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Dolores Luczak
03-02-05, 20:59
I am new to this site, I am looking for any information on my Grandparents from Finland.

Savola is my Grandfathers name, Antti, his wife was Liisa (Erickson) I believe, they came to U.S. in 1899, from Lappajarvi.

I would like any information possable.

I am also looking for my Maternal Grandparents,from Lappland and Tempere.

Hilja Salminen Elomaa

Walter Toivo Elomaa

Any help would be appreciated.


04-02-05, 17:40
Hi Dolores,

If you did not already know it seems like we can find him from the Emigrant Register. A passport was issued to the farmer's son Antti Savola from Lappajärvi on 17.12.1904

Detailed passport information
Last name
First names
Other names
Date of birth
. .1886
Marital status
Taloll. pka
Home parish
Passport date
Passport number
Passport valid (year:month)
Passport issued by

It is not consistent with your assumed year of emigration 1899, though. Do you know his first destination in the US? Is it possible that he made two trips?


05-02-05, 00:47
Hi Dolores and welcome to the Finlander Forum!

I grew up in Marquette and remember going to school with a Savola. The family also went to our church but I don't remember their names. The school mate was Steve and this would've been in middle school in the mid-70s. Haven't thought of the family in 30+ years so the details are kind of foggy! :(

Dolores Luczak
05-02-05, 02:17
Thank you so much for the information, you may be right about second trip.

I know that they were in Mohawk,Michigan before moving to to Trenary. He had a farm in Trenary.

Kevin, the I know the Steve you are talking about, but different family.His fathers name was Albert.

I also lived in Marquette, for many years.

Thanks for any information you provide for me.


05-02-05, 03:20
Hi Dolores,
Welcome to sfhs and I was just wondering, :), how far from the Trenary Bakery that farm was located?

Hmm, Trenary Toast :)

Do you have birthdates for those two? Did any of them speak Swedish? Maybe live in Champion so they could attend the Champion Finnish church?
I have Erickson's on the list for the UP Finnish born so a birthdate would make a big difference, if one or both were church members. My dbase has two Finnish lang churches amongst the Swedish speakers, in Crystal Falls and in Champion.

Chuck, formerly of North Lake who has spent a lot of time at Shelter Bay

05-02-05, 03:28
Is this your Andrew? This was found in Allouez Township, Keweenaw Co, MI in 1910. His immigration appears to be 189x, can't read that last number. Lizzie's seems to be 1900. The children are listed as well.

I ask only because this Andrew doesn't seem to be the same that Staffan found. I also quickly searched 1900, 1920 & 1930 but couldn't find anything obvious.

05-02-05, 04:18
I don't show any Savola ppl in the churches of the UP but they could still be there if the origins were not listed.

It won't be in any film at Swenson Swedish Center because they have no records for Keeweenaw County.


06-02-05, 22:47
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06-02-05, 23:21
Staffan is experiencing some difficulties in attempting to post so I'll post his message below:

"In the Emigrant register there is a Liisa Savola on 9.12.1899 from Finland to Negaunee, MI but she is only 3 years of age and travelling with her mother Hanna Savola.

There is a Mina Savola 23 years of age from Lappajärvi in the Ellis Island archives arriving on November 09, 1899 and going to Matti Aho, Hancock, Mich.

As far as I see the census record found by Kevin concerns the requested family."



Dolores Luczak
06-02-05, 23:59

The Lizzie is prob. Lissa, the mother, William is my grandfather, Born 1900 in Mowhaw, Olga his sister and Antti . they are all buried in Trenary, Mathias Township Cemetary in Alger county. Olga Nickel is buried in Limestone Township Alger County

I am also looking for Hilma Hannuskela (Matti). Belive she lived in Ewen.

Grandfathers Sister.Minna and Hilma are also his sisters as well as brother Juhn or John.

Any other info would be great.


Dolores Luczak
07-02-05, 00:08
The farm my grandparents lived on is located in Winters, about 3 miles east of Treanry. It is now owned by the Webber brothers.

My Granparents I belive moved to Trenary in 1916 and build the house that is still standing, and later when my grandfaters family grew 11 children, he build a small house for his parents Antti and Liisa.

And when my parents married they lived in the small house as well as I did when I was an infant.


07-02-05, 00:30
Here's Hilma and Matt in 1930 living in McMillan Township, Ontonagon County, Michigan.

(Had to cheat and go look on mapquest to see which county Ewen was in);)

07-02-05, 00:31
Is this John the brother? He was found in Marquette Township, Marquette County, Michigan.

Dolores Luczak
07-02-05, 00:52
Not sure with the John, I belive his wifes name was Emma (pira)

Thanks. I know John was older than my gandfather who was born 1900.

But I do know that at one time had lived in Princton, near Gwinn in route to Trenary.

I know John Jr. is buried in Trenary Cemetary, and There is a small cemetary, out in the country too. I will have to check it out this summer with my ditial camera.


Dolores Luczak
08-02-05, 15:29
Hi Kevin:

Do you have access to the alger county census of 1920, I believe my garndparent had moved to Alger county in 1916.

Annti, William, John Savola.

Erickson Eric Trenary

Hytinen Eric

Peitamaki Isacc Trenary Looking for a counis roots from Finlan

Thanks so muchl