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Karen Mattson
17-02-05, 20:36
Hello from Italy, Since all of you have been so kind in helping me with my research, here's another relative. My grandfather, Abraham Karling was related to a Catherine Karling. I'm not really sure as to how they were related but I remember my mother and other relatives talking about her. She married a Grant Doyle and they lived in Ontonagon Michigan. I don't have any dates but in the database in the Migration Institute in Finland there is listed a Kaisa Karling which could be her. Can someone give me some help? Thanks as usual, Karen Mattson

17-02-05, 23:23
Karling also did not appear. I would guess that they were not members at
Ontonagon County, Ontonagon, Siloa Lutheran Church although they may have had children baptised, confirmed, and so forth.
Were they married in Ontonagon? If so, could be this church.


18-02-05, 07:19
Could this be them in the 1930 census? This was found in Hancock City, which is not that far from Ontonagon. I'll check the other census and see what shows up. There was only one other Doyle that showed up married to a Grant and her name was Anna.

Karen Mattson
18-02-05, 11:16
Thanks Kevin and Chuck for your help. I'm a Hancock native and yes, Ontonagon is not too far from Hancock, so this could very well be them. Kevin, are there any children listed? I know they had a daughter named Marion but can't remember much else as I really didn't know these people only that they were in some way connected to my grandfather, Abraham Karling. I think she was his half sister, but I'm not sure. Karen Mattson

18-02-05, 16:20
Hi Karen,
I think this is the family in 1910. The wife's name is listed as Bridget; however, she's born in Finland and her immigration year is 1888, same as 1930.

I couldn't find them in 1900 or 1920 in NY or MI.

Two of the daughters have middle initials of "M" so maybe Marion is a middle name. :confused:

18-02-05, 19:47
From the membership pages:
Marie Carla Doyle, b. 1-19-1912, no birthplace listed and no other data for the family.
s Donald James Doyle, b. 5-4-1930, no birthplace listed.
s John Earl Doyle, b. 3-2-1939, no birthplace listed.
s Lawrence Michael Doyle, b 6-23-1946 at Ontonagon.
On the baptismal page, his father is listed as Earl Doyle with sponsors being Mrs Embrie Almie and James Doyle.

Nothing found at the Hancock church.

Perhaps this family is yours.

Karen Mattson
20-02-05, 23:22
Thanks as usual, Kevin and Chuck. That's the family in the 1910 census. I have Finnish records which state that there was a Brita Kaisa born in 1860 to my great grandmother with her first husband and they state that she was intended for immigration in 1888, so the dates correspond. Brita, I suppose could be Bridget, right? Then seeing the name of Phoebe listed as a child rang a bell as I have heard that name mentioned too along with Marion. As my grandfather lived in Chassel township too, they probably lived there before moving on. Am I right in saying that Grant was born in New York? Thanks and Good Night, Karen

21-02-05, 04:37
Hi Karen,
Yes, Grant was born in New York.

21-02-05, 13:33
Originally posted by Karen Mattson
Brita, I suppose could be Bridget, right?

Bridget is a highly unlikely name for a girl born i Finland during the 19th century. Brita, on the other hand it is really the same name as Birgitta, and the same person could be recorded as Brita and Birgitta in the same church books during different times. I wouldn't be surprised if Birgitta became Bridget in the USA.

And Cajsa or Kajsa was often used as short for Katarina, Catherine et.c.