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07-02-05, 22:58
Looking for help on finding info on great-grandparents from Finland. My great-grandmother name was Sanna Sironen born in Evijarvi approx. 5-13-1872. I'm just starting this side of my familiy in Finland. I just finnished the Swedish side of the family.
I have not much on them.
Heres what I have Herman Anderson Sironen from Evijarvi
vassa coeni Finland this writing is faded and hard to read. It might not be the correct letters.

Also have Herman Antin Anderson
with family name Karhunako which was changed to Anderson

Also have something that says Korkolessa Hurti 27th 1891

Talakkaan, picka Herman Antin picka Sironen

10-02-05, 04:38
Hi and welcome to sfhs!

It seems you are saying the Swedish side is incomplete. If so, I have free access to Swedish church microfilms so might be able to find them if they joined. Just need names, birthdates if you have them, town and state in USA where they first went. The more info the better.
As to your Finnish side, might be some Swede-Finns there so we might find them here also and that may lead to Finnish parishes that you don't know about.
My UP of Michigan dbase has two totally Finnish speaking church records, for Crystal Falls and for Champion. The rest are Swedish speaking churches.


10-02-05, 05:53
Hi Granskane
Sorry about the message looking like the Swedish side is not complete.
THat side is. It's my finnnish side thats not complete
The parish is called Evijarvi aleast thats what I'm guessing .
I don't have any time period when g-greatparents came to US..
They settled in Virginia Minnesota. Then moved to rural area

Makinien, MN. I do know they where both born in Findland
according to the census reports by did'nt give place in Finland
Sure would appreciate any help seems like no one has responded
o far for my crys of help!

The year 1891 was written on paper with other things I wrote about maybe thi

s is the year they left Findland.

Well thanks for the help

10-02-05, 06:20
Virginia - Apostolic ("Lutheran & Heideman")

Virginia - Independent
Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church

Virginia - National
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran National Congregation

Virginia - Suomi Synod
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church

Virginia - Suomi Synod
Zion Lutheran Church

I found the list at the finngen website. I imagine those records at are Hancock MI at the Finnish center..

At Swenson are films for :
but if they did not speak Swedish, it's likely not much of a chance locating them there.

10-02-05, 06:27
Unfortunately hiski records only are up to about 1840 but the name seems to be that of a farm. Check the attachment.


10-02-05, 08:07
Hi Granskane

Thanks for church info for the area, but why would they (the church have info on my relatives) maybe they weren't religious.

What is Vaasa a province? Would Evijarvi if its the parish have records like the sweds do of people leaving the village to go to US. I'm going to have to try to get relatives citizen ship papers if any to find a area in Findland of departure. And hope it does't take the government a life time to reply.

I remember of some one telling me years ago that they arrived in
Iron Mountain Michigan but thats all I know. I'll start with what you 've given me . My goal is to have the g-greatparents on the family tree finished before May 21 2005 so I can do a chart for my nephews wedding present.

10-02-05, 11:05
Some information seems to be within the passport and passenger lists


Passport records: born

Sironen Herman . .1861
Sironen Herman . .1875

Passenger lists
departure date
Sironen Herman 27.09.1913

Anyone who has full access can check the details. Staffan?

10-02-05, 11:59
Hiski has lots of Sironen -people in Evijärvi - and the Anders name is a frequent one.
Your ancestors probably can be found from this list but the final link is still missing.

