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03-02-05, 14:28
I can finally post now! My great grandfather's name was Axel Erlands, b. January 27, 1876. He used the name Axel Erickson after he came to America. I am sure this is because his patronymic name was Eriksson, or Erickson. I know very little about him except that he came from Kristinestad, Finland. He also had 2 brothers and 1 sister that came to America. His two brothers were Charles and Henry (or Henrik) and his sister was Ida. I very much want to try to trace the ancestry back, learn the names and birthdates of his parents and keep going back as much as I can from there. My big hope is down the line I can also see if I have any relatives still living in Finland, which I am almost sure of. I am going to post a picture I have of him and his brothers later also and see if it looks familiar to anyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

03-02-05, 14:35
Hi, I am very much hoping I can find relatives still in Finland related to my great-grandfather Axel Erlands, b. January 27, 1876 in Kristinestad, Finland. After coming to America in 1893 he changed his name to Erickson, probably his patronymic name (Eriksson, or Erickson) He had two brothers that came to America before him, Charles and Henric and a sister that came to America around 1902, Ida. Axel lived in Washington where my grandfather Carl Erickson was born April 25, 1920. He owned a saloon called the silverbow saloon in Spokane WA for a while. and I know he successfully mined gold in the Yukon and British Columbia before he was married. I am hoping that this sounds familiar to someone and I can find a distant relative! I saw on the genealogical society of Finland website there are a few Erlands buried in the Kristinestad cemetery. I also have a couple of letters written in Swedish that I am going to see if someone can translate, because I saw the name Anna Caisa written in one of them. Please reply or email me if you think you can help me. Thanks,

03-02-05, 19:30
Hello Annette,

Axel Erik-Henriksson Erlands can be found on p.104 in the book ´Torpare - Bönder - Nybyggare. Släkt och hembyggdsbok. Upplaga 2. Släktgårdarna Håxell - Pärus 1546-1993. by Elis Valdemar Sandelin. They were 6 siblings of which four emigrated to America.

According to Sandelin's text:

1. Henrik b. 11.1.1868. 1892 in America.
2. Carl-Johan b. 24.10.1870. For the first time to America 6.7.1891 and second time 27.6.1892
3. Anna Kaisa b. 13.2.1873, d. 19.12.1909
4. Axel b. 27.1.1876. 1912 in America
5. Ida Sofia b. 7.5.1881. To America 1912.
6. Mathilda b. 16.6.1885, d. 2.3.1886

Their parents were Erik Henrik Johansson Erlands b. 4.1.1840 in Tjöck, d.15.9.1894 married to Greta Sofia Eriksdotter b. 14.8.1841, d.18.4.1907.

Erik Henrik Johansson Erlands parents were Johan Henrik Mattsson Erlands b. 18.12.1806, d. 12.12.1873 married to Caisa Josefsdotterr Guss b. 22.2.1816 in Tjöck, d. 17.10.1881

Johan Henrik Mattsson Erlands parents were Matts Mattsson Erlands b. 1783 in Tjöck married to Anna-Cajsa Johansdotter Håxell.

As Sandelin writes about the Håxell family line in this book we must now jump to Anna-Cajsa Johansdotter Håxell's parents. They were Maria Elisabeth Salamonsdotter Håxell b. 20.11.1752 and Johan Simonsson Hanses from Sideby (Hanses in Sideby http://sydaby.eget.net/gen/eskil.htm) b. 17.11.1748 in Sideby d. 5.4.1817 in Lappfjärd.

Maria Elisabeth Salamonsdotter Håxells parents were Salomon Mickelsson Håxell b. 1718 d. 13.2.1791 in Lappfjärd married to Anna Martinsdotter b. 1708, d. 9.5.1794.

I remember that I four years ago tried to get in touch with the author of this genealogy book. He was however by then deceased, but I talked by phone with his widow and she gave me permission to use photos from his books. There is for instance a nice photo of members of the Erlands family on page 103 in Sandelin's book

You do certainly have relatives in Tjöck today.
To start with I recommend you to get in touch with Maj-Lis Teir in Tjöck. She is interested in local history and knows the local families. She helped me with information about the celebrated Silver Weddings in Tjöck. Her daughter is on the photos at http://sydaby.eget.net/swe/brollop.htm

I will give you her address and also scan some pages from Sandelin's book and send them as attachments to your private mail.

