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Karen Norwillo
30-01-05, 23:09
Does anyone have access to emigration records from Esse, Vasa for 1900? My greataunt, Thilda Andersdotter Långsjö (3 Sep 1880) came to the US about that time. I have been unable to track where she was going and where she died. I have a date of death from church records as 10 Feb 1912 "in Amerika" I haven't been able to find her on any of the usual sites. Many thanks. Karen

Jim Bailey
31-01-05, 21:27
Hi, "Cousin" Karen ---

You say you've checked the usual records, so you may already have seen the entry in Family Search for Thilda Langsjo.

I searched that name, with death date as 1912, exact year.

The submitter is listed as Roy Schnell, 8649 Cherokee Trail, Crossville, TN 38555-6213. He may be long dead but, if I were you, I'd write him at that address and ask about where he got the information and how he might be connected to Thilda.

I realize LDS church members input data for persons who may NOT be relatives, but one never knows. Recently, I've written to persons who seemed to have a rather tenuous connection to my own research, and I've hit pay dirt in the detailed replies I got back.

Best of luck,


Jim Bailey
Greenfield, Indiana

Karen Norwillo
31-01-05, 21:43
Hej Jim, No, Roy Schnell is quite alive. He's the husband of my cousin Gladys. We've shared info for many years. He has the same data I do. I had a very nice visit with them in TN not too long ago. He is also a member of Finlander. Thilda was a sister to Gladys and my paternal grandmother. Karen

Jim Bailey
31-01-05, 22:01
Hej again, Karen ----

I just did a relationship calculation with my FamilyTreeMaker and found your great-aunt Thilda Langsjo was my 9th cousin, once removed ... not terribly close, but related all the same.

I'll keep Thilda in mind and let you know if I find anything. It may be difficult, though, to find anything without knowing city or state in the US. Although Finlanders settled heavily in Michigan, Minnesota, and a few other areas, they actually landed everywhere in all 50 states. I just had the wonderful luck of finding relatives in Louisiana and Virginia, all of them descended from two brothers of my great-grandmother (from Larsmo).

Will keep looking.


31-01-05, 22:49

Roy's gedcom is in Talko also

Kaj Granlund
02-02-05, 08:45
There'll probably be no closer information in our archive, but I'll check that as I get there today. If I find anything I'll inform you. The passengerlists from Finland might also contain some more specific information. And at the county archive in Vasa ("landskapsarkiv") they have the application documents for the passport, where the destination might be filled in.

Kaj Granlund
02-02-05, 11:20
I did the check; our postbook where the baptist attests for obtaining the passports are written didn't have any notes at all for these years. (Which just means the pastor didn't care to write a list of the given attests).
We have the emigration year 1900 but still she did come to the holy communion at the 16 May 1901 (did she return?), and then in the following book she is marked to have left Finland in 02. So maybe she left two times? These emigrationsyears aren't officially marked with ink. But that isn't unusuall for the emigrants. I found at the www.migrationinstitute.fi that she left at 20 Sept 1902. But their free online search is limited. But that way you might be able to get at least her port of destination.
I also checked the incoming letters with information about deaths but there is no official letter confirming the death. But still the note in the communionbook gives that information with ink so it is an information that was granted and officialy legalised

02-02-05, 13:08
Hi Karen,

I thought you have already seen the record below and concluded that she can't be your Thilda. Her age does not match exactly. But the information by Kaj from the church records of Esse supports it.

I was not able to find her in the Ellis Island archives.

Detailed passenger information
Last name

First names
Age or age group
Port of departure
Place of destination
State of destination
Country of destination
Price of ticket
FIM 448
Ship from Finland
Date of departure from Finland
Ship from England
Date of departure from England
Ocean Line
Cunard Line
Port of departure in England
List and page


Karen Norwillo
02-02-05, 17:19
Thank you Kaj and Staffan, Yes, I had seen the Tilda Langsjo to Seattle. I had sent inquiries to Seattle looking for a date and place of death, but never got an answer, just a confirmation that they received my request. That was about a year ago. I understand there were cousins to her settled there. Karen

Karen Norwillo
28-08-05, 17:13
Kaj, As you can see, I'm still searching for the place of death of Thilda Långsjö. As she was a member of Esse Church, was she recorded at baptism as Thilda or Mathilda? Was she given a second name, such as Greta, Margareta? I'm thinking maybe she used that name in America. She was born 3 Sep 1880 to Greta Lisa Gustafsdotter Wärn and Anders Johansson Långsjö. Thanks, Karen

Kaj Granlund
02-09-05, 20:22
Checked the baptismal record once again. But Thilda is the only name. can she have used some anglican form af that name? Thelma or....????