Source: http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski

Born Christened Village/Farm Father Mother Child
7.7.1830 11.7.1830 Sironen B.måg. Matts Eliass. Otter Lisa Ersdr. 29 Maria
13.10.1831 14.10.1831 Sironen B.måg. Matts Otter Lisa Ersdr. 30 Matts
12.5.1832 13.5.1832 Sironen B.måg. Anders Larss. Anna Ericsdr. 18 Eric
31.5.1832 31.5.1832 Sironen B.s. Anders And.son Lisa Ericsdr 18 Eric
13.6.1832 17.6.1832 Sironen Johan Kivikangas Sironen Lisa Ericsdr. 40 Lisa
26.4.1834 27.4.1834 Sironen Bd. Anders Larsson Anna Brita Ersdr. 18 Lisa
18.8.1834 19.8.1834 Sironen Bd. Anders Anderss. Lisa Ericsdr. 20 Maria
15.7.1835 16.7.1835 Sironen Bd. Anders Larsson Anna Eriksdr. 21 Lisa
29.8.1835 30.8.1835 Sironen - Inh.e:an dej. Caisa Eriksdr. Sironen 21 Jacob
original - TALLKOMM: o.ä.
8.12.1835 9.12.1835 Sironen B.s. Anders And:s. Lisa Eriksdr. 21 Erik
7.5.1836 8.5.1836 Sironen B.måg. Matts Eliaeson Lisa Eriksdr. 34 Elias
5.7.1836 7.7.1836 Sironen Bd. Johan Kivikangas Lena Lisa Ericsdr. 44 Maria
13.1.1837 15.1.1837 Sironen B.måg. Joseph Josephss. Brita Ericsdr. 18 Erik
8.2.1837 9.2.1837 Sironen B.s. Anders And.s. Lisa Eriksdr. 21 Matts
21.4.1838 22.4.1838 Sironen B.måg. Matts Eliaeson Lisa Ericsdr. 36 Elias
11.5.1839 12.5.1839 Sironen Bd. Anders Larsson Anna Eriksdr 23 Maria
31.5.1839 2.6.1839 Sironen B.måg. Josef Josefss. Brita Eriksdr. 20.25 Maria
12.8.1839 13.8.1839 Sironen B.s. Anders And:s. Lisa Eriksdr. 25.30 Maria
30.12.1839 30.12.1839 Sironen - Dej. Caisa Eriksdr 20.25 Lisa
original - TALLKOMM: o.ä
23.6.1840 24.6.1840 Sironen B.s. Elias Andersson Caisa Mattsdr. 23 Lisa
15.10.1840 18.10.1840 Sironen Bd. Anders Larsson Sironen Anna Eriksdr 25.30 Anna
23.6.1840 24.6.1840 Sironen B.s. Elias Andersson Caisa Mattsdr. 23 Lisa
31.3.1841 1.4.1841 Sironen Bd. Matts Eliaeson Lisa Eriksdr. 37 Lisa
29.10.1841 31.10.1841 Sironen B.s. Anders And.son Lisa Eriksdr. 25.30 Erik
8.2.1842 8.2.1842 Sironen Bd. Anders Larsson Anna Eriks dr. 25-30 Erik
24.5.1842 29.5.1842 Sironen B.s. Elias Andersson Caisa And:dr 26 Anders
11.6.1842 12.6.1842 Sironen B.måg Josef Josefss. Brita Eriks dr. 22 Lisa
16.7.1842 17.7.1842 Sironen B.s. Erik Mattsson Lisa Thomas dr. 25-30 Caisa
22.4.1843 23.4.1843 Sironen Bd. Anders Lasrsson Anna Eriksdr. 29 Anna
7.7.1843 7.7.1843 Sironen Drg. Joh. Gust. Juttuniemi Caisa Eriksdr. 29 Caisa,n.d.T s.d
12.10.1843 12.10.1843 Sironen B.s. Elias Andersson Caisa Mattsdr. 27 Lisa
4.3.1844 5.3.1844 Sironen Anders Anderss. Lisa Eriksdr. 29 Jacob
18.5.1844 19.5.1844 Sironen Bd. Matts (End.orig.) Eriksson Lisa Thom.dr. 27 Matts
25.6.1844 25.6.1844 Sironen Drg. Johan Gust. Jacobss. Juttuniemi Caisa Eriksdr. 25-30 Seraphia
20.11.1844 24.11.1844 Sironen Bd. Matts Mattsson Greta Eriksdr. 29 Anna
22.1.1845 25.1.1845 Sironen Bd. Anders Larsson Anna Ersdr. 21 Greta
30.11.1845 1.12.1845 Sironen Sexman Anders And:son Lisa Eroksdr. 30-35 Anders
2.12.1845 3.12.1845 Sironen Bd. Erik Mattsson Lisa Thomasdr. 25-30 Maria
26.9.1846 27.9.1846 Sironen B.s. Elias Andersson Caisa Mattsdr. 30-35 Wilhelmina (+)
18.12.1846 20.12.1846 Sironen Bd. Matts Mattsson Greta Eriksdr. 30-35 Caisa
20.6.1847 21.6.1847 Sironen Sexm. Anders Anderss. Lisa Ericsdr. 30-35 Anna
24.12.1847 26.12.1847 Sironen Bd. Eric Mattsson Lisa Thoms.dr. 30-35 Matts
27.7.1848 28.7.1848 Sironen 62 B.s. Elias Anderss. Caisa Mattsdr. 30-35 Wilhelmina
1.9.1848 2.9.1848 Sironen 64 Bd. Anders Larsson Anna Ericsdr. 30-35 Hanna
17.2.1849 17.2.1849 Sironen 65 Bd. Matts Mattsson Greta Eriksdr. 30-35 Matts (+)
20.5.1849 21.5.1849 Sironen 62 Sexm. Anders And:son Lisa Ericsdr. 35-40 Lisa
20.5.1849 21.5.1849 Sironen 66 B.s. Eric Mattson Maria Thom.dr. 20-25 Lisa (+)
10.11.1849 11.11.1849 Sironen 63 Afl. Johan Kivikankangas Maja St. Mattsdr. 30-45 Johan (+)
9.12.1849 9.12.1849 Sironen 63 Bd. Eric Mattsson Lisa Thom:dr. 30-35 Wilhelmina
29.8.1850 1.9.1850 Sironen B.s. Eric Mattsson Maria Thom.dr. 20-25 Matts

