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viking aberg
18-02-05, 09:12
Karl Sodergard is born 1870.08.22 i Maxmo but the family moved to Vassor, Kvevlax
in Finland 1875. We believe that Karl moved with his girl friend Katarina to America
1893 where they were married 1893.06.22. Karl died 1901 ??

Karls wife was Katarina Gustava Karlsdotter Pesonen born 1866.07.28 in Munsala, Finland.

We have only the pictures I enclose, no letters are found. Perhaps because
Karl died so young.

We think Karl has grandchildren i USA. It should be nice to now someting about them.

I am Karls sisters grand son.

19-02-05, 02:38
It is fortunate we have Ironwood, Michigan to get us started.
The UP Finns dbase does not show either of them on Swedish language church records.
The Swenson genealogist has told me that only about 35% of emigrants did join a church but they did have their kids baptized, children confirmed, got married there as well as held their funerals there.
So we ought to be able to find something in the church records about this couple.

At Ellis Island I had found a Katrina Pesonen arriving from Munsala but it was 1910 and she was 21 so not a good fit.

I will check at Swenson next week - if I do not find them, likely they used a Finnish language church

Chuck :)

20-02-05, 16:52
The 1900 census has this
Census Image What to do Next?

Name: Katrina G Gard
Home in 1900: Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan
Age: 32
Estimated birth year: 1868
Birthplace: Finland
Race: White
Relationship to head-of-house: Wife

Charles Gard
Home in 1900: Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan
Age: 28
Estimated birth year: 1872
Birthplace: Finland
Race: White
Relationship to head-of-house: Head

Year: 1900; Census Place: Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan; Roll: T623 711; Page: 23B; Enumeration District: 67.
I can't find her/him in 1910 yet.

20-02-05, 17:47
Good to know this new surname. I did not find it in the members lists but should find it in the ministerial acts book. That is, for baptisms, funerals, etc.


22-02-05, 20:56
Thanks Alicia for the surname Gard :)

I did not find any funeral information for Karl (Charley) at Salem Lutheran in Ironwood (S 14-2), nor at Grace Lutheran (S 21-6) in Ironwood nor anything at Saron/Sharon Lutheran in Bessemer.

At Salem Lutheran in Ironwood MI:
page 231
Maria Katrina Gård, born Jan 5 1894 at Gladstone (Delta County) MI. She was dropped from the church at the end of 1912.
page 56
Carl Edvard Gord born 10 Juni 1896 at Ironwood MI. Parents listed as Charley Gord h.h. Catarina with sponsors Victor Hendrikson h.h. Maria & ? W. Lindqvist & Selma Anderson. The parents were not shown as members.

I found no other baptisms for this family.

At Grace Lutheran in Ironwood MI:
page 51
Mrs Katrina Gord, born Finland 7 25 1866, died "1951"
Maria K Gord, born Gladstone MI 1-5-1895 (see pae 58)
page 58
husband Richard E. Hill born Ironwood, died 7-21-1955, no other data given.
wife Maria K. (Gord) Hill born Gladstone MI 1-5-1895, no other data given.
son Richard Gord, born Ironwood MI 9-25-1934, no other data given.

I looked into the Gladstone lst Lutheran and found nothing.
EDIT: 51w Katrina Gord Jul 25 1866 Finland unk S 21-6
I am pleased that I did not miss her:)


23-02-05, 08:01
In the Gogebic Range City Directories
Ironwood Michigan 1912 Directory ... EFG
Gord, Charles --- confectionery, 114 E Oak, res same

City of Ironwood Michigan 1928 Directory of Residents:
b/ & g/ = number of male & female children under 16 years of age and living at home.
Gord, Catherine Mrs 115 E Pine St
Gord, Mary stenographer home
Gord, Carl laborer home
Gord, Alfred laborer home
Gord, Victor laborer home

In the Gogebic Range City Directories 1938 G-H
Gord, Carl 115 E Pine WPA
Gord, Katherine (widow of Charles) ... 115 E Pine housekeeper
1938 Erwin Township, Michigan
Gord, Alfred ... RFD 1 Box 371, farming
Gord, Victor ... RFD 1 Box 371, farming

1947 Ironwood Michigan F - G
Alphabetical listings of residents and businesses of the towns and cities of Gogebic County Michigan and Iron County Wisconsin
Gord, Alfred J...115 E Pine, woodsman
Gord, Carl E...115 E Pine, Roddis Lumber Co
Gord, Catherine (widow of Victor)...115 E Pinr
Gord, Victor G...115 E Pine, F J Hager Lumber Co

The url is

Hope this helps

23-02-05, 19:28
I was checking the UP Finnish born dbase looking for somebody else when I stumbled upon this. Born in the right place so maybe relatives?

found at Swenson S 27-2 = Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Swedish Lutheran (merged with Finnish to form United Lutheran)
Pos Given Names Surname Other names Born Parish Emi. Church

11h Johan Södergård Nov 18 1868 Vassor Kvevlax 1888 S 27-2
11w Sofia Jan 29 1865 Vassor Kvevlax 1888 S 27-2

at Swenson S 26-2 = Iron Co, Amasa, Bethany Lutheran
1w Edla Södergård Sep 24 1866 Kvevlax 1889 S 26-2


