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June Pelo
08-02-05, 23:10
I have a request for help from someone searching for his grandfather's family in Purmo:

Matt Edson, b. 12 Apr 1880, Purmo, to the US 1900. Nothing is known about his parents. The birthdate was copied from his naturalization paper. I searched Talko, but didn't find anyone named Matt born on that date. Can someone help?



08-02-05, 23:40
I might be able to find somebody at Swenson if you have a town and state.

btw: We have some Edson ppl who live in this area:)


June Pelo
09-02-05, 02:20
I've been given some more data:

Matt Edvartson, b.12 Apr 1880, Purmo
Gust Edvartson, b. 19 Jan 1876, Finland

They were born to ? Edvartson and Lena Forman? and emigrated under the name Edvartson. Matt took the name Edson and Gust used the name Edison in the US.

Gust lived on Central Ave., Duluth, and was a member of the Order of Runeberg. Died 1960, Duluth.

Matt lived on 51st Ave., Duluth in 1918 and later moved to Flint, MI. Died 1950, Flint, MI.


June Pelo
09-02-05, 02:34
Forgot to mention that he filed a Declaration of Intention in Detroit - it wasn't a Naturalization paper. He said he was going to visit his brother - must have been Gust. He indicated that he was born in "Pormo, Finland".


09-02-05, 20:18
Hi June,
Good news for Matts also in the same Duluth church and in Flint but Gust first.
The image will be difficult to see online so here are his particulars as written in the church member book. Notice he is not listed with a family.
Gust Edson, born Purmo June 9 1876 or maybe January or even July. The months were entered in script so probably your January but not the 19th in the book!

If you send me your postal address by email, I will send the fotocopies to you for your records.


09-02-05, 20:20
Hi June,
Now for Matts. I found him at Bethel Lutheran, same church as Gust, and in Flint I found him at Salem Lutheran.

I think these will be easier to read online.


14-02-05, 09:29
Hi June,
In the 1910 census I found the following listings
EDSON Matt age 30 b. Fin St Louis County 7-WD Duluth T624-roll 725 part 2 page 158A MN
EDSTROM Gustaf age 34 b.Fin St Louis 7-WD Duluth 725 2 153A MN
Perhaps someone could look these up on the census for you.

The St Louis County Death Index has a listing for Gust EDISON in 1960 http://www.rootsweb.com/~mnstloui/195074e1.htm
Last NameFirst Name Mid Date of Death Cert. Comments/Location
EDISON GUST NA 12/28/1960 90071 BP - REEL#3

On the MN Death Index the County of death listed is Carlton
1960-MN-002227, GUST, , EDISON, , 01/19/1876, 12/28/1960, OUT OF STATE, CARLTON, UNKNOWN,

At the MN Birth Index Matts son Eskel's birth can be found and http://people.mnhs.org/bci/?CFID=1182186&CFTOKEN=54428310
At SSDI his death
Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued
ESKEL EDSON 24 Mar 1907 Jan 1976 48624 (Gladwin, Gladwin, MI) (none specified) 379-07-6280 Michigan
EDWARD O EDSON 28 Jun 1921 23 Feb 2003 (V) 48506 (Flint, Genesee, MI) (none specified) 381-18-1502 Michigan

ST L DIndex EDSON Mildred Marion 09/06/1909 719
MN D Index EDSON Mildred Marion #1909-MN-021658 St Louis

At the Iron Range Research Centre Matt & Selma Edson Alien Registrations & 2 Gust Edison naturalizations can be found


June Pelo
15-02-05, 01:32
Thank you all for the data. The Edson family is overwhelmed with the amount of data you've found. Only one child of Matt Edson still survives and she can't believe how much data can be found on the Internet.


16-02-05, 00:21
baptism of Edna Greta Maria Edson, daughter of Matts and Selma with sponsors being interesting for sure.

16-02-05, 00:24
I put the finding of this one to dumb luck. I was expecting maybe something about 1900 - the book began 1910 so I almost didn't continue but here it is.
The only listing for Fryklund.