10-02-05, 19:42
I just looked at the christening list but all of this new info will be helpful.
It is a puzzle why my christened list was shorter than Hasse's list.


10-02-05, 20:06
These were only from 1830 onwards... All and all there could be found around 150+ people born ath the Siironen location.

10-02-05, 20:07
The first Herman Sironen was from Karstula and the second one from Saarijärvi. I can post the detailed information if it is of interest. There was only one Sironen from Evijärvi. She was Hanna Sironen:

Detailed passport information from the Emigrant register http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/emreg/index_e.php of the Institute of Migration

Last name
First names
Other names
Date of birth
. .1880
Marital status
Taloll. tr
Home parish
Passport date
Passport number
Passport valid (year:month)
Passport issued by
Sp tytär Tyne. Pso Amerikassa.

Remarks transl.: With the same passport her daughter Tyne. Spouse in America.


10-02-05, 20:14
There are indeed quite many Sironen from Evijärvi in the passport records. The previous record was only the one in which the first name starts with the letter H

Last name
First names
Passport date
Date of birth
Home parish
. .1885
. .1879
. .1900
. .1869
. .1869
. .1880
. .1880
. .1888
. .1901
. .1880
. .1869
. .1871
. .1889
. .1883
. .1901
. .1885

Sorry for the bad formatting of the text. You can of course also view it in original form at the Emigrant register of the Institute of Migration.

10-02-05, 21:41
Originally posted by granskare
It is a puzzle why my christened list was shorter than Hasse's list.

More than likely, it appears you entered Sironen in the "Last Name" field whereas Hasse used the field "Place: Village/Farm".

When searching HisKi, it's always best to try both and to also use fewer characters when searching. This helps to return spelling variations though there can be more to search through.

Karen Norwillo
10-02-05, 23:28
On Ancestry.com, I found many Sironen entries. 1930 Census for Superior, Douglas, WI. shows a Sironen, Herman, age 52, married, Finland, to US 1890, laborer in grain elevator. Wife Ida, 51, Finn, to US 1903, daughter Ruth L, age 20, single, wrapper in bakery.
Minnesota Death Index lists a Herman Sironen, St. Louis county, died 9 Oct 1930
Minnesota Naturalization Records 1854-1957 shows a Herman Sironen, reel 8, code 217, vol. 15, page 119
There are lots of Sironen's in Maple Grove, Manistee, Michigan
Many references to an Erick Sironen in Virginia, St Louis, MN and his wife Bertha and family, but no Herman.
I couldn't find a Sanna Sironen at all, tried Hanna and Anna, but none linking with a Herman.
Found an Ida S Sironen, born 10 Feb 1879 and died 15 Apr 1967.

10-02-05, 23:50
Hi to every one who's out there helping.

Herman and Sanna had lots of children in the US. About 12 that lived. I have info on them but none on Herman and Sanna Anderson.
They had 3 children born in MN. before 1900 And many after.
Here's what I have.

Carl O Anderson born in MN.
on Sept 20 1897

Herman (Jr.) Anderson Sept. 1 1895
born in MN.