23-02-05, 21:53
I wasn't able to find Karl Sodergard/Gard/Gord in the 1910 census
however there is a listing in Ironwood, Gogebic, MI for a woman who fits the Katrina Gard Alicia foundin the 1900 census. The details are

Only two Sodergard names in MI in 1910 both John b. Fin the first fits the man Chuck found :)
1910 World Immigration: Scandinavians
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State
Also found in Ironwood


viking aberg
24-02-05, 09:55
Thank you all for this information. All information is wonderful for
Karls relativs here in Finland. I will put all together and think out how
to get contact with someone who is still alive. It is hard for me to
se how much work you have done to get the infarmation. Thank You


24-02-05, 20:53
In 1930 she is under Catherine Gord
Catherine Gord
Age: 53 years
Estimated birth year: 1866
Birthplace: Finland
Race: White
Home in 1920: Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan
Page: 8B
ED: 104
Image: 0426
Catherine 53 widow, emigated Finland 1891, naturalized 1899 spoke Swedish
Carl 23 Laborer in ? , Mary C 2?5, sales lady jewelry
Victor 19 laborer in Iron mine.

viking aberg
28-02-05, 08:07
After having the names Gård, Gard or Gord one of my about 25 cousins found
a picture of Maria Gård form the church chool (I dont know the english word),
and a picture of Catarina Gård, four children an the shop Catarina
hade olso after Charles died (1901). I attach the two pictures if it could help
recognising any now living descendants.

Sofia Södergård and Edla Södergård are sisters and cousins of Karl Södergård
(Charles Gård). Many thanks for this.

Are there any way to get contact with Marias son Richard Gord born 9-25-1934
or Alfred Gord, Carl Gord or Viktor Gord.

Tahn you Alicia "Carl 23 Laborer in ? , Mary C 2?5, sales lady jewelry" The shop???


viking aberg
28-02-05, 08:09
Gård form the church school (I dont know the english word)

"skriftskola", ie. the preparation school before the "confirmation" /Hasse

01-03-05, 10:10
In the Gogebic Directories I found the Hill family
City of Ironwood Michigan 1928 Directory of Residents:
b/ & g/ = number of male & female children under 16 years of age and living at home
Hill, Anna Mrs 127 E Tamarack St housekeeper
Hill, Richard garage man home
Hill, Ainard laborer home

Gogebic Range City Directories 1938 G-H
Hill, Richard (Mary) ... 205 E Pine mechanic Point's Garage

1947 Ironwood Township Michigan
Sunset Road
Hill, Richard E (Mary) ... 858 Sunset, foreman, Point Motor Sales (1).

You may be able to obtain more information from the site owner.
It appears that Richard and Mary moved to the new settlement established in the late 1930's. There are photocopies of newspaper articles about this available between the 1938 & 1947 Directories.

MARY HILL b. 05 Jan 1894 d. Feb 1985 49938 (Ironwood, Gogebic, MI) (none specified) 373-38-1872 Michigan

ALFRED GORD b. 22 Jul 1898 d. Dec 1966 49938 (Ironwood, Gogebic, MI) (none specified) 370-09-7932 Michigan
VICTOR GORD b. 29 Jul 1900 d. Oct 1981 49938 (Ironwood, Gogebic, MI) (none specified) 370-09-7933 Michigan


02-03-05, 18:58
I've searched the Migration Institute's passenger and passport records and found no record of either person departing Finland. The Institute is still entering records into their database, so maybe they haven't yet gotten to Munsala or Maxmo.

But perhaps the young couple slipped away to Sweden on the so-called "Munsala Pass"? Then the Göteborg passenger records might show more accurately when they departed Scandinavia, and where they were headed. I did'nt find anything in Ellis Island under Pesonen, Södergård, or Gord either.


02-03-05, 19:06
Mrs. Carl Gård (Katarina Karlsdotter Passis), Pensal, Munsala.
Mary Gård (daughter of Mrs. Gård) are listed in the membership for the Ironwood lodge of Svensk Finlands Nykterhets Förening, in the 1917 yearbook. That's located in the Delphi collection of articles about Swedish Finns.

Sören Ahinko
02-03-05, 20:42
There is almost 1,4 million emigrants to North of America on the cd.
But there is no Karl or Katarina Södergård, Gård or Pesonen on CD-Emigranten.:mad:

02-03-05, 21:12
I think the emigranten cd won't show many, maybe from the far north.


03-03-05, 05:58
I have telephoned 3 Gords, and left a message for a fourth, the one in Florida. Of the three, two were in Missouri, and are of Norwegian descent. The last, in San Diego, might be a descendent of the correct family. He gave me his email, and I sent him the discussion so far on Finlander. Also sent him the url for Finlander, so he can talk with you himself.

Jarl Roos
03-03-05, 19:42
In my computer I have following information about Kajsa Gustava Karlsdr. Pesonen

born 28 July 1866 in Pensala, Munsala, emigrated to US in 1890, married in US 1893 Karl Johan Jakobsson Södergård from Kvevlax, died 1950 in US.

This information I have got from an old genealogic book written by H Lagström in 1930's and from the Communion book from Munsala parish

Jarl Roos