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Gary Sheffert
03-02-05, 22:40
I am trying to located the Finnish origin of Samuel Ludvig Nirva who lived in Ishpeming MI and immigrated in 1913, born around 1895. Social security application lists his parents as John Nirva and Fiina Jarvi, with birth in Finland, no town indicated. Any help would be appreciated.

Kim McIsaac
04-02-05, 00:09
Samuel Nirva and family is found in the 1930 Census for Ciyt of Ishpeming, Ward 2, page 63b. Living at the same household are his bro-in-laws ( Michael,Reuben,Robert RYSSO ans sis-in-law (Elsie RYSSO). The Rysso children have no parents listed with them in the household and ages are 8-16. Samuel is listed as an auto mechanic.

Karen Norwillo
04-02-05, 19:01
Ancestry.com has Samuel Nirva's WWI Draft Registration card.
He is 26 yrs. old, born 29 Feb 1891, from Kauhajoki, Finland. He is single, tall, slender, blue eyes, brown hair, works for the Cleveland Iron Co. His race is listed as Mongolian. He lived at 209 S. First St in Ishpeming.
SSDI gives his date of birth as 28 Feb 1891, died Jan 1946.
Son Roy Nirva, born 17 May, 1926, died Feb 1983, Ishpeming, MI

04-02-05, 20:13
The Hiski (http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski/culxai?en+0180+kastetut) listings for the surname Nirva shows several persons having the given name Samuel in Kauhajoki. The records on-line don't show information from the 1890's, but in the older material at least two Samuel Nirvas exist in Kauhajoki who could be the father or grandfather to your Samuel.

Maybe you should contact the parish and request some information? Ask on beforehand what it will cost.

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Margareta L
04-02-05, 23:53
I have a family:
Johan Samuelsson b. 21 Sept 1861 in Kurikka
wife Adolfina Thomasdtr. b. 11 Dec. 1866 in Kurikka
son, Samuel Ludvig b. 28 Feb. 1891 in Kauhajoki
daughter, Ellen Sofia b. 2 Sept. 1893 in Kauhajoki


Gary Sheffert
05-02-05, 02:57
Yes, I believe that is the Samuel Ludwig Nirva that I am searching. Thank you for replying. I can't believe how helpful and friendly the Finland Forum has been to me. Information I have so far is that Samuel's mother is Aadolfina (Fiina) Tuomaantytär Jarvi born 11 Dec 1866 in Kurikka. She married Juho (John) Yli-Nirva on 23 Jun 1889 and had children Samuel, Helmi, Viljo and Ellen Any additional information on the parentage of Fiina or Juho would be appreciated