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June Pelo
12-02-05, 02:28
Robert Gerow asked if he has any living relatives in Finland - he and his family would like to go to Finland to meet them. I checked some of his ancestors and found Kaj Johan Brandt, b. 1957 in Karleby was Robert's mother's second cousin twice removed. Kaj Johan married in 1987 to Helene Fröjdö and they had these children:
-Svea Lovise, b. 1988
-Eleanora, b. 1992

Another relative would be Gustaf Mattsson Storskrubb-Mattsson, b. 1861, Kronoby, to US. Had 2 children born there. He died 1917 in Karleby. He married Maria Sofia Johansdotter Bäck, b. 1865, Kronoby, d. 1917, Kronoby. I don't know names of their children. Gustaf was 1st cousin once removed to Robert's mother.

Robert said that his grandmother's sister Matilda Andersdotter Westerberg, b. 1873, Kronoby, came to the UP and married an Oksa in Ironwood, MI. There was a Nyberg & Oksa Plumbing Co. in Ironwood at one time and this Oksa would probably be the one who married Matilda. Does anyone familiar with Ironwood have any knowledge or know of a directory that would show if there are any Oksa people still living there. Robert said they might be aware of living relatives in Finland.

Would appreciate any help.


12-02-05, 02:54
found at Swenson S 21-6 = Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Grace Lutheran

29w Mathilda Oksa f Westerberg Mar 24 1873 Kronoby 1892 S 21-6

She is married (w) and her husband was not Finnish born so he's not on this list.

I see no other ppl named Oksa on the UP dbase.


June Pelo
12-02-05, 03:11
Thanks, Chuck. Sounds like the same people.


12-02-05, 03:28

the 1912 city directory for Ironwood-Hurley


12-02-05, 05:05
If you go on that site that Chuck provided the link for there are 13 Oksa entries that show up in the search. Most are just city directory listings.

16-02-05, 00:33
Mathilda is listed as head here with 3 daughters and one son.

Mathilda died September 3, 1921


Karen Norwillo
16-02-05, 17:07
June, According to the White Pages online, there are 3 Oksa's in Ironwood, but unfortunately all have unlisted phones. Maybe someone who lives up there can get you in touch. Karen

June Pelo
16-02-05, 22:00
Thank you all for your help. I'm sending all the info. on to Bob Gerow.