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Karen Norwillo
19-02-05, 19:38
On the 1900 census for Calumet, Houghton, MI, I found a family I believe is my paternal grandparents. The spelling of the surname is wrong, but that's not unusual. They have it spelled Sulasom. I know my grandmother had several children who died early in their marriage. Since I had no Uncle John, I surmise he is one of them.They have his birth as Oct 1898. I wrote to Houghton County and they could find no death certificate for him. I know my grandpa worked in the copper mines before settling in Crystal Falls. Chuck, do you know what the Lutheran church in Calumet was at that time? I want to see if he was baptised there. My grandfather was Gabriel and grandmother Anna. Karen

Kim McIsaac
19-02-05, 20:07
Hi Karen- There is an existing Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church at present at 635 Pine St.,Calumet,Mi. 49913 with phone 906-337-5244. You may start with this, as it may have existed in 1900-1910, or they may point you to the source. Good Luck!

Kim McIsaac

19-02-05, 20:39
I didn't find them as members but can check for baptisms next week.

The gen soc of Finland shows maybe 4-5 Finnish lang churches in Calumet:
Calumet - Suomi Synod
Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
Calumet - National
Founded Mar. 23, 1890 ...The first priest was the Laestadian A. L. Heideman. ...161 in 1949. Perhaps it's a Laestadian now?
Calumet - Apostolic ("Esikoiset")
Founded in 1891 when the Apostolic church in Calumet was divided.
Calumet (Houghton Co.) - Apostolic ("Heideman")
Founded in 1872.
It's difficult to determine the allegiances of the Apostolic ppl. btw, my father's dad was a member of the Apostolic Lutheran in Republic:)


Karen Norwillo
19-02-05, 22:47
Chuck, The other children were baptised in the Finnish Lutheran church in Crystal Falls, so I'd probably go with the Lutheran church first. My grandparents weren't joiners, but they did see that the children were baptised and confirmed.Thanks, Karen

20-02-05, 18:02

Swenson shows 2 churches. They are both listed as starting in 1876. Probably an early merger of the two was accomplished.

I will also check baptisms and funerals lists at CF.


23-02-05, 19:17
I did not find anybody who fit your description born in Oct 1898 baptised at the Swedish church so I am of the opinion that, 1) the date is wrong, 2) that he was baptized at a local Finnish language church or 3) he was not baptized at all. That did happen.

As for the kids baptized in CF, I couldn't readily check because the entries move from one page to another in odd order - they were using pages here and there to record the baptisms and marriages etc.

If you have names of the kids, when born, parents names, then I will give it another try. Most of the time Pastor Hoikka would record if the parents were from Finland but probably not all of the time. The other pastor didn't do that.


June Pelo
23-02-05, 22:25
Here's an obit for Walter Sulasalmi, age 91, son of Gabriel and Anna Sulasalmi. He died in Crystal Falls.


To find Sulsalmi graves:


There's Roy Schnell who has Sulasalmi data:


Karen Norwillo
24-02-05, 23:06
I thank you all for your efforts, but I have all the info on my aunts and uncles, etc. What I was hoping to find was if this John E Sulasalmi from the 1900 census was indeed one of my grandparents children who died. I may never find out. I know some of the children who died were buried on the farm in Crystal Falls and were probably never baptised. Walter was my Dad's brother and I knew him well. Roy Schnell and I have all the same info. He is married to my cousin. I don't need the baptisms in Crystal Falls of the children who survived. I have visited the cemetery in C.F. many times and have photos of the headstones. Iron County has an excellent GenWeb site for anyone with ties to the area. Evergreen Cemetery is indexed.