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07-02-05, 20:01
Hi again,

Does anyone know the death date and place for this person?

Brita Johansdotter Slotte
born 7.4.1818 Slotte, Kronoby

(married with Simon Hansson Holmqvist b. 6.12.1814 Finne, Lepplax d. 24.5.1881 Kronoby)


20-03-05, 20:58
I will extend this question a bit further, in case someone sees a familiar name... and has Brita's details also.

Brita's and Simon's other surnames probably were Finnare and Storå.

They had a daughter:
Anna-Greta Simonsdr Storå, born 29.10.1846 Storå, Kronoby, died 23.7.1913 Litens, Larsmo.

Brita's parents were:
Johan Danielsson Ruddnäs, Slotte, born3.8.1792 Kronoby, died 17.6.1843 Kronoby.
Married 24.7.1814 Koronoby, with
Maria Andersdr Tranabäck-Hiort, born 23.11.1776 Kronoby, died 25.6.1840 Kronoby.


01-09-05, 11:00
Hi all,

I contacted Kronoby Parish and got the missing death date from their records. Some of you had this person in the Talko without the death date. Also they told that the correct birthdate is 19th, not 7.4.1818.

For your information:
Brita Johansdotter Slotte b. 19.4.1818, d. 6.4.1901.