Helia Anderson born May 9 1899

On Carls Anderson death certificate it gives maiden name of mother as Sanna Mattson instead of Sironen.
The info I have on her is born 5-13-1872 in Finland.
Died 12-20-1944

I have a birth certificate filed in 1903 by Sanna and Herman Anderson for a son born who's name was Eli Elmer Anderson
it say age of parent at birth of son was Sanna Sironen 34 years
birth place Findland
Herman was 40 and born in Findland.
This makes their year of birth fo Herman Anderson in 1863 and Sanna Sironen 34 born in 1869 which differs from what I have for her . I need to go to work will check in later

Karen Norwillo
11-02-05, 04:46
Now that I know I am looking for Anderson in the census, I found the family in the 1900, 1920 and 1930 census. 1900 they were in Virginia, St Louis, MN. Hermans birth is listed as Jan 1867, he is 33, to US 1890, a miner. S???, can't make out her spelling, obviously misspelled, born March or May 1872, to US 1890, son Herman, Nov 1894 in MN is 5, son Carl Oscar, Oct 1896, MN, 3 and Hilia, May 1899 is 1.
1920 Census has them in Township 56, St Louis, MN
Anderson, Herman, 54, to US 1891, farmer
Anderson, Sara or Sana, 49, 1891
Herman, 24,MN, single, laborer, home farm
Carl O, 23,s, MN,teamster, lumber camp
Hilia, 20, s, MN,servant, private family
Eli E, 19, s, MN, teamster, lumber camp
Leander, 14, s, MN
Andrew, 13, s, MN
Arthur, 12, s, MN
Nils or Milo, 10, s, MN
Edwin, 6, s, MN
Helen, 3, s, MN
They live on Morrison Rd.
1930 Census, same place, They list Herman as German, but it's clearly Herman. He's 64, still a farmer, says US 1895 this time, married at age 30. Sanna is ?56, married at 22. Leander is 25, Arthur is 21, Milo is 19, Edwin is 17, boys all work on the farm. Lists youngest as Ellen, 13.

11-02-05, 05:19
Thanks for church info for the area, but why would they (the church have info on my relatives) maybe they weren't religious.

As you suggest, if they did not join a church, we would have no information about them. The genealogist at Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in town has told me that only about 35% of emigrants joined a church.

Those that did not join usually had their children baptized and confirmed and they often were married in the church or by the pastor.

Thus if people are difficult to find, the church record can be of great value. I once found a Swedish-Finn family in a St Louis County, MN church based on the name and birthdate of the child. The guy in Sweden was astonished to learn of the new and unrelated surname the family had chosen.

Church records are valuable. So far it appears to me that the civil lists are working well for you:)


11-02-05, 07:42
Hi to all helping
The census records are the Andersons I'm looking for but the collectors back then sure do record the wrong info from people .
I did the Federal census for 2000 and my bosses demanded accurate info.I don't have paid sites. to look into for dates they came to US.'
But Sanna Anderson name seems to alway be misspelled.
Now at least
I've got a start. Hope Ellis Island has info on them.
If any body has access to Naturalization papers it would help also. Thanks everyone I sure do appreciate the help and any help will be used.UNTIL NEXT TIME

Karen Norwillo
11-02-05, 19:16
On the MN Death Index, Sanna Anderson died 1 Apr 1924 in St Louis County. Same info found on the St Louis MN GenWeb site. Found a few possible dates of death for Herman Anderson, 15 Nov 1931, 15 Nov 1935, 9 Apr 1936, 17 Sep 1951, 20 Nov 1963 and 26 Feb 1965, all in St Louis Cty. Herman a common name. MN Naturalization Index shows 1 Herman Anderson, but since there were several, no way to know if it's yours. Historical archives for St Louis County are at Northeast MN Historical Center Library 375
University of MN-Duluth
Duluth, MN 55812 Good luck, Karen N

11-02-05, 20:00
Hi Karen

Thanks for info

I have a death cert. for Sanna Anderson for the year Dec. 20 1944
in st.louis cty. Died in Duluth MN hospital from accidental fall in home. So the Sanna you found can't be the one.But the Hermans
you found the one for Nov. !935 must be him Some of this dates I've collected for years have come from the head stones in the cemetaries.I'm going to check in Virginia MN it has a Family History Center there. I think its like the one in Duluth MN.
Thanks Again I'm getting closer to completing my nephews wedding present.

Jaska Sarell
11-02-05, 22:55
Hei flicka!

The main books (communion books) of Evijärvi are not available at the National Archives in Helsinki, but until 1861. But they have "children's books" 1874-1889. I found your Herman at Sironen farm - there's no other suitable person to fit your ancestor. He was born 7th December, 1865 - parents Anders Mattsson and Lisa Eliasdotter. Since birth records extend to 1868 and Sanna's place of birth is unknown, there was no idea trying to do any guesswork.
Attached part of Anders Mattsson Sironen's children.