Good luck with your research,

Kim McIsaac
03-02-05, 19:49
A quick glance at the Ellis Island site turned up a Axel Eric Erland in 1893 but age 76 although from Tjock. A second Axel Erland was listed for 1916 age 22 from Kristenstad,Finland. The closest match was Axel Erlands in 1899 age 34 married from Tjock came on the Campania from Liverpool. The ship manifest listed a Erik Lellanda from Tjock age 22 single next to Axel. The ages don't match well, but the names and origin do.

03-02-05, 19:52
I was so excited to read that! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post. I can't even think of how many hours I've sat at the computer trying to find this for myself, and voila here you have it in no time flat! I'm very impressed, and thank you so much again!

03-02-05, 20:19
I forgot to ask you, is it possible that there is an online link to the picture you said was on pg. 103 of the Erlands? I'm very interested in seeing it! Or possibly you could email me a scan?

greeneyedgirl792001 [at] yahoo.com

Also, you mentioned I should get in touch with Maj-Lis Teir, do you have an email or physical address I could write to? Thanks,

03-02-05, 20:36
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Alf Blomqvist
05-02-05, 18:02

I'm not sure if you have got connection with living Erlands in Tjöck.

I have friends with family name Erlands there...

05-02-05, 23:52
I'm almost sure that I do have relatives in Tjock today, I guess it's just a matter of finding them now! Maybe you could ask your friends if they have ever traced their lineage back. My great-grandfather Axel came to America, but his sister Anna Kaisa stayed in Finland. I'm pretty sure that Henric went back to Finland because I have letters he wrote from Kristinestad to Axel from around 1902-1904. If you find out anything be sure to let me know!

Kaj Granlund
08-02-05, 09:35
I've been in contact with my cousin living in Tjöck. Very close relatives you won't find as that part of the family died. But the living Erland and Erlands are related. I also got a very long list. It's funny the man Björses in list 70 is my cousin ;) the Skoglund people in Bötom he didn't have any further information about.

List 1...

The list has been removed because the material contained lots of names and birth dates of living persons. Kaj - perhaps you could post a revised version of the name list without private information of living people?

Remember that we can always use the PM -method or direct emailing for data regarding private information of living people. /Hasse

Kaj Granlund
08-02-05, 09:42
obviously staffan forgot to attach this link:
These are pictures from a play about old wedding traditions in Tjöck and the bridegrome at the two first pictures is Kjell Erlands. And he is your relative

Link changed to current one upon request (see Staffan's message above) /Hasse

08-02-05, 15:33
Just a little update, someone did contact me concerning someone that would be a descendant to my great-great-grandfather's brother. So I guess that would be a distant cousin! Also, if any Erlands are interested in contacting me, just pm me or email me and I will give my contact information. I am hoping that the Erlands will be interested in getting in contact. I appreciate the replies and help so far.

Kaj Granlund
08-02-05, 17:37
True. I tried but I didn't get my old computor to work like I wanted to, so that was the only way I could get the information further. Glad you cut that.

04-03-05, 14:23
Does anyone know of a website or bookstore where I could order a copy of Sandelin's genealogy book? I'm very interested in obtaining a copy. Thanks.

04-03-05, 15:29
I called Daga Sandelin the wife of the late Elis Sandelin - the author of the book, but she told that the book

´Torpare - Bönder - Nybyggare. Släkt och hembygdsbok. Upplaga 2. Släktgårdarna Håxell - Pärus 1546-1993. by Elis Valdemar Sandelin. ISBN 952-90-5947-7

is sold out and she had only one copy. Anyhow I am quite sure you can order the book as an overseas interloan from your own library. They have the book at some of the local libraries in our area. The fee for an interloan is quite low here in Finland and I guess it is low in the US too. Please talk with your local librarian. If they have problems to localize the book I'll help with addresses.

Alf Blomqvist
04-03-05, 19:17

My friend namned Erlands told me that his brothers daughter already has made contact to US!

04-03-05, 19:33
Perhaps it is the one who emailed me! I know I can't post her name right here, but her maiden name was Erlands but she is now married with 2 children, last name is now Bjorklund...?