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June Pelo
12-02-05, 00:13
I have another search and don't have much info:

Ellen Lassila, b. ca 1915 in Aberdeen, WA. Her actual birthdate isn't known. Her father was Andrew E. Lassila, ssn 532-07-7779 DOD 11/24/56 DOB 1/8/1885 came to US approx. 1905. He had a relative by the name of John Hannula who was a Pall Bearer at his funeral. Andrew E. married Ina Lassila, DOB 2/17/85 DOD 11/30/66 SSN 532-07-7779 (or 7798, first 7 is a type over) born in Finland, no town or region specified, father's name Peter Heittala. Ina was a seamstress in Aberdeen and Hoquiam. I know Lassila can be found all over Finland, and we have no idea where he was born. Ellen Lassila married Glenn Godfrey Smith and their son Glenn was born 1933.

I know this is rambling, but this is what was sent to me with a request for help. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.



12-02-05, 00:26
Hi June,
For starters, here's the family as found in the 1930 census living in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, Washington.

"Elia A" is listed as a laborer in a lumber mill with an immigration year of 1902.

Wife Ina is listed as a dressmaker for a private family with an immigration year of 1905.

Ellen is 14, so a birth year of 1915 is probably correct.

12-02-05, 00:27
the "29" in the far right column is their ages at time of marriage. They were both 29 so it's safe to assume they married in 1913 or 1914, depending on what month their birthdays are in.

June Pelo
12-02-05, 02:52
Thanks,Kevin. Every little bit adds to our knowledge.


12-02-05, 05:50
Here are some more pieces of the puzzle for you. I've included John Hannula, in case they're interested.

12-02-05, 05:51
One more image...

12-02-05, 05:52
Here's Lassila from 1920

12-02-05, 05:55
The 1920 census was enumerated on Jan 7, 1920. Ellen is listed as 4 yrs 9 months, so her birth date is April 1915. That's the closest we can get.

You'll notice the marriage year of 1912 for the husband and wife, so there's one more detail that can be confirmed. :)

16-02-05, 00:37
in 1933 on January 15th, Glenn Smith and Ellen Lassila were married. The minister returned the license March 4th so a bit on the slow side?

16-02-05, 00:40
Glenn Gerald Smith was born 24 August 1933 to Glenn and Ellen Smith. He was baptized at Saron Lutheran in Aberdeen WA on December 31, 1933.

June Pelo
16-02-05, 21:56
Thanks, Chuck and Kevin. Gradually we're filling in blank spots.


25-02-05, 10:52
Hi June,
I noticed some of the Hannula children were born in Oregon so I
searched the Oregon Historical Records Index.
Both Lassila and Hannula surnames have hits.

Could this be the marriage of John Hannula senior?
Lassila, Kaisa Marja & Hannula, Johan 04-04-1891 Marriage Clatsop County OR 1910 census shows married 19 yrs
Could it be worth contacting the Oregon State Archives to obtain the file? There were also these which may be helpful
Hannula, William 07-25-1898 Delayed Birth Clatsop Health 500
Hannula, William 07-25-1898 Evidence Clatsop Health 0500
Saunders, Thelma/ Hilma Hannula 09-13-1899 Delayed Birth Clatsop Health 502
Saunders, Thelma Hannula 09-13-1899 Evidence Clatsop Health 0502
Register of Electors Index for Clatsop County, Oregon 1900
Page numbers from 1 to 27 are from 1900 Liisa Penner and Merle Reinikka will be happy to look these references up for anyone.

From the WA Historical Records site
JOHN HANNULA 534-30-3108 09/18/1893 01/00/1964 (son who would have been the poll bearer at the Lassila funeral? 26 on 1920 census 7 Jan 1920)

WILLIAM HANNULA 365-12-1865 08/25/1898 03/00/1983
( ) 98541 ELMA, WA (Younger brother? 21 in Jan 1920 census)

ROBERT HANNULA 531-14-4678 12/01/1915 06/00/1977
( ) 97209 PORTLAND , OR (Youngest son 4 yrs & 1/12 on 1920 census) Note that he moved to Portland, OR.

There were still Hannula in Aberdeen in 1997
KATHERINE HANNULA 536-14-2105 08/10/1905 06/21/1997
(V) 98520 ABERDEEN, WA


June Pelo
25-02-05, 21:14

Thanks for all that Hannula data - I'll pass it along for further checking.