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June Pelo
12-02-05, 02:43
Here's a new request for help:

They want to find out where in North Dakota their great grandfather once farmed. His name was Johan Leppäniemi-Rasmus, in US Johnson. He came over with his family about 1882 and had a farm/homestead, in Cass County, ND. He farmed until about 1890-91 and returned with his family to Rasmus in Såka. His son Abraham b. 1874 went back to US through Halifax in 1891 and his younger son Johannes b. 1879, His wife Sally's grandfather went over in 1899. Both farmed in ND. Johannes and his family went back to Finland in 1909 and Abe moved over to French River in MN in 1916, where he died in 1924.

If anyone has any information or suggestions, I'll pass them along to Börje.


12-02-05, 03:08
There are soooo many John Johnsons and maybe there are more in the same county but this website will help search land patents in ND.
This is the lead page and from it you can access the other John Johnson people.

Have fun!


12-02-05, 05:20
Here's Abe and family in 1920, living in Duluth Township, St Louis County, Minnesota. All children were born in North Dakota except the youngest, Ethel.

Abe's immigration year is listed as 1892 and his wife's as 1898.

12-02-05, 05:29
Here's the only John Johnson of the right age showing up in Cass County, ND. He's single in 1900 and shows immigration of 1898 (but also says 1 year). Apparently these 3 Johnsons look like they might be related, or the enumerator was just lazy and didn't want to write the surname repetitiously. ;)

Country of birth does show Sweden so this may not be the right John.

June Pelo
12-02-05, 23:53
Thanks, Kevin. I'll send this on to Börje - it appears to be the Abraham he mentioned.