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06-02-05, 20:18
I just saw a short presentation of Harry Manner in TV2 here in Finland. Nowadays he is a voluntary policeman in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Manner came as a young boy to the USA with his family in 1951. He was a news cameraman with Finnish tv correspondents Jussi Himanka and Pasi Rutanen in the USA and Vietnam.

He wrote, produced, directed, co-acted and filmed the first (and only?) Finnish-American film Kuparimaa (Copper country) in 1962, when he was only 24 years of age. The film tells the story of Finns mining for Copper in upper Michigan in the 19th century. Before starting his career making news reels, he toured all over USA showing his film at various halls.

The program gave a glimpse of Finns in the USA. There were many other Finns in the program, e.g. Jean Pellinen and the baker Jouko Vaskivuo.