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Dolores Luczak
24-02-05, 16:30
Adam or John Eskelinen came to U.S.A early 1900's. Not sure if have siblings. I do know Adam Married Ida Karna here in U.S. and she was from Lappajarvi, and lived in Marquette, Michigan.

Any infor would be greatly appreciated.

Dolores Eskelinen Luczak

24-02-05, 18:55
Do you have any ideas from what area the Eskelinen people came? Just wondered since I've got a customer by the name Eskelinen. He did the page makeup of a new genealogy book covering one Eskelinen -family. This family had its roots and center of gravity in the surroundings of Savolax/Savo.

24-02-05, 20:41
according to Ellis Island site, Adam came in 1910 from Kiruvesi?
Finland and was going to Marquette at his brother John Eskelinen.
in 1930 Adam 41 married at 24 carpenter for Railway bridge. emigrated Finland 1910 naturalized
wife Ida 37m married at 21 emigrated Finland 1912 (or 1910 in the 1920 census.
kids Tyne 15, Helvi 12, Arvo 11 and Yrjo 10.
Keweenaw county has a Peter Eskelinen

Dolores Luczak
25-02-05, 00:50
This is the right Eskelinen, do not know if Peter is a relative or not. But I know that John and Adam are brother, but know noting of the ancestors from Finland. So any information would be appreciated.


25-02-05, 17:04

Good news!

It seems like your Eskelinen people can be found in the genealogy and that you have lots of living relatives.

I'll try to get the writer of the genealogy to contact you! Her name is Kaija Heiskanen. Maybe she can join the forum.


Dolores Luczak
25-02-05, 20:47
Thanks you; So Much.


01-03-05, 11:10
I'm not sure if you got my yesterday message. I made some mistake in sending it. Let's try again!

Your Adam Eskelinen is mentioned in my genealogic book called "Eskeliset - Yläsavolaisia sukuhaaroja". He was born 23.1.1888 at Kiuruvesi and his wife Ida Kärnä was born 1891. Four children and there families are mentioned too.

Adam's father was Paavo Eskelinen, born 19.9.1856 and mother Henriikka Husso, born 28.7.1867. The oldest Eskelinen is Pekka, born 1693.

Martin Eskelinen, who's grandfather Adam was, visited Kuopio 2003. He lives at Marquette and I am planning to visit FinnGrandFest there next August.

I'd like to here more about you and yoyr family.

With kind regards
Kaija Heiskanen

Dolores Luczak
01-03-05, 17:47
Thank You for the info, Martin is my husband first cousin, his father was George.

I will be also attneding Finn Fest. Martins cousin Jane Piirto will also there , she is an author and will pesent on some of works.

My husband is now dead so I am trying to compile a family history for my sons.

So any further information will be greatly appreciated.


01-03-05, 22:20
So, Martin Eskelinen has the genealogic book of Eskeliset. You can have more information of him. Or you can order the book for yourself. It costs 60 euroa + shiping cost 18,50 euros. Let me know your address, if you want to buy the book.
If I come to Finnfest I'll take some books with me.

Dolores Luczak
04-03-05, 18:28

Im am sure that Jane Piirto will also want one too. So pack some in your bag.

Finn Fest you can register on line as of last week..

I look forward to meeting you.


12-03-05, 16:04
:) I'm not sure if I can come to FinnGrandFest, because I have no place to stay there. Do you know any cheap hotel or private homes, where me and my husband could stay? We would be grateful for any place. With best ragards - Kaija

Dolores Luczak
12-03-05, 18:09
If you have Martin Eskelinen, address or e-mail, he lives in Marquette, he may know of some place where you can stay, I know he owns some rental homes.

I live 30 miles outside of Marquette, I/m sure Martin will be glad to help you out.

If I find a friend who has a place I will surly let you know.


June Pelo
12-03-05, 21:55
The March edition of the Finnish American Reporter states that more rooms have been made available in Marquette, MI. There were 600 rooms being held for a charter group from Finland, and those rooms have now been released to the public. The Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau is also coordinating a program to connect visitors interested in a home stay with area residents willing to receive guests. For lodging information go to: http://www.marquettecountry.org or call toll free 1-800-544-4321.

I copied the URL from the newspaper, but I wonder if they meant "marquettecounty" instead of "marquettecountry". Anyway, try both.


June Pelo
12-03-05, 22:02
I forgot to mention that there is a 12-page booklet "The Heritage Express" with lots of festival info. It can be picked up at Finnish clubs or call or e-mail a request for a copy, or download at: http://www.finngrandfest2005.com

To obtain a registration packet call 1-800-906-FINN or 1-906-222-FINN or download the forms at http://www.finngrandfest2005.com

The festival runs from Aug 10-14, 2005 in Marquette, Michigan.


16-03-05, 12:47
Thanks for information. I have sent a message to Martin Eskelinen, but maybe I hadn't the right address, because he has not answered.
marty*up.net - - - what is wrong in it?
Kaija Heiskanen