:) Jaska

11-02-05, 23:03
The lutheran church at Virginia was a small reel so I checked page by page because it didn't have an index for the old book. Then came the new book with an index and there was Herman Anderson! alas, he was a Swedish guy so not your man.
I also checked baptismal records because you mentioned many children. Unfortunately the book began with 1910 so the early ones are not to be found. I continued until about 1925 and didn't find them so they must have had baptisms done elsewhere.
I also looked into the covenant church but not very closely. The records were difficult without an index.


Jaska Sarell
11-02-05, 23:18
Anders Mattsson was born at Pitkäkangas farm:

25.11.1840 27.11.1840 Pitkäkank. nyb. Nyb.s. Matts Mattss. Greta Eriksdr. 25 Anders
and Lisa Eliasdotter at Joutsen farm:

25.12.1845 26.12.1845 Jouhten Bd. Elias Abramsson Maria Joh.dr. 35-40 Lisa
Note: They used dialectic form Jouhten for Joutsen at times (means swan).

Anders and Lisa were married in 28th January, 1865 (see attachment). Anders' parents first lived at Pitkäkangas, later at Sironen where wife Greta originated from.
I have Greta Eriksdotter Sironen's parents in my database with connections to common ancestors like Hyytinen, Kultalahti, Strang and Spangar.

:) Jaska

Jaska Sarell
11-02-05, 23:23
Attachment of marriage record was lost somewhere. Trying again.
:) Jaska

15-02-05, 09:54
Hi Jaska

I could't read the posting on Herman 's parents very well. Did he have siblings.
Also Sanna Anderson his wife I've got a area of birth listed as öja
Could this be true?

Is it possible to get ancestrial chart on the early relatives
before them.Or is this as far as the records go. I really would like to find out when they came to the US.and where they departed from in Finland so I could trace their path in the US.

Thanks a whole lot for everything

Flicka (Lori)

Jaska Sarell
15-02-05, 14:02
Hi Lori,

So Sanna wasn't from Evijärvi, but from Öja! Hopefully somebody on the forum can help you there.
I'm trying to guess what your first message says:

Also have something that says Korkolessa Hurti 27th 1891 Talakkaan, picka Herman Antin picka Sironen
That may be marriage in Kokkola April 27th 1891; with farmer's son Herman Antinpoika Sironen. Written in Finnish (Kokkolassa, huhti, talokkaan poika).

Herman had at least younger brothers Aleksander and Matts, the rest of the record is unclear. Couldn't know anything about them, but I may try to find a few generations backwards.

:) Jaska

15-02-05, 19:16
Hi Jaska

Youv'e made my morning!

Sanna is sure driving me crazy. Wish she was'nt so hard to find
I've not gotten to Family History Center in Virginia MN its 180 miles away by my sisters house. Won't be going to visit her until
maybe next week. Isn't there records after 1868 in Evijarvi. TO show what Herman and Sanna were up to in the area.
You can't beleive how greatly I appreciate all this I'll have to get you address and send you a nice gift. Thanks so much. Where do I post info about öja?

Jaska Sarell
16-02-05, 00:18
Originally posted by flicka
Isn't there records after 1868 in Evijarvi.
Certainly they exist, but unfortunately not yet in the National Archives in Helsinki. The situation varies a lot depending on the parish.
As to Öja, I don't even know when the parish was established or whether it was still part of Karleby during Sanna's birth. Let's see, if some more knowledgeable forum participant appears.
But for Herman's ancestors I can do some additional search during my next archive visit on Friday. Plenty of earlier stuff is already researched in the area, only some links need to be found and verified...

:) Jaska

16-02-05, 05:59
HI jaska

thanks so much anything you can do is appreciated

Jaska Sarell
18-02-05, 22:27
Lori! Here is a simple ahnentafel for Herman + four generations:

