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03-02-05, 14:49
Hi there everyone! I found this forum on ancestry.com. I am trying to trace back my great-grandfather Axel Erlands (Axel Erickson after he came to the U.S. in 1893). I am also hoping to find living relatives in Finland! My great-grandfather was originally from Kristinestad. I very much plan on visiting Finland in a couple of years. I want to do the research on the family first and maybe I can meet family when I go.

Karen Douglas
03-02-05, 23:00
Hi Annette,

Welcome aboard - from another Lansing resident!

I'm sure you will enjoy this site, as everyone is so friendly, and so willing to help. Where did your great grandfather settle when he came to the U.S. in 1893?

Karen Douglas

03-02-05, 23:36
That is very cool that you are also from Lansing! I almost wonder if I've seen you before since I work in retail (at Rite Aid Pharmacy). At any rate, my great-grandfather lived in Spokane, Washington for a few years. He was a miner and spent his summers mining in Idaho. My Grandma used to tell me lots of stories about Spokane and Idaho mining with his dad. Eventually my great-grandmother inherited the family farm and they moved to Bancroft, MI. He died there and is buried at Hillcrest Cemetery in Owosso.

Jim Bailey
03-02-05, 23:56
Hej, Annette ----

From another Michigander, Welcome to the list. It's a GREAT bunch of people. I joined in early 2003 and have been delighted ever since with all the help.

As for me, I was born and bred mostly in Ann Arbor, but spent my childhood in Escanaba. Mom's mother's family came from Kållby village in Pedersöre parish, near Jakobstad in northern Finland, to Metropolitan, Michigan, in 1892, and then on to Ashland, WI. (Dad was Irish and German from Bay City, MI.)

Anyway, I taught at Michigan and Wayne State law schools before coming to I.U. in 1974. Just retired and can now devote my time to those things I love, genealogy among them.

Best of luck with your family history search.

03-02-05, 23:59
Hi Jim! You don't happen to know a Janet Etchison or James & Cathy Jones? They are from Indiana, though they are more specifically from Plymouth, IN. Yes, so far I am loving the friendly people and the help I honestly did not realize how many Finlanders or descendents of Finns there really are! Come to think of it, I know a John Bailey who is good friends of my husband. Know him? ;-)

Karen Douglas
04-02-05, 16:38
Annette: It's possible. I do stop in at Rite-Aid once in awhile. If you've been in Lansing a long time, I was a feature writer and columnist for the State Journal, so my photo was in the paper every day. I left there about 6 years ago to work on a couple of books and do some freelance writing. By the way, are you familiar with the Scandinavian Society of Greater Lansing? It meets once a month at the Faith United Methodist Church on Waverly Road. I haven't gone in quite awhile, but still get their newsletter. I can give you some names to contact if you're interested.

Jim Bailey
04-02-05, 17:49
Hej, Annette ---

Sorry, the people you name are not familiar to me. But then, of course, the name Bailey is quite common. That's the problem with doing the genealogy on my Dad's side ... so many Baileys from Ireland, England, and Northern Ireland. My Dad's maternal side was Hurley, a bit less common, but you'd be amazed how many Jeremiah Hurleys there were in the 19th century.

I envy your location in Lansing, except in the winter when Indiana weather is somewhat milder. My family has a beautiful log cabin on the Au Sable River about 10 miles east of Grayling, and I am in love with the North Country ... but it is impossible to get there for just a weekend (6 hours or more in car each way). It would be so much easier to reach the North Woods from where you are.

All the best,

Shirley King
15-07-05, 19:55
Hi from another born Michigander!
Welcome Annette, to the Forum, where you will find loads of valuable information if you ask.
My family is from the Cadillac area. I have a sister living in Boon, and she also visits this forum, Alice Finnerty. I also have a sister in Fowlerville, who likes our geneology research, however doen't own a computer. One of her daughters works for U of M.
Alice and her son Aaron are planning their trip to Finland for the end of this month. I am sooooooo jealous:p . She has got loads of information to take with her and she better come back with loads more! This is her first trip, but there are many people here who go often, or at least have been there several times. Ask for advice when you get ready to go, and ask for information now. This is a great group of people who love to share!
Again, Welcome!!

Karen Douglas
16-07-05, 22:13
Hi Shirley, I only know one person from Cadillac but thought I would ask if you know him. His name is Ken Forsman, and his ancestry is Swedish. In fact, he built himself a "Swedish stuga" just outside Cadillac a few years ago.

Karen Douglas

Shirley King
17-07-05, 07:00
Hmmm, I don't but I bet my sis does. She knows everybody!