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21-02-05, 20:18
Forth Johan Vilhelm Gustf-Adolfsson b, 1874-09-24 Gerby/Korsholm Finland. Emigrated to USA 1902.
- his wife: Wendla Sofia b. (Erkus) 1875-0312 Solf, Finland
- son: Hugo Vilhelm b. 1895-10-27 Gerby ...

Forth Anna Emilia Gustf-Adolfsdotter b. Gerby... 1882-04-04 Emigrated tu USA 1901.

Backman (b. Fort) Vendla Carolina Eriksdotterb. 1871-03-04, Tölby Korsholm /Finland
married 1898 in USA withe Ramström Clas b. 1864 in Uddevalla - Sweden

Jonsson Edvin Carl, b. in USA 1911-11-18
his son Jonsson Carl Lynn b. in USA 1941-06-01
- " - Jonsson Edwin Snowden b.in USA 1948-05-31

Lassfolk/ Wiljams Johan Artur b. in Närpes Finland 1887-10-22

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21-02-05, 21:15
If you know the town and state, that can make a search simpler.

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21-02-05, 21:56
In the 1920 census:

Forth, Hugo W Noyes, Clinton, Pennsylvania 1896 Finland White
Forth, William J Noyes, Clinton, Pennsylvania 1874 Finland White

In the 1930 census:

John W Forth Wendla S Forth Prattsburg, Steuben, NY abt 1875 Finland Head
Hugh Forth William Forth,Evangeline Forth Upper Merion, Montgomery, PA abt 1896 Finland Head

William's census records in the attached picture

21-02-05, 22:11
Another set of images

The mention of the father in Hough's listing in 1930 makes me wonder if Wendla's husband the 1930 listing in the message above is a different person, a different family?

22-02-05, 00:53
I had a difficult time with this place and finally found a PA gen site that listed it in a narrative as a township.

There is a town called Renovo which has a Swedish church so I can check that place.

Prattsburg NY is not a possibility because there are no Swedish churches close by. Upper Merion does not exist today - it only had a post office from 1829 to 1837.
Also there are no Swedish churches in those counties.
EDIT: Upper Merion exists as a township.


22-02-05, 08:49
Originally posted by Elof
Backman (b. Fort) Vendla Carolina Eriksdotterb. 1871-03-04, Tölby Korsholm /Finland
married 1898 in USA withe Ramström Clas b. 1864 in Uddevalla - Sweden

The Ramstöms can be found in the 1920 census:

Name: Claus J Ramstrom
Age: 55 years
Estimated birth year: 1864
Birthplace: Sweden
Race: White
Home in 1920: Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Home owned: View Image
Sex: View Image
Marital status: View Image
Year of immigration: View Image
Able to read & write: View Image
Roll: T625_719
Page: 5B
ED: 467
Image: 0470

22-02-05, 21:03
I looked for surnames Forth, Backman, Johnson and Lassfolk but nothing to fit you.
I could not find Edvin Johnson on the 1911 baptismal list and the list ended in 1934 so nothing beyond that.

As to Sudbury, MA, I found no Swedish church in the area.


Karen Norwillo
22-02-05, 21:55
Upper Merion Township is just outside of Philadelphia.

22-02-05, 22:11

The url is of the Swenson list of church films they have for PA etc.

Perhaps your knowledge of the area will suggest a church film to search?

For example, I stay away from Chicago unless somebody can come up with a street address. So for me Phila is totally unknown territory. NYC is much simpler:)


Karen Norwillo
22-02-05, 22:19
Chuck, After doing more checking, Upper Merion is abt 15 minutes from the center of Philly. There is an area in the township called Swedesburg. They also call it Swedeland. Sounds like a good start. I'll try to check into churches there. The township was established in 1713. Karen

Karen Norwillo
22-02-05, 22:37
Chuck, My bet would be Christ Church (Old Swedes Church) located at 740 River Rd. Swedesburg. It is very old. Geo. Washington worshipped there his winter at Valley Forge, which is nearby. There is also a cemetery at the same location. Karen

23-02-05, 00:03
Surrounding Phila are these counties:

Bucks = no church films
Chester (Valley Forge) = no church films
Montgomery = no church films
Philadelphia County = Calvary Lutheran,
Gustavus-Adolphus Lutheran, and Zion Lutheran.

I put the Swedesburg name into google and came up with a historical sketch which included the following:

"...A former assistant, Jehu Curtis Clay, the first Episcopal priest to lead the congregation, gained many new members and brought it into the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania (1845). .."

www.gloriadei-oldswedes.org is where the snip above originated.
Because the church went Episcopal so early on, and because Swenson doesn't have this church film, I think the records went to the episcopalians.


Karen Norwillo
23-02-05, 02:46
Chuck, Unfortunately, Swedesburg is in Montgomery county. Another thought, if the family were church goers, maybe they attended the mother's church and that could be anywhere.
Also, I noticed on the 1930 census for the family, Hugh's father William S Forth was living with them. He was 55, which would match his date of birth given previously. On the SSDI, I found:
Hugh Forth 19 Jan 1896-Apr 1970 Norristown, Montgomery, PA
Clair Forth 18 Mar 1924-31 Dec 1990
Myrl Forth 28 Dec 1921-9 Mar 1992
James Forth 5 Dec 1927-26 May 2000
William Forth 12 Oct 1920-30 Aug 1990
These would all be in line with ages given on 1930 census. Only ones not found were son Charles and daughter Shirley.

23-02-05, 22:40

Something on Lassfolk in the attached file.It looks like you have to search in Argentina.
Could be interesting!


23-02-05, 23:38
Found in the 1910 Census
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State

Although not the names you mentioned these were the only Lassfolk I found

Have you tried an advanced search at SSDI using the dates of birth and Given names only for your Jonsson people?


30-10-05, 17:35
From about that same times period, I have only a John Backman in our family names, who died in Finland. His widow Katarina Sofia (Saukkkola? Backman) came to US with their two children Ida and Jack.
Sorry I can't help you, but I know nothing else about this Backman family either.
If I see anything as I am searching under Backman, I will keep a copy of your notes/request for information in mind.

Karen Douglas
31-10-05, 00:52
There were some Backman's who settled in Dollar Bay, Michigan.

August Backman was born in 1858 in Karkmo Finland and emigrated to the USA in 1880. He and his wife had had 7 children: John, August, Anna Sofia, Amanda, Adeline, Theodore and Karl Edward.

Oscar Backman, born in Sundsvall, Sweden in 1885, came to the USA in 1888. He and his wife had three children: Waldo, Winifred and Ralph.

Have you checked Michigan? Many Swede Finns settled in Dollar Bay.

Karen Berg Douglas

31-10-05, 21:07
Found at Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center in Rock Island, Il

Pos Given Names Surname Other names Born Parish Emi.
h=husband, w=wife, s=son, d=daughter, e=widow, b=book 2, u=alone, f=funeral, ex. 5w2=page 5 2nd wife.

at Dollar Bay as Karen indicated:
2h August Backman Aug 7 1858 Mustasaari Korsholm 1880
2w Anna Sofia Mar 27 1858 Mustasaari Korsholm 1889
5h Johan Backman Aug 4 1866 Mustasaari Korsholm 1892
5w2 Maria Sofia Sep 1 1867 Malax 1893
5e Maria R. Backman Nov 22 1860 Mustasaari Korsholm 1888
7h Anders Backman Oct 14 1873 Mustasaari Korsholm 1891
7w Maria Kristina Oct 16 1880 Mustasaari Korsholm 1892
10h August Backman Feb 19 1881 Mustasaari Korsholm 1889
28e Maria Backman Jan 20 1855 Mustasaari Korsholm 1888
29w Hilda Amanda Backman Johansson Jul 12 1886 Replot 1907
at Iron River, MI
b11w Hanna Elisabeth Hjalmar Backman Aug 11 1870 Munsala 1893
at Crystal Falls, MI (Swedish)
48u Lisa Greta Backman Oct 29 1882 Rökiö Vörå 1900
at Crystal Falls, MI (Finnish)
94fw Anna Kajsa Backman Dec 2 1851 Mustasaari Korsholm unk
b75mh Jonas Wilhelm Sand age 27 when md, Jun 23 1903 Finland unk
b75mw Ida Sofia Backman age 25, ditto Finland unk
(Ida married Jonas)
at Newberry, MI
20h Hendrik Alexander Backman Apr 1 1859 Kristinestad 1904
at Norway, MI (my friend was pastor for many years:)
25u Anders Wilhelm Backman Mar 28 1874 Munsala 1893
at Ironwood, MI (baptist)
26w Selma Anderson Mar 6 1887 Korsnäs unk
30h not given Backman not given Finland unk
at Ironwood, MI (lutheran)
7w Greta Backman Jul 15 1841 Pedersöre 1908
at Hancock, MI
17w Maria Josefina Vahlsten Backman Oct 16 1858 Bromarf 1908

More than I thought were up there:)

13-08-17, 15:24
Hello Finlanders! First-time poster here, and I sincerely apologize for resurrecting a 12-year-old thread.

I found it while idly searching for references to my great-grandfather, Claes Ramström, who was married to the Wendla Backman listed in Elof's original post. Besides her flyttningsbevis - which listed her birthdate and birthplace - and her mother's name I have very little information about her family. I'm wondering if anyone might be able to show how Elof (or anyone else) knows that Wendla's birth name was Fort.

Thanks for your time and your patience!

14-08-17, 01:14
Wendla Karolina, b. 4/3 1871 Tölby Korsholm

Eric Johansson Huggar or Borgar or Fort, b. 2/3 1811 Sundom Korsholm (Johan Ericsson Huggar and Maria Andersdotter Mornei)
Maria (Maja) Sofia Isacsdotter Backman, b. 3/2 1836 Tölby Korsholm (Isac Jonasson Backman (or Påfs) and Anna Maria Jonasdotter Rönn)


14-08-17, 16:18
Wow, Shadow - thank you very much! This is a lot more information than I've ever had on Lena. Thanks also for the link; I'll pay for a membership in the near future so I can look at those records.