# Name Birth date Birth place Married Died
1 Herman Antinpoika Sironen 07.12.1865 Evijärvi
2 Antti Matinpoika Sironen 25.11.1840 Evijärvi 28.01.1865
3 Liisa Eliaantytär Joutsen 25.12.1845 Evijärvi 28.01.1865
4 Matti Matinpoika Pitkäkangas 11.02.1816 Evijärvi 29.11.1834
5 Reetta Erkintytär Sironen 13.06.1815 Evijärvi Haapajärvi 29.11.1834
6 Elias Abrahaminpoika Norrena 15.11.1803 Evijärvi Ena 09.11.1824
7 Maria Juhontytär Joutsen 03.11.1808 Evijärvi Ena 09.11.1824
8 Matti Mikonpoika Pesonen 29.08.1789 Evijärvi Särkijärvi 03.11.1811
9 Liisa Juhontytär Nabb 21.10.1782 Evijärvi 03.11.1811
10 Erkki Esanpoika Sironen 17.01.1777 Evijärvi Haapajärvi 20.11.1796 20.10.1845
11 Liisa Erkintytär Kuivasniemi 22.03.1779 Evijärvi 20.11.1796 25.07.1844
12 Abraham Tuomaanpoika Norrena 29.12.1771 Evijärvi Ena 19.10.1794 26.12.1841
13 Liisa Erkintytär Norrkultalahti 14.04.1775 Evijärvi kk 19.10.1794 30.12.1840
14 Juho Tuomaanpoika Söderena 22.11.1776 Evijärvi Ena 24.01.1808 25.10.1844
15 Liisa Matintytär Söderkniivilä 19.10.1780 Evijärvi Ena 24.01.1808 09.11.1848
16 Mikko Juhonpoika Pesonen 12.09.1754 Lappajärvi Särkijärvi 16.10.1826
17 Liisa Paavontytär Sauna-aho 07.08.1759 Lappajärvi Purmojärvi 13.04.1803
18 Juho Jaakonpoika Nabb 21.03.1752 Lappajärvi Ena 03.12.1808
19 Liisa Simontytär Svedjebacka 03.07.1758 Lappajärvi Ena
20 Esa Esanpoika Sironen 01.11.1743 Lappajärvi Evijärvi 11.06.1764 21.10.1813
21 Anna Paavontytär Karvonen 02.03.1747 Lappajärvi Evijärvi 11.06.1764 15.09.1830
22 Erkki Tuomaanpoika Kuivasniemi 25.02.1749 Lappajärvi Evijärvi 07.11.1773 14.03.1814
23 Liisa Juhontytär Storkivi 07.09.1752 Lappajärvi Purmojärvi 07.11.1773 21.05.1842
24 Tuomas Tuomaanpoika Norrena 13.12.1732 Lappajärvi Ena 28.04.1815
25 Marketta Matintytär Söderkniivilä 17.04.1735 Lappajärvi Evijärvi 02.03.1812
26 Erkki Sakarinpoika Norrkultalahti 27.08.1750 Lappajärvi Evijärvi 03.11.1771 19.05.1805
27 Riitta Juhontytär Näätälahti 22.07.1752 Lappajärvi Kerttuankylä 03.11.1771 02.10.1828
28 Tuomas Laurinpoika Tuikkala 12.03.1742 ? (Lohtaja Lestijärvi) 23.04.1775 01.07.1809
29 Anna Antintytär Viisala 24.11.1746 Lappajärvi Purmojärvi 23.04.1775 04.08.1823
30 Matti Matinpoika Söderkniivilä __.__.1759 Lappajärvi Evijärvi 10.01.1779
31 Maria Juhontytär Yliklemettilä __.__.1758 Lapua 10.01.1779
The names are in Finnish form, since some details are based on family books following that convention, though the original records were kept in Swedish until abt 1880 even in these undoubtedly Finnish speaking parishes. Sorry about the inconvinience :confused:
The "surnames" stated are farm names (in case you wonder...)

:) Jaska

19-02-05, 18:02
Hi Jaskas
Thank You ever so much! I've got tears in my eyes .
I've been doing my family tree for 20 years but with out the aid of the computer age. I just brought one for Christmas last year in 2003. And trying to learn how to look things up . With the help of people like you I'll be able to give my nephew a really great wedding present that can be treasured for years. Please let me know what I owe you.Or at least let me send a gift.

I can't wait to show my sisters and brother.The Finnish side of us
is almost complete except for Sanna (Mattson)(Sirenen) Anderson. I'm hoping the naturalization record can help me out as soon as I can get to the place of look up. Once again Thank you so much for all your time and the great amount of effort you showed in doing the research.
PS. I viewed your web site and tryed to e-mail you but it was rejected. If you ever need things looked up in Northern Minnesota just give howler

Jaska Sarell
20-02-05, 10:09
PS. I viewed your web site and tryed to e-mail you but it was rejected.
My web site is rather outdated :(
The email link should work again. Trying to hide working address has had no effect whatsoever in reducing junk mail, so I returned it back to normal.

:) Jaska