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Paivi T
18-02-05, 15:59
Keski-Uusimaa, 18. Feb 2005:

The oldest living Finn, Hilda Häkkinen, turns 111 today (18 Febrary). She lives in Töysä, a locality famous for its "village store".

The oldest living Finnish man is 108 years old, one year older than the second oldest, Aarne Arvonen, who lives in Järvenpää.

According to the Population Register Centre, the current number of living Finns born in the 1800s is 13. The oldest turns 111 today. The second oldest is 109 years old. There are three people aged 108; three aged 107; two aged 106, and three aged 105
years. Of them, eleven are women and two men.

At the moment, there are about 350 people aged 100 plus living in Finland.
The number of centenarians has grown steadily year by year. In 2000, they numbered 272; 290 in 2001; 318 in 2002 and 340 in 2003.

June Pelo
18-02-05, 20:46
Our paper today has an article and pictures about a party for 8 women who are over 100 years old. They all live in Westminster Towers retirement home. Some of them look very spry for their age. Florida has the 3rd highest population of centenarians in the US. Nearly 3,600 of them live in Florida and four out of five are women.