information about Finland, particularly the Swedish-speaking portions.

The address to the collection changed/Hasse

June Pelo
31-01-05, 18:43
That reminds me of a search I did for someone who said her grandfather was born in Sweden and he claimed he was a shipbuilder for the King of Sweden. I had my doubts and took his birthdate and searched through several parishes in Finland and found him - he had changed his name. Then I discovered that he was related to my mother's line and I could then locate his family in Finland. I found out his father had remarried and he didn't like his stepmother, so he ran away and was never heard from again. He went to Michigan. His gandchildren in Montana had difficulty believing what I told them, but I had proof. They said he always wore a captain's hat and since he spoke Swedish, they believed he actually was born in Sweden. He told them many stories about living in Sweden, but those stories could also apply to Finland because farmers lived much the same way in both countries. What really proved that he came from Finland was when they sent me a photo of him and his wife - and I found the same photo in my maternal grandparents' album! His wife was the niece of my grandfather. They never could figure out why he made all those false claims.


Kaj Granlund
02-02-05, 22:16
Let me tell you about my story...
Thanks to this site I got in contact with my lost relatives. One af the sisters that had emigrated from Finland and married a boy that came just about 100 km from the farm she came from, always claimed she was a swede and he a finn. And the couple always laughed as she said that. The girl told that her formother had been serving the swedish king that was chasing maids, and one day found her formother...

I told my relatives that this can be a very typical way of making jokes in this area Jokes that the couple themselves understood with their background, but not their children.
Now my relatives aren't disappointed for not being swedish now they are happy to be both swedish of language heritage and filanders at the same time.

As I've told that it isn't at all strange to be a swede from Finland as Finland earlier was a part of Sweden, they have accepted the fact. In fact many of the first settlers from Sweden came from this part of the Swedish kingdom.
But some do not even accept their parents, so for some it might be hard to accept facts even if we can find them.

23-03-07, 04:22
Alicia and others: I can't believe I found this posting on Peter Anderson in Ontonagon County, Michigan. HE IS MY GREAT GRANDFATHER, and GERDA/YARDA IS MY GRANDMOTHER !!! Imagine my surprise & dance when I saw this as I've searched for 40 years hoping to find more info on Peter, as well as a few others in my ancestry. Let me tell you what I know about Peter:

The father of Per Olof, born in 1866, was probably known as Anders Andersson, because of the patronymic naming system the Swedes followed, but as long as he did not avow the paternity, he was not noted in the birth book, and when it is not noted, you can never tell for sure.
Per Olof was born in Söderhamn, on March 30, 1866, as the son of the maiden Kerstin Olsdotter from the village of Satter in the parish of Sunne, county of Värmland, or Province as they call it. A certificate of baptism was sent from Söderhamn to his mother's native parish Sunne. The boy consequently also was noted in the birth-register of Sunne.
Another illegitimate son named Lars Nilsson was also listed.

Peter was born Per Olaf Andersson on March 30, 1866 near Sandarne, Sweden. Peter married Maria Kristina Hoglund in 1890. Maria was born on September 8, 1871. Peter was a lumberyard worker and in 1893, he signed up for a job swamping for the Holt Logging Company in the lumber camps in the United States. Story goes the lumber company paid Peters way over to America.

Leaving his pregnant wife and two year old son, he sailed to America in August of 1893 from Sandarne, Sweden, and entered through the port of New York. Peter received his emigration certificate August 15, 1893 at 27 years of age.
The first ship was the CAMEO, which went to England, and then the second ship was from the Cunard Steampship Company, The Lithuania. and copy of Utvandrare -Kontrakt (contract # 1862 or 862) says he left from GÖteberg, heading to Chicago, Illinois. Costing 155 Kroner.

Peter's family, wife Maria Kristina, son Olof Adrian, and daughter Gerda/Yarda lived with Maria's mother in Söderhamn, Sweden when Peter went to the USA.
A year later Peter had saved up enough money for steerage passage, and he sent for his family to join him. Wife Kristina Maria or Maria Kristina Höglund-Anderson at the age of 22, and their two children: Olof Adrian 3 years old, and Gerda/Yarda now 1 year old left for America from the port of Halsingborg, Malmohus, Sweden, and sailed on the ship named CALIFORNIA, arriving in New York Harbor on September 10, 1894. Their certificate is dated August 11, 1894. Maria was a talented singer, an excellent housekeeper, and independent enough to make the difficult passage alone with her small children. Family stories have also mentioned that Maria's father was a minister in the Sandarne / Söderham area.

Peter worked at Lumber Mills in Sidnaw, Michgian, copper mines at Victoria,
the Michigan National Mine, Triveting Mine in Rockland, as well as copper mines in Minnesota.

By 1897 they had three surviving children. Their son Olof Adrian, now called Edward and daughter Yarda (Gerda Kristina) who had made the trip from Sweden, and Lorns Henry, born in 1897. One other child, Anscent died at the age of one month in February 1896.

In 1899 Peter went to work as a copper miner with the Michigan Mining Company, in Rockland, Michigan.

In 1902 there was a late spring snowfall in Rockland. The whole town enjoyed the opportunity for a night of snow sports. Maria was on a sled with her son Ed when the sled overturned and she was hurt. She died of her injuries that June.

Peter needed someone to take care of his children now aged 5 to 11. Maria's younger sister, Selma Kristina Hoglund, also had a problem. She was unmarried and pregnant back in Sweden. Peter sent for her and they were immediately married. Selma's son, Peter Linus, was born in October of 1903.
Selma & Peter had another child, a daughter named Maria Wajola in March of 1906. Weakened with Consumption (Tuberculosis) Selma died four months later and the child died shortly thereafter, in September of 1906.

A family friend, a Mrs. Motson/Mattson then helped look after Peter's children, at her boarding house in Rockland. The following is their information taken from the 1910 US census:
Peter's Marital Status: Widowed
Relation to Head of House: Boarder
Year of Immigration: 1897 (different but that is the norm)
Mother's Birth Place: Finland (not sure if this is for Peter or the Matson's
Father's Birth Place: Finland (not sure if this is for Peter or the Matson's
Household Members: Name Age
Erick Matson 50
Carolina Matson 50
Carolina Matson 25
William Matson 20
Walter Matson 20
Mary Matson 13
Ina Matson 13
Wilfred Matson 10
Francis Matson 6
Peter Anderson 44
Edward Anderson 18
Yarda Anderson 17
Henry Anderson 12
Linas Anderson 6

Information on Peter's wives that were sisters is as follows:
Maria Kristina born on September 8, 1871 and Selma Katrina born on February 7, 1874 both in the parish of Söderhamn, were daughters to the worker Magnus Anderson,born on March 19, 1844 in the parish of Åsarne in the county of Jämtland, and his wife Katrina Kristina Olofsdotter, born on May 23, 1841 in the parish of Nysätra. Katrina Kristina died on February 17, 1874, two years later, in 1876, Magnus married again, this time to Brita Kristina Nord, born on July 3, 1848. Peter & Maria's marriage is listed in the parish of Sandarne (which is a neighbor parish to Söderhamn) household examination roll 1891-1895 (AI:14, fol 15)

I hope this isn't more information than wanted on Peter Anderson from Ontonagon....! Please is there any way that the person who originally requested this info on him could get in touch with me? She may be related!!
I am more than willing to exchange more info about Peter & his family, and I'm praying that I can connect with someone who might know more of Peter's past, especially his brother Lars Nilsson - Thanks all for listening !!
Kris Johnson-Burrill
great granddaughter to Per Olof Andersson (Peter O. Anderson)