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June Pelo
01-02-05, 01:45
I have a request from Finland - asking if there is any data about:

Otto Alarik Jakobsson Skog-Palm, b. 28 Oct 1886, Nedervetil, to America 1907. Married in America to Anna Lydia Andersdotter Prest, b. 31 Aug 1879 in Karleby. Otto d. 4 Dec 1931, Duluth.

Anna Lydia also had a sister Hilda Maria Andersdotter Prest, b. 6 Apr 1877 in Karleby, married in America to Herman Matts Svan, b. 28 Sep 1880 - no information on where they lived. But wondered if she and her sister could have lived near each other.

They had a sister Selma Hildur Andersdotter Prest, b. 8 Jul 1881, Karleby, to America 1902 and married Johan Viktor Johansson Smeds-Smith, b. 31 Jul 1875, Malax. He d. 1920 in Aberdeen, WA.

Their brother Johan Ernst Andersson Prest, b. 2 Apr 1875, Karleby, d. 30 Aug 1943, Seattle, to America 1906 with his wife Charlotta Elisabet Alexandersdotter Ventjärvi, b. 19 Aug 1878, Karleby.

If anyone has any data on any of them, I would appreciate hearing about it.



01-02-05, 05:26
Hi June,
I found a few of these so the images will follow.

First is Otto Palm. Found in Duluth, St Louis Co, MN. His immigration year shows 1907, hers 1900. He was a laborer in a hardware store. Note his birthplace is listed as Russia but speaks Finnish.

01-02-05, 05:30
Herman was found in Hoquiam City, Chehalis Co, WA. His immigration year is 1888, hers is 1890 (hard to read). He worked as a shingle weaver in a shingle mill.

01-02-05, 05:34
Here is Ernest Prest as found in Aberdeen City, Chehalis Co, WA. His immigration year appears to be 1891. He is a ship carpenter. Notice his cousin lives in the same household.

01-02-05, 06:01
Otto Palm in Duluth:
son Bert 9
immigration 1907 for Otto and wife, 1915 naturalized
worked as a truck chauffeur in a wholesale "H"

Herman Swan in Hoquiam, Washington
Clifford 9
Evelyn 7
still a shingle weaver

These children are additional to the ones found in the 1910 census.

Couldn't find Ernest Prest or wife.

Couldn't find Selma and Johan Viktor in either census. But, since Johan died in 1920, I did find a Selma Johnson, correct age, as an inmate in Western State Hospital in Ft Steilacoom Precinct, Pine County, Washington. She was listed as born in Sweden.

June Pelo
01-02-05, 22:26

Thanks for all the lookups - now I have a little more data to send to their relatives in Finland. Maybe I'll try to get them to join Finlander so they can post their own queries.


June Pelo
12-02-05, 02:34
I had posted this query and just learned something more about it:
Otto Alarik Jakobsson Skog-Palm, b. 28 Oct 1886, Nedervetil, to America 1907. Married in America to Anna Lydia Andersdotter Prest, b. 31 Aug 1879 in Karleby. Otto d. 4 Dec 1931, Duluth.

It seems that Anna Lydia Prest-Palm disappeared from her home in 1946 and was never heard from again. Police and FBI could never find anything more about her disappearance. Her daughter Dolores was the last person to see her - and she was declared dead 7 years later. They don't know if she was abducted or murdered.


12-02-05, 06:03
I was intrigued by this story so I decided to do a Google search and found this. (yes, sad, I know, I have nothing better to do on a Friday night :rolleyes: )


June Pelo
12-02-05, 21:33

Wow, what a coincidence. The Otto in my story was born 1886, and Anna was born 1879. I'll send that URL to the people who are related to this couple.



13-02-05, 04:07
Hi June,
I think I may have found a little about Johan Victor.
In the index Death Certificates of Finns in Grays Harbor County, Washington, 1907-1947 at the Genealogical Society of Finland I found http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/indexe.htm
SMITH, JOHN VICTOR -- Born August 7, 1875, Finland. Died Sept. 4, 1923, Aberdeen, Wash. Cause of death: fractured skull; hurt in auto wreck, died on way to hospital. Husband of Selma. Sawyer, Donovan Lumber Co. sawmill. Father: Johannes Smith. Mother: Breta Louise Strom. Informant: C.O. Smith, Aberdeen, Wash. Burial Sept. 9, 1923, Fern Hill Cemetery, Aberdeen, Wash.

There are some photographs of graves at Fern Hill Cemetery at the GSF site however none for Smith. I wasn't able to find anything at the Find-a Grave site either.

At the Sec of State WA site I think this could be them
Found in Chehalis County Aberdeen W1 ED 1 on page 08b line no.s 54-60
SMITH Victor age 33 | b. Fin
SMITH Mrs Selma H age 28 | b. Fin
SMITH Wallace age 6 | WA
SMITH Ralph age 4 | WA
SMITH Carl age 29 | b. Fin
SMITH Mrs Mauda age 27 | b. Fin
SMITH Allice age 5 | b. WA

Edit : Forgot to mention the census year was 1910.:)

16-02-05, 00:27
I was looking for kids of the Fryklund-Edson couple and found this:
Geraldine Angeline, born 29 May 1916 at West Duluth, MN
daughter of otto and Lydia Palm is baptized with sponsors being Ernest and Charlotta Prest, Leander Johnson & Hildur Anderson.

16-02-05, 00:31
Henrik Herman Palm born Nedervetil seemed to be a good fit so here is the copy.

He also moved to Aberdeen WA and is listed as church treasurer in 1928. CORRECTION: This referred to Herman Swan so sorry about the error:(


June Pelo
16-02-05, 22:18

What a find. Henrik was Otto Palm's brother! I didn't have data about him - and now I have. And the same for Otto Palm's daughter Geraldine. I have so much new data coming in that I can hardly keep track - but I love it. :)

Thank you all.


18-02-05, 18:28
Hi June,
I noticed the Palm from Alahärmä surname while checking on somebody else so if they might be of interest, I will add them to this thread.


June Pelo
18-02-05, 21:28

I'm not aware of any Palms from Alahärmä - the ones I have came from Nedervetil.


18-02-05, 22:07
found at: Swenson S 27-2 = Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Swedish Lutheran (merged with Finnish to form United Lutheran)
Pos Given Names Surname Other names Born Parish Emi. Church

287f Jakob Gustafsson Palm funeral 7-23-1902 Jul 22 1902 Alahärmä unk S 27-2

found at: Swenson S 27-3 = Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)
9h Johan Henrik Palm 1857 Alahärmä 1887 S 27-3
9sh Johan Palm aka John May 1885 Alahärmä 1889 S 27-3
9h Jakob Gustafsson Palm Oct 25 1874 Alahärmä 1902 S 27-3

That's it for the U.P. Palms - probably not yours but maybe somebody will need these names:)


23-02-05, 22:55
Herman can be found in Carlton County on the 1910 census
Post Offices, Towns, Villages and Railroad Stations in Carlton County 1927-1928
Pop. 216. A village on the N P Ry 28 miles w of Carlton has a bank, creamery and lumber yard. Henry Groth, P M. The village is governed by a board of trustees: Fred Groth, pres; E W Groth, clk; C A Fenton, treas; Jj H Nordquist, assessor; Fred Bushey, S O Ilstrup and Henry Rosvold, trustees.

Palm Herman farmer

Don't know if you have this or not Arthur Herman b.19 Apr 1904 son of Henrik Herman Palm
died in Carlton County, MN 04 July 1969.


12-07-05, 04:37
Hi June,

My name is Robert Palm, and Anna Lydia Prest Palm was my grandmother. She disappeared before I was born. My mother told me of her disappearance. The family was very disturbed by her disappearance, and it affected my father and Dolores for most of their life.

My father was Bert Palm, and he had two sisters, Nathalie and Dolores. There also was a sister Geraldine, who died very young. His Dad Otto Palm died before I was born.

I would like to find out more about the family, both here in the US as well as in Finland. I know from my mother that there were relatives in Michigan and on the west coast.

Both my parents have been deceased for quite a few years. What I know of the family is from my mother and my aunt Dolores.
Both Nathalie and Dolores had two children, I was an only child, as my father died when I was young, and my mother never remarried.

I hope to hear from you.

Bob Palm

June Pelo
12-07-05, 22:26
Hi Bob,

It's good to hear from you, and yes, I have lots of info. about your Prest and Palm family. I am related to both families and keep in touch with a Prest cousin in Nedervetil. I have some info. about Anna Lydia's siblings: Selma who went to Aberdeen and married Johan Smeds - Smith - I can give you the address of their grandson Glenn (he has a son Glenn in San Antonio); Johan Ernest was in Aberdeen and Seattle; Hilda married a Swan from Sweden; Anders remained in Karleby, Finland. There was also a daughter Brita Johanna who d. 1950 in the US, but I don't know anything more. Do you know Börje Prest in Finland? He has contacted me about some data. Anyway, I can send you lots of data on these families. I don't have your father's data, so if you could send that to me, it would help. Write me at: jmpelo*nut-n-but.net

Göran Cainberg
14-07-05, 10:53
Hi Bob,

Attached a list of children to Jakob Palm and his wife Anna Sofia b. Hässjebacka:

Henrik Herman Palm b. 14.3.1874 to America in 1893
Kristina Sofia b. 7.9.1875 d. 19.7.1892
Hilda Lovisa b. 25.2.1877 d. 17.9.1878
Hilda Johanna b. 22.2.1879 to America in 1897 and 1910
Maria Rebecka b. 10.11.1880 m. Viktor Riippa
Anna Selina b. 19.10.1882 m. Karl Matts Palm
Ester Regina b. 3.9.1884 m. Hugo Saarukka
Otto Alarik b. 29.10.1886 to America in 1907
Alexandra Irene b. 5.5.1889 to America in 1914
Ellen Helena b. 14.3.1892 d. 31.5.1892
Johan Uno b. 24.6.1893 to America
Gustav Vilhelm b. 6.11.1895

I will for some time be on holiday in Nedervetil and during that time I will live in the same house Your grandfather Otto Alarik left in 1907. (My grandfather Grandfather bought that house in 1910)

Göran Cainberg

June Pelo
16-07-05, 02:36

I read your reply to Bob Palm regarding the house where you live in Nedervetil. Is that the same house you sent me a picture of? I was trying to find pictures for him of houses his relatives lived in.

Greet Marita for me. I haven't heard from her lately.

Have a good summer.


17-07-05, 06:09

Thank You for sending that information, I have also received a great deal of information from June. That is very interesting that you will be spending time in the house where my grandfather lived.

I'm learning quite a bit about my family and their origins. I find this very interesting. I hope to someday visit Finland, and actually see where they came from and where they had lived.

Bob Palm