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Karen Mattson
21-02-05, 23:35
Can someone translate the following occupations?

Isantana isonvikan aikana Lapuan Lahdessa. Then, Lapuaan Lahden renki Myoh. torparri and finally, Vavy Hiipakassa

I realize that I wrote the Finnish words the English way, so I hope they can be understood.

Thanks, Karen Mattson

22-02-05, 08:47
Isäntänä Isonvihan aikana Lapuan Lahdessa = Farmer during the Great Wrath (period during the first half of the 18th century when Finland was occupied by Russia) at Lahti (farm) in Lapua (Lappo in Swedish).

Lapuan Lahden renki myöh. (short for myöhemmin) torppari = farm hand at Lahti in Lapua, later crofter.

Vävy Hiipakassa = son-in-law at Hiipakka (farm)


Karen Mattson
22-02-05, 13:57
Thanks Sune for your help. I wish I knew the Finnish language better than I do. As a child, I used to hear it every day as my mother although was born in America spoke it fluently as it was required for the Finnish American children to learn it in summer school(I think they studied the Lutheran religion as well). I come from Hancock Michigan so there were many Finns who didn't know the English language, so my mother was their translator. I understood and probably still do but I have difficulty reading so I really appreciate your help. Karen Mattson