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07-02-05, 19:58

I am looking for death dates and places for the following persons:

Anna Lisa Jakobsdotter Emtö,
born 18.8.1828 Emtö, Lepplax

and her parents:

Jacob Jacobsson Emtö,
born 26.5.1793 Lepplax, Pedersöre

married 21.2.1791 (where?)

Maria Eriksdotter Lillkassnäs,
born 18.10.1791 Sundby, Pedersöre

Is anyone familiar with these persons?

07-02-05, 21:10
Hi Sami,
I'm assuming you have incorrectly listed the marriage year between Jacob and Maria as it occurs before they were born. ;)

I found the following in HisKi under Pedersöre:
21.2.1813 Leplax Emtö Bs. Jacob Jacobsson Bdr Maria Eriksdr Sundby Lillkassnäs

I noticed they had quite a few children. There also appears another Jacob Jacobsson at Emtö with wife Maja in the birth records during the 1820s.

07-02-05, 21:35
Thanks Kevin,

Seems that when you type enough late at night, the numbers might change place. :eek:

Some genealogy software seem to have checking and warnings for such illogical dates.


Jaska Sarell
07-02-05, 22:01
Originally posted by kpaavola
... There also appears another Jacob Jacobsson at Emtö with wife Maja in the birth records during the 1820s.

Maria and Maja (even Maija) are equal names, Maja a bit more colloquial version. If all else matches, as in this particular case, you can safely assume that they mean one person!

:) Jaska

June Pelo
07-02-05, 22:50
In my database I have Anna Lisa Jakobsdotter Emtö, b. 18 Aug 1828, Lepplax, Pedersöre, daughter of Jakob Jakobsson Emtö, 1803-1871, married 1826 to Maja Lisa Jakobsdotter Lillstara, 1800-. I received this data from someone else - is it in error?

I also have Jakob Jakobsson Emtö, 1793 - married 1813 to Maria Eriksdotter Lillkassnäs, 1791 -. They had a daughter Maja Greta Jakobsdotter, b. 14 Aug 1820, Pedersöre, who married 1846 to Matts Andersson Neckman, b. 1820, Nykarleby.


07-02-05, 23:27
Originally posted by Jaska Sarell
If all else matches, as in this particular case, you can safely assume that they mean one person!

In this case, I don't believe they're the same person....different patronymics and they both had children born close together. Just thought I'd mention that there were two as at first glance they seemed maybe the same parents.;)

Jaska Sarell
07-02-05, 23:59

You are right, there's also Maja Lisa (AKA Maria Elisabet) Jacobsdotter, which I missed. I noted only the Maja Ersdr in 1820, which is the same Maria Eriksdotter :confused:

:) Jaska

20-03-05, 21:37

It seems to be tricky to find the death dates for these individuals, because the Pedersöre books of dead are in HisKi only until 1854 and these peaople obviously lived longer. Actually I found from HisKi some children for Jacob Jacobsson that died young:
+ Jacob Jacobsson 6.2.1822 (6 years)
+ Johannes Jacobsson 14.7.1822 (6 months)
+ Niklas Jakobsson 9.12.1847 (6 years)

However death dates of Jacob Jacobsson and Maria Eriksdotter are still unknown.

Judging fom the surname, the family seems to have stayed roughly in the same place, since I have the same missing death date also for their daughter:
Anna Lisa Jakobsdotter Emtö, born 18.8.1828 Emtö, Lepplax, Pedersöre, died _._.___ ____

...and Anna Lisa's son:
Johan Andersson Emtö, born 23.9.1854 Lepplax, Pedersöre, died _._.___ ____

Warmest regards,

22-04-05, 10:49
Hi June,

Coming still back to this matter, I think you have an error in your database (I have also access to Talko now), because in HisKi there is only one Anna Lisa born 18.8.1828 in Pedersöre (direct quote):

Born Christ. Village House Father Mother

18.8.1828 20.8.1828 Läpplax Emtö B. Jacob Jac.son Maria Ersdr. 37 Anna Lisa

So it looks like Anna Lisa's mother was Maria Eriksdotter (Lillkassnäs), not Maja Lisa Jacobsdotter (Lillstara).


June Pelo
22-04-05, 22:57
It can be confusing, but there were two men with the same names, but different parents. I have both in my database:

Jacob Jacobsson Emtö, b. 1793, (son of Jacob Thomasson Emtö) married 21 Feb 1813 in Sundby, Pedersöre to Maria Eriksdotter Lillkassnäs, b. 1795, and they had a daughter Maja Greta Jacobsdotter, b. 1820.

Jakob Jakobsson Emtö, b. 1803-1871, (son of Jakob Andersson Emtö), married 25 Apr 1826 in Lepplax, Pedersöre to Maja Lisa Jakobsdotter Lillstara, b. 1800. They had a daughter Anna Lisa Jakobsdotter, b. 1828.

The above marriages can be found in "Längd över vigde i Pedersöre församling åren 1723-1908.


June Pelo
24-04-05, 